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Lifetime Commission
Earn Passive Income
Offer Cheap Hotspot


Earn 50¢ on Every Scan

Day and Night Profits: Earn 50¢ on Every Nomad Beacon

Earn $50 on Every Sale

Instant $50 commission per Hotspot sold.

Recurring $10/Mo

Earn $10/Mo Per Sale Lifetime Commissions


Step 1

Effortless Earnings: Sign Up for a Free Beacon Account, Display Your Nomad Beacon

Dive into effortless earning with Nomad Beacon Program. Sign up for a free Beacon account
and display your Nomad Beacon effortlessly. This program is an ideal path for generating
income with minimal effort, turning any visible area into a profit center.

  • Flexible Display Options: Effortlessly hang on walls, position in stands, or in key customer areas.
  • Simple-to-Scan Beam Code: Always connects to your account for seamless access.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: Opt for DIY printing or ready-made displays.
  • Wide Earning Potential: Profit from scans all over the USA.
  • Ongoing Commissions Consistent income from each customer connection.
Step 2

Boost Your Income: Earn $50 Upfront & $10 Monthly with Nomad Beacon

Unleash the earning power of your Nomad Beacon. It’s uniquely yours, accessible to visitors anytime for scanning. This simple action ties them to you for life, unlocking a stream of Recurring Lifetime Commissions, no matter where they go in the USA.

  • Effortless Customer Scanning: Easy scanning proces
  • Instant Customer Association: Scans link customers directly to your account.
  • Diverse Modem Options: A range of modems for customer preference.
  • Continuous Income Stream: Earn $50 initially plus $10 monthly commissions.
  • Hassle-Free Management: We handle payments, shipping, activation, and support.
Step 3

Instant Nomad Beam Payouts: Earn and Access Funds Effortlessly

Nomad Beacon simplifies your earnings with instant payouts through the Nomad Beam Wallet. Monitor your visitor scans, commission balances, and more through an intuitive dashboard.

  • Quick Payouts: Access earnings instantly via the Nomad Beam Wallet.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Track scans and commissions easily.
  • Continuous Commissions: Earn $40 initially plus $10 monthly for each customer's lifetime.
  • Nationwide Earnings: Profit from customers anywhere in the USA.
  • Flexible Withdrawals: Use automatic payments, wire transfer, ACH, or Zelle.

Connect and Earn: Offer Premium Internet, Boost Your Revenue!

Elevate guest experience with reliable internet, unlock new revenue through easy income streams, and effortlessly integrate for seamless earning in your space.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a digitally created QR code that never changes, always looks the same, exists forever, and that only you can control. The special created code tracks how many times your unique Beacon has been scanned and the amount of purchases that have been made using your Beacon.

How do I get my unique Beacon?

You can get your unique Beacon by signing up for a free account at and locating it in your dashboard.

What is Beacon Share? And, how does it work?

Beacon Share is a way for you, a Beamer, and Brands to connect for a common purpose. Beacon Share will show you an available Brand that wants to market. A unique Beacon is created for you and the chosen Brand to distribute to places of business with high foot traffic. The Brand will pay out commissions and/or profit-shares to you as people scan or make a purchase with your unique Beacon. The Brand gets more exposure and you get paid! Win-win!

After you create your free account on, you can print your unique Beacon template as many times as you’d like! Once it’s printed, place it in a sign holder and put your Beacon at places of business with high foot traffic. You can purchase sign holders at any local office supplies store or on Amazon. Click here for an example of what a sign holder looks like.

Every unique scan by a mobile device provides an opportunity to receive commissions. When a purchase is made after scanning your unique Beacon, your Brand will pay out additional commissions! Please make sure you read your Brand’s specific commission structure for what they pay on scans, purchases and/or profit-shares.

How do I get started?

To get started, create a free account at Once you create your free account, fill out the registration form, and confirm your Membership Level, you will be directed to your dashboard. From your dashboard, you will see your print options for your uniquely created Beacon, statistics on how many times your Beacon was scanned, your total earnings, and more! It’s easy, head over to to get started.

How much does it cost to be a Beamer on Beacon Share?

To be a Beamer on Beacon Share is entirely free! You do not need to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to be a Beamer.