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Introducing Project Trek: An RV Family on the Move

Posted by Emily Buratowski on

Photo provided and article written by Christian Axness of Project Trek. Hello Nomad Internet Readers! We are the Axness family, a full time RV family since 2016!   Back in 2016 we sold our home, and 90% of our belongings, and moved our family into an RV. When we started living this life, if you wanted an internet plan you had to acquire it yourself. Without companies like Nomad to keep you connected, you were on your own; so we know the headache that you’re trying to avoid, trust us! And like you, we need the internet! Fast forward five years,...

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5 Tools Every Online Teacher Needs

Posted by O Tsimaraki on

Teaching online can be tough. Finding the right tools, figuring out how to run learning systems, and communicating with your students isn’t easy. Staring at a computer screen all day can leave you feeling rundown and unmotivated. However, with these five online teaching tools, you’ll be ready to tackle anything! 1. A Video Call App One of the most important things for teaching online is your access to a video call app. Whether or not you hold regular video call meetings to instruct your students is up to you. However, you should have an application ready for your students to...

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