How to Start an RV YouTube Channel in 2021

How to Start an RV YouTube Channel in 2021

Already in 2021, YouTube is still a booming business. Influencers use the platform to gain popularity, and even launch their own businesses from their platform. As an RVer, you may be looking to start your own RV YouTube channel. We’ve outlined how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 to help you get started!

Reasons to Start an RV YouTube Channel Now

Living as an RVer may feel lonely, and may not always be the most profitable lifestyle. However, hosting your own RV YouTube channel may help fix both of these things. There are three great reasons to start an RV YouTube channel now, even in 2021:

  • You’ll make money. Making money as an RVer is not always something that comes easily. Since you’re constantly on the move and most jobs seem to require at least some time spent in the office, you’re typically unable to hold a traditional career. However, vlogging is one of the most profitable ways to work while being an RVer.
  • You can share your experiences. Life as an RVer can be lonely and distant. Having a YouTube platform where you’re able to share your day-to-day experiences can help you feel more connected to others. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to find others who are living a similar life to yours and connect to them, giving you a broader social life.
  • You can keep your family and friends up to date. Without being able to consistently visit family and friends who may live halfway across the country or even the world, having a YouTube channel can help you all stay connected. Your YouTube channel gives you the chance to share your adventures with friends and family. They will love the opportunity to live vicariously through your nomadic lifestyle!

Before You Start Your RV Lifestyle Channel

Once you figure out that you want to learn how to start a YouTube channel, you may want to jump straight in to creating your content. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before jumpstarting your channel.

  • Outline what you want to cover (and what you don’t). Starting an RV YouTube channel means that you’re going to be recording and publishing parts of your life. Before you begin doing so, you need to decide what you want to record, and what is off limits. If you find some parts of your lifestyle too intimate or private, then skip recording these parts. Figure out exactly what is important and interesting to you to publish and what you’d rather not share with the world.
  • Decide on a schedule. Consistency is one of the most important aspects to having a successful YouTube channel. Being consistent with when you post and what you post will help you build your platform and gain followers. Devise a schedule for not only posting, but also recording. Stick closely to this schedule so that your channel remains active and consistent.
  • Create your brand. Your brand is the image that you put out to others. In simple terms, it’s how you want other people to view you. Do you want to seem like a how-to page? Maybe just someone living an interesting life? Choose exactly how you want to appear, and record your videos and content accordingly.
  • Develop a theme. Similar to your brand, your theme is how others see your channel. Your theme is what links each of your videos together. To be successful, your videos should be similar enough to seem connected, but different enough that they don’t seem repetitive. Try editing your videos with the same filter, intro/outro, or connecting ideas.
  • Buy the proper equipment. While some influencers manage to make it big just using an iPhone, it’s definitely recommended to buy a good camera and tripod in order to make your videos are quality and not shaky. Additionally, you could buy other lighting or editing software in order to help your videos really shine.
Pros & Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel in 2021

Pros & Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel in 2021

Now that you know how to start a YouTube channel, you still may not be completely convinced with whether or not to start a YouTube channel in 2021. Here are some final pros and cons to help you make your decision.


  • RV YouTube channels are popular. Lifestyle YouTube channels are considered one of the most popular genres of YouTube videos. Generally called “vloggers”, these channels quickly gain popularity with interesting, unique content. RVers such as Mortons on the Move have close to 100,000 followers on YouTube, and now even have their own TV show!
  • You get to form a great connection with your audience. YouTube channel videos allow you to show many aspects of your life, including what you hear, what you say, and what you see. It allows you to truly show your life and experiences, in comparison to other platforms such as blogging.
  • You get paid based on viewers. Once you manage to get a certain amount of viewers and subscribers, you will begin getting paid by YouTube. This may mean that you gain money faster than other ways of making money.


  • It’s hard to get started. As with most businesses, it can be difficult to get your platform off the ground. Gaining followers isn’t easy, and it can end up being disheartening. A lot of people who start their channel end up giving up early on because of the difficulty.
  • It’s time consuming. Recording, editing, and posting a YouTube channel takes a lot of time, especially in comparison to other platforms. It can take an entire day to edit a longer video, and posting it takes a while, as well. A lot of preparation and time is required in order to create content.
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The Complete “Start RV YouTube Channel Checklist”

  1. Buy the proper equipment
  2. Outline what you want to cover
  3. Create a schedule
  4. Practice using your equipment
  5. Create your channel on YouTube
  6. Develop a brand or theme you’ll follow
  7. Create content to post
  8. Link your channel on your social media
  9. Promote your channel

Start Your Channel Today!

Tackling how to start a YouTube channel on your own isn’t always easy, but this how-to guide will help you on your RV YouTube channel journey. Following our guide will help you make a popular channel! Additionally, get Nomad Internet today to ensure you always have the best internet connection possible, no matter where your travels take you!

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