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5 Reasons Your Internet Might Be Slow and How to Fix It

5 Reasons Your Internet Might Be Slow and How to Fix It

Internet problems are a pain. When you pay for your monthly internet plan, you should expect that your connection is smooth and reliable. However, that’s unfortunately not the case, and we often have to deal with slow, lagging internet. Here are five common reasons your internet is slow and how to fix it. 

Too Many Devices Are Connected 

Do you experience periods of slow internet, lagging, or glitchy videos during certain times of the day? Your problem may be that you have too many devices connected at once. Every internet plan will be able to stand a certain number of devices connected at once. If you have too many devices connected or running on your Wi-Fi, your internet connection will be slow and unstable. 

To fix this issue, you can try a number of things. First, you may want to tweak your internet plan so that it can support a more significant number of devices being connected at once. This should help with internet speeds. Alternatively, you may:

  • Turn off the internet connection on devices that are not currently being used
  • Create a schedule for when devices should be connected to the internet. Fewer devices connected means faster internet speeds!

You Don’t Have Fast Enough Download Speed. 

Another common reason you may experience slow internet speeds, long periods of lagging, and out-of-sync virtual calls is that you don’t have a fast enough download speed. Your download speed is measured by megabits per second (Mbps) and is generally listed on your internet plan. 

If you don’t have a high amount of Mbps on your internet plan, you may have slow Wi-Fi. This is especially true if you are using virtual calls, multiple devices are connected at once, or you are downloading videos, which use a lot of data. 

To fix this problem, first, you should try disconnecting devices that you aren’t currently using. Disconnecting these devices both from Bluetooth and the internet can help with download speeds. Additionally, you may want to try:

  • Connecting your devices directly to the router via ethernet cable, which can help boost your internet connection and therefore download speeds
  • Buying a more supportive internet plan that fits your needs 

Your Wi-Fi Signal Doesn’t Extend Far Enough

Do you commonly experience slow internet speeds in one room while other rooms have fast, reliable internet connections? Your Wi-Fi may not extend far enough from your router. Rooms with obstacles such as heavy doors, cement walls, or even water struggle to maintain an internet connection. 

Additionally, many internet plans only allow for their signal to extend a certain distance, which may be causing you to experience this pesky problem. A good internet plan will ensure that you have a connection wherever you are in your home. 

To address this issue, you may want to try buying a Wi-Fi booster or extender, which can help you get Wi-Fi in square footage. Boosters or extenders can be added to any room that is experiencing slow Wi-Fi or download speeds. You may also try:

  • Moving your router to a different location in your home, especially to a more central location that will help your Wi-Fi cover the square footage
  • Removing or relocating obstacles that may be disrupting your internet connection, such as baby monitors or your TV 

Your Router Is Outdated 

One of the most common reasons your internet is slow is that you don’t have a good router. Old routers can cause slow speeds. Most companies recommend replacing your router every 3-5 years to guarantee that it has the best technology. If your router is older than that, you may have found the cause for slow internet. 

To fix this problem, the most obvious solution is to buy a new router. You must purchase a router that is compatible with your connection needs. Some routers only handle a certain number of devices and will only send a signal to a certain amount of square footage. Make sure that your router can handle what you are looking for. 

Alternatively, you may update your internet plan in conjunction with buying a new router. This can help ensure that you aren’t going to be dealing with slow internet speeds and that your internet plan and router are equipped for your internet needs. 

You Have Exceeded Your Data Cap

Have you noticed that you have a slow or dropped internet connection toward the end of the month? You may be exceeding your monthly data cap. Almost any internet plan comes with a data cap. This is a certain amount of data that you can use before your internet becomes slow or disconnect altogether. 

Every device, website you visit, and anything that requires internet access, use a certain amount of data. Some devices and actions, such as downloading videos or streaming services, will use more data than others. Once your data cap is exceeded, your internet speed will worsen until the cycle renews. 

