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We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area,
they should not have over priced or slow Internet.

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I am very happy with my service with Nomad Internet. The internet service they provide, equipment they offer, and customer service are great. They are always there to help me. I totally understand that this virus has affected everyone, but they have stood out. I want to Thank Ross and Jaden for always being there to answer my questions even if it’s late at night or the weekend or when short staffed. 5 stars in my books.
Customer Service is wonderful. Real-Time chat with courteous & helpful reps. Price for the service is so much lower & speeds far exceed others in my area. Grateful I'm not on DSL any longer, I've been waiting for this for about 3 years! I'll be suggesting Nomad to anyone unhappy with their current internet!
Fantastic company with tremendous customer service. The CEO himself helped me fix an issue that I caused with my router by not following the instructions. Top notch!!!
I have had several internet service providers over the years, NOMAD is by far the best! Wonderful customer service, shipping was fast, setup was easy and the internet is great. I mentioned the wonderful customer service earlier, I cannot stress this enough, I have never seen a more reliable, fast and courteous customer service anywhere.
Took 5 business days to deliver, set up was easy, very responsive customer service. We’ve been struggling through satellite service for 3 years, wish I had found this earlier. Speeds as fast as you’d expect on your phone with ******, streaming ******* right now.
Very refreshing in today's day and age to actually have a real person get back to you within minutes. Sure you can buy data from a number of sources but try getting the customer service you get at nomad, second to none. Highly recommend this company A+++ Kevin H
Excellent customer service. I moved to an area that "should" have been covered in internet service only to discover that wasn't true. After an online search, I found Nomad. Since they were fairly local to me, I went to their office unannounced. In under 30 minutes I walked out with a router and an active account. Less than 30 minutes after that I was back at home WITH internet service! I would definitely recommend Nomad to anyone who needs internet with great customer service!
Very refreshing in today's day and age to actually have a real person get back to you within minutes. Sure you can buy data from a number of sources but try getting the customer service you get at nomad, second to none. Highly recommend this company A+++ Kevin H
I have come from internet that was one megabyte or lower this internet is absolutely amazing! I can now stream my games to mixer and downloading games and movies take no time now. And if you are a gamer this works awesome for that as more thing the customer service is out of the world! All and all highly recommend if you cannot get good internet where you want it! 10/10
Wow!! Great company, I was looking for good reliable service for when I’m on the go , i found Nomad Internet this company is great with a great costumer service and I was able to go personally to their shop and pick up my equipment from there , it took them 5 minutes to activate my services, great company I will recommend them 100%%
Affordable, responsive and Reliable. We live full time in our RV so getting reliable, affordable internet has been a real challenge. Looking for a solution I went to a ******** page to check on another service and did not like what I saw. Lucky for me a Nomad customer took the chance and sent me a message. I checked them out and am extremely happy I did. Their customer service has been top notch, they are affordable and reliable. We are currently in a somewhat remote location and have not had problems with the internet service at all. Such a nice change. We are switching to another plan only because we now are getting our TV service via internet and the plan we previously had was not enough. The Nomad team jumped right in to help us solve that problem and make the switch finding the plan that would work for us. I am extremely happy with all aspects of their service and highly recommend them, especially if you move around like we do. Just do it!!!
I am very happy with my service with Nomad Internet. The internet service they provide, equipment they offer, and customer service are all top notch. I use cellular internet because the DSL provider in my area does not provide consistently usable service, and, while there are decent satellite options, I am a gamer, which makes the high ping on satellite less than ideal. I initially got one of Nomad's hotspots because I was looking for a plan on *******'s towers, because, while I was usually getting decent speeds with my ****-based hotspot through another provider, the service was not always stable and reliable. Nomad is one of the very few providers offering truly unlimited *******-based hotspots that I have found, and their plan price is competitive. When I received my hotspot from Nomad Internet, it was plug and play. I just had to find the spot in the house with the best signal. The routers that they use are good quality, enterprise-grade devices, too. After the first day, I did have some issues with speed, but those turned out to be due to a configuration change that needed to be made on the modem, and Nomad Internet helped me quickly fix it. I have had no issues with it since then! Because I do live far enough from the towers that I get only around 10mbps on *******, and I can get faster download speeds with **** (when it's working, it's fast - **** just has more outages here than *******), I ended up deciding to keep both of my hotspot plans (my household has four heavy internet users), and cancelled the satellite service that I had as a backup. Very shortly after this, I found out that the provider I was getting my **** hotspot from had lost their ability to offer those plans, that my ****-based service could get shut off with no warning at any time, and that my provider was switching to ********-based plans. I do not get a usable ******** signal at all, and at this point, I was working from home due to COVID-19! I somewhat frantically contacted Nomad Internet to get an **** SIM-only plan, mentioning that I really needed to stay online for work (the ******* hotspot would have worked if necessary, but with my household's regular usage and all of us being at home, I may have run into call quality issues with VOIP if we were all on it at once). They shipped a SIM to me very quickly. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the first SIM, but after I'd tried it in a few devices and verified it definitely wasn't working, they quickly sent me another one (mind you, they were short on staff at the time, also due to COVID-19, and had to have someone come in to do that for me, and it was a weekend if I remember, correctly), and that one worked flawlessly! It arrived activated, I put into my modem, and I was all set. I think that I am actually getting more reliable service through Nomad's **** plan than I was through my previous hotspot provider, too, and I didn't even expect that. Throughout all of this, Nomad Internet was extremely responsive and helpful, even when it wasn't business hours on several occassions, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cellular-based internet solution.They offer excellent customer service and internet service for people in rural areas.
