Why Is My Unlimited Data Not Working and How Can I Fix it?

Why Is My Unlimited Data Not Working and How Can I Fix it?

Whether you want to call it mobile data or cellular data, the concept is pretty clear. You purchase a SIM card loaded with Internet bundles, and you use this on a device of your choice. Nomad Internet has such SIM cards that allow you to bring your own device. You can use the SIM cards in your usual smartphone or in a portable Wi-Fi device of your choice.

However, there are times when your unlimited data plan just fails to work. What can you do to salvage your situation in such a case?

Read these tips on what to do when the data plan does not work.

1. Restart the phone

Most data connectivity issues (and many other software issues on the phone) can be resolved with a simple restart. As basic as this approach may be, it actually gets the problem solved. Do not confuse turning off the phone and restarting it. Long-press the power button then hit on Restart.

In other cases, switching your phone to Airplane mode and back can also do the trick. To do this, go to Settings, then "Wireless Networks" or "Connections." Locate Airplane mode and turn it on. Allow about 5 seconds then it off.

Check if your mobile data is working fine. Ensure that you are actually connected to cellular data services, and the Wi-Fi is off.

2. Reset the APNs

If you are on an Android device, you start off the troubleshooting process by resetting Access Point Names (APNs) of your smartphone. The APN is responsible for the networking bit of your phone. It takes charge of key settings like gateways and IP addresses in order to give you the desired Internet connections.

After a period of using the phone, this gateway can become corrupt. Resetting it can help remedy the situation. To do so, simply navigate to the phone’s Network & Internet settings. Choose Mobile Network, Advanced, then Access Point Names. Click on the dotted lines at the right-hand corner and select Reset to default.

3. Change APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv6

Some Android phones let you leave the APN Protocol as blank. If that is the case, change it such that it reads IPv4/IPv6.

4. Confirm the mobile network you are using

Sometimes you may have your mobile data on but are actually; the SIM card is used for data is different. That happens in the case of dual SIM cards. Just double-check that you are indeed on the correct SIM card.

In addition, look at the network mode in use. You can do this by navigating to Mobile Data settings and locating Network Mode. From here, change the mode to 3G/4G rather than 2G/3G.

5. Re-insert the SIM card

Switch off your phone. Take out the SIM card. Wait for 30 seconds and then re-insert the SIM card. Turn your phone back on and watch the performance of your mobile data connection. Doing this can reset the communication between your SIM card and phone, clearing existing problems in the process.

  • IL

    Five ways to revive your Internet connection if you connect to a mobile network using a SIM card. This is exactly what happens when using Nomad Internet. Sometimes, by the way, if all these methods did not work, replacing the SIM card can help, as they sometimes also fail. Especially if you joined a few years ago. I would like to know if there is a guide to fix all connection problems with Nomad Internet?

  • DE

    I’m not connecting to a stupid phone or using an android device im trying to connect to the stupid cube I have no internet connection showing on my COMPUTER

  • ST
    Stacy Haze

    Thank you fo these amazing tips! They are very well explained! I had no idea that one can just restart their phone to get rid of this problem. Same goes for reinserting SIM card. It seems to be such an easy action but turns out it goes a long way, thank you very much! Overall, the article is interesting and useful for any unlimited internet user. I’ll take mental note of this advice and use it next time I encounter any problems.

  • MR
    Mr Gareth D Parry

    2. Reset the APNs

    Thank you… this saved me from the ‘have you turned it off and on again’ humdrum. I do work in IT but I didn’t know this one til now.

  • AL
    Alex Shane Kline

    So if I’m using my own modem and router and having the same issue where my internet stops working every month and is super slow. If change the DHCP it should work better?

  • KJ

    Before you do all of those things, check the time stamp, if its off then DHCP won’t renew the IP lease. Update the time and set your DHCP Lease to the max time 65535 hours, thats 7 years and 4 months of no hassle. I ran several DHCP networks and this is why your network connext fails for a majority of the time.

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