No More Contracts!

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You asked, we listened! Over the past few months, Nomad has been hard at work revising and refining our service plans, terms of service, and customer service to create a better overall customer experience.

To better serve you, effective today, January 17,2023, Nomad is discontinuing all Term Agreements! Moving forward, we will charge a one-time membership fee, which will include a Nomad modem lease for as long as you're with us!

If at any time you would like to cancel service, we are simplifying the process so all you need to do is return the modem, and we will discontinue billing.

But wait, there's more!!

In the coming days we will be rolling out an opt-out plan for all Nomad customer's who signed up for a term agreement in the last 3 months. You will receive an email with an option to opt-out of your current contract and convert your existing modem to a lease!

Moving forward, the only costs associated with cancelling an account will be for failure to return a modem, or returning a modem in a damaged condition. Below is a full write up of the new plans!

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  • Zlatika Cherar

    I think that a one-time payment is very comfortable, I like this new solution! Thank you for attaching useful links with a detailed description of tariff plans and types of devices. It saves time and nerves)) The main thing is that I don’t need to worry about my possible mistake when choosing. I am calm because I know that everything can be changed at any moment. With this approach from the provider, I’m sure I won’t have a reason to return this cool thing!

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