Nomad Internet is an amazing company excellent service. I ordered the SIM card and received it very fast. I’ve had several questions for Nomad Internet some technology questions and some general questions and they respond very fast . I am very impressed with the way this business runs. They also have a fabulous referral program ...I spoke via Email a few times with the CEO and he truly is a business man that cares about his customers. Approximately 1 week after starting service with Nomad the CEO E mailed me and asked how my service was going... Well I can tell you other businesses can learn from the way this gentleman runs his company
Nomad is not just an amazing company, they’re great providers. Providers of internet service all around cannot touch the compassion and reliability that Nomad produces. They truly strive for excellence and it showed from the time I placed my initial order. We went through 5 weeks of torture during the covid 19 shutdown with another company and ended up regretting that we did not make the switch sooner. We received our SIM card within 3 business days, the installation was quick and simple, and our card was already activated when we received it. Our speeds are extremely fast and we have not experienced lag. As a military family with two young kids, we rely on our internet through the entire day and having a family like nomad made that happen!
Recently switched over to Nomad Internet from a different reseller. The main reason for the switch was not being able to get a hold of the current provider after numerous attempts over a several week period. Anyways, brought my own unlocked device and the switch process was extremely easy. Emailed a few questions on a Thursday evening. Checked my email Friday am - already had a response. Called to verify answers Friday afternoon and then ordered the new sim card. Had the new card in hand with Tuesdays mail delivery. Card was already activated - just popped it in and I was up and running. Response times were would be considered excellent in non Covid-19 state of affairs but given the current state of everything being shutdown/running skeleton crews etc I will rate them as exceptional! No regrets on doing business with Nomad. Shout out to Ross - you da man!
We live in a rural community with no access to broadband or cable internet services. We recently tried Nomad and it has been an absolute game changer for our lives!! Our kids are able to be online, I am able to work from home and the speeds are amazing. I originally chose Nomad due to the customer service. Even on the weekend and in the evening they were there to answer my questions and help me choose the service that was right for me. They were super friendly and even checked on us after we received our unit to make sure everything was going good. It was truly a plug and play unit with no set up on our end which was great. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing internet services!
Excellent customer service!!! Nomad provided us with internet when no other local companies were able to. The communication and service have been wonderful since day one.
First of all I want to say that setting this up was CRAZY easy. Normally I make my husband do anything like that, but I had it up and running in five minutes or less. We live four miles down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. This is the first time that we have ever been able to get fast internet! We are streaming Netflix as I write this review and we have ZERO lag! I FaceTimed my parents earlier and it was crystal clear! We are astonished. We are recommending this to everyone in our little town!
I’ve been using Nomad for several months and couldn’t be happier. The speed and quality is excellent. This is without a doubt the most reliable service I’ve ever used and I HIGHLY recommend this company!
As good as advertised. Great customer service and a great product.
Having reliable internet has become one of the most important things in today's life and that's the reason I came to Nomad Internet. The service is great and the staff is not only professional in each and every time I have had a question, but they are also some of the most knowledgeable people with regards to their equipment and services that I have come across. Anytime I have a question I get almost an immediate response, which is unheard most of the time in the tech industry. They always give me an answer in a way that I understand it along with a professional and courteous attitude. I spent 20 years in the military and commitment, reliability, professionalism, respect, and integrity are attributes I look for when I choose to deal with any company, and I can say that Nomad Internet checks all the boxes!!