To fix this issue, you should first use a smaller amount of data throughout the month. One of the best ways to fix slow internet is to set a cap on apps such as streaming or gaming services. You may want to schedule a time with your family members for when they can access these applications or simply set a limit on the application itself. Alternatively:

  • Increase your internet plan to have a larger or unlimited data cap
  • Install apps such as Samsung Max that will allow you to save data while using your apps that use a lot of data at a time

Boost Your Internet Speed Today

You shouldn’t have to deal with a slow internet connection. These five ways to fix slow internet are great pieces of advice when you need speed. However, if you never want to deal with slow, annoying internet, set up a plan with Nomad Internet today!
  • PA

    Improve your internet speed with these tips! Too many devices connected can slow down your internet, so disconnect unused devices or create a schedule. Slow speeds may be due to insufficient download speed, so try connecting devices via ethernet or upgrade your internet plan. Weak Wi-Fi signal? Use a Wi-Fi booster or extender, or relocate your router. Outdated routers can also cause slow speeds, so consider buying a new one. Exceeding your data cap can lead to slow internet, so manage data usage or upgrade to a plan with a larger cap. Boost your internet speed with Nomad Internet! #InternetSpeed #NomadInternet

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    This is a very helpful article! It’s great that you give such a detailed explanation of evry problem and how to fix it. Maybe it will help people manage their problem without the expert’s assistance. It will save a lot of money for sure. I learnt some new things from the article, too – for example, I didn’t know that old routers can interfere with the internet signal and worsen it. It’s good to know. Overall, I find this article very enlightening for anyone struggling with slow internet.

  • MU

    Slow internet can be frustrating, especially if you rely on it for work or play. There are several reasons why your internet might be slow and there are a few simple steps you can take to fix it.
    One of the common causes of slow internet is a weak Wi-Fi signal. This can be fixed by placing the router in the center of your RV and making sure there are no obstructions between your device and the router.
    Another reason for slow internet may be outdated hardware such as an old router or modem. Switching to newer high-end devices can help improve your internet speed.
    Thirdly, too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network can also slow down the Internet. Consider turning off devices you’re not using or using an internet speed test to determine which devices are using the most bandwidth.
    A congested network in the area where you are parked can also be the cause of slow internet. Changing the channel on your router or using a Wi-Fi extender may solve this problem.
    Finally, some caravan parks may have limited capacity, which can result in slow internet. In this case, you can try switching to a mobile hotspot or updating your RV fleet’s internet service.

  • RO

    I have tried all of your maybe fixes and statements best I can get is 5 upload and 5 down load. My version is over 80 mbs.
    What can I do?
    Nomad Internet replied:
    Hey Ron! Your cell phone may have faster speeds due to prioritization on the network, which is mandated by the FCC. It is required that cellular lines remain a priority on the network in the event that a consumer has to make an emergency call for help! A directional antenna can help direct a tower’s signal to your setup directly, in the event that you’re not in a direct line of sight for a tower. Boosters can also be very effective in amplifying the signal that is already available to use in your area as well! Our team can definitely suggest some options for you if you email, or you can join one of our service members on a live chat!

  • BI
    Biil Linx

    They can’t help. Find a phone servic e that works and talk to them about a second sim card with unlimited service, then go to Outdoor Router and look at one of theirs that will go up in a pole on in indoor model that will accept an outside antenna

  • DA
    David Knapp

    This summer we were 7.1 miles from the nearest Verizon cell tower, but not line of sight due the our campground being in a box canyon. That was problem #1, Problem #2 was that same tower was overloaded by local traffic in Salida, CO. Our Nomad router would get zero to one bar of signal, but there was little throughput. We purchase an RV-65 WeBoost amplifier and our router would see 4 bars of signal 99%✓od the time, but the overloaded tower had very low connectivity. Also, a speed test showed 80% packet loss due to the shadow of the box canyon
    For 2022 we will be chosing a different campground to camp host at, it will have its own line of sight issues, but we are hopeful for a little better results. Communications are important, but when visiting USFS campgrounds the major cell carriers often have no to little cell coverage by default due to the lack of residential customers residing near those locations.

  • RO
    Royce A Nelson

    The best service I get now is from centurylink, I need better upload speed in order to keep my website up to date. It is only ,05 mbps with centurylink, which so far is the only service that works on my mile long dirt road in the country. How can nomad help?

  • BI
    Bill F.

    But what happens if you live in a Cellular Black Hole? IE no one provides you reliable internet in the area? Cellular max, on a good day, provides spotty/droppy 1mbps. And that using the cellular provider recommended by Nomad. No other options available out here on Hawai’i currently.

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