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7 Income Streams Every Full-Time RVer Should Know About

7 Income Streams Every Full-Time RVer Should Know About

So many people dream of living on the road full-time. But the problem is a lot of conventional jobs aren’t compatible with this lifestyle. The solution is to find a flexible remote job that allows you to work from the road. Here are some of our top suggestions on how you can make money even as a full-time RVer.

1. Vlog Your Adventures

Travel content is extremely popular. If you’re already touring the world, why not try your hand at recording your adventures and monetizing them? Creating vlogs and posting them on YouTube is the easiest way to make this happen. It’s a win-win because not only could you create a stream of income for yourself, but you also get to preserve those beautiful memories.

2. Start a Podcast

In recent years, podcasting has skyrocketed in popularity! It’s easier than ever to start your podcast, thanks to the free mobile app Anchor. You could use your podcast as a platform for documenting your RV life or discussing any other topic that interests you. Whatever niche you have in mind, there’s bound to be an audience for it.

3. Write for Cash

If you have a way with words, you could try becoming a freelance content writer. You don’t need much to get going—just a laptop with Microsoft Word and an internet connection. Create a profile on a freelance site like Fiverr or Upwork, give it some time, and you can eventually create a global customer base.

4. Design Websites

If computer code is more your language than prose, your skills are in high demand. You can help entrepreneurs build websites or revamp the websites of freelancers and small businesses. Once again, a freelance website is a perfect way to monetize these skills.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you don’t know that you could create any kind of content for a living, you might try your hand at becoming a virtual assistant. This involves performing simple online tasks such as responding to emails or making travel arrangements for your boss. Sites like HoneyBook make it easy to grow your virtual assistant business.

6. Teach or Tutor Online

If there’s a particular skill or school subject that you’re especially good at, you can pass your knowledge onto others via video chat. You could teach virtual voice lessons or help others get in shape by becoming a virtual personal trainer. There are a variety of sites like Cambly that recruit English tutors. You don’t even need a teaching degree!

7. Become a Landlord

Since you won’t be living in your home anymore, you might consider renting it out. This is a great steady stream of income if you take on long-term renters. However, to ensure renters have a positive experience, you will probably want to hire a property manager.

Make money as a Full-Time RVer with Nomad Internet

While these remote jobs are all very different, they have one main thing in common: their dependence on the internet. So no matter how you’d like to make money, you should make sure you have fast, reliable internet before you hit the road. Nomad Internet can help! No matter where your travels might take you, you can expect your connection to staying strong. To learn more about our plans, get in touch today!

  • PA

    Earn money as a full-time RVer with these income streams! Vlogging your adventures and starting a podcast allow you to share your experiences while monetizing them. Freelance content writing and website design are great options if you have writing or coding skills. Become a virtual assistant or teach/tutor online for flexible work. Renting out your home as a landlord provides a steady income. Remember to have reliable internet, and Nomad Internet can ensure a strong connection wherever you go!

  • IL

    Seven different ways to earn income while traveling are discussed in this article. And they all require one common resource – a high-speed Internet connection. Today, there are more and more ways, and more and more professions are moving online and to remote work. It would be interesting to compare the income from these methods, although it is clear that at first the income for beginners will not be high, but then, depending on the speed of professional growth, income can grow at different rates.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    I would dream of having my own travel and adventure video blog! But there is a big risk that it will not bring income and will remain just a beautiful hobby. So I thought that I could write texts to order. It’s not as much fun as shooting vlogs, but it’s more tangible as a type of work.

  • HA

    I’m still in school, but I’ve already started studying website design. So far I do it for my friends and acquaintances, but in the future I plan to make it my profession. I really like that I can do this work from anywhere in the world. The main thing is that there is an Internet connection.

  • AL

    I’m currently engaged in online language teaching and translations. So far, it looks more like a side job, but if you take it seriously and organize everything correctly, then I think, yes, this may well become my main job, and I can become a traveler. I already have a Nomad Air, I recently bought it, it remains a small matter.

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    I find these tips very appropriate. Everyone will find something of their own. I especially want to support teach or tutor online! Because when I was not a freelancer yet, I had the delusion that no one needed what I knew and everyone knew it without me. But believe me, this is not so. There are always and everywhere people whose life is not like yours and any little things from your culture, language or cuisine are important to them. I have regular customers to whom I explain the meanings of proverbs from my culture in the language of their culture. They are happy to get this knowledge and pay for it, and it would not even occur to me that it is important to anyone. So believe in yourself and boldly offer your skills!

  • ST
    Stacy Haze

    Some say that money rule the world and to some degree, this is true. Being an RVer is a challenging lifestyle, specifically in terms of income. Always on the road, RVers don’t live anywhere permanently, this directly influences how they can earn money. Internet Age left its impact on everywhere and now there are a lot of ways of making money online. However, as the author of the article mentioned, it’s nice and all, but in this case you fully depend on the Internet and should be absolutely sure it will not let you down in the most critical moment. Overall, the article is very entertaining and many fun ways of making money are described, I especially liked the blog and podcast ideas.

  • MU

    Traveling in a full-time camper is an exciting and adventurous lifestyle, but it can also be challenging when it comes to earning a reliable income. However, there are several sources of income that homeowners can use to support their travels and maintain their independence on the road.
    One source of income is freelance work such as writing, graphic design or photography, which can be done from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a good internet connection.
    Another option is to start a business, such as an online store or blog, that can generate passive income and provide the freedom to work from anywhere.
    Working remotely within a company is another opportunity for full-time RVers, especially those with in-demand skills such as software development or web design.
    RV residents can also earn income by renting out their RV or by offering RV related services such as cleaning or maintenance. They may also offer tours or workshops for other RVers and travelers.
    Investing in stocks, real estate or cryptocurrencies can also be a source of passive income for those who work full time.
    Finally, established RVers can go into affiliate marketing where they earn commission by promoting RVing and travel related products or services.

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