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Important Update to Nomad Modem Return Policy

Important Update to Nomad Modem Return Policy

Hey there, fellow Nomads! After much thought, Nomad will be making the following amendment to our recently updated return policy.

Moving forward, all modem purchases will come with a 30-day Trial Period. If you don’t like it for any reason, ship it back to us and we will give you a full refund on the modem. All returns must be made in accordance with our return policy outlined here in our Terms of Service.

At Nomad, our true focus is to help those living in rural communities who need access to fast, reliable Internet service. We feel for them. We founded our company for them. We empathize with them, and we are them.

While our network grows, we understand our modems and service cannot yet meet every customer’s need, though we are striving to get to that point. We know we need to show our mission and our passion through our actions. For too long we fell short in making important improvements to our business, and we are working tirelessly to turn that around.

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We believe in what we sell, and as such we will stand behind you in getting access to the service you need, even if that service is not with Nomad.

More than anything, we want to win back the confidence of our customers, past, present, and future. Nomad is about people. We know we have issues with our customer service. We are working on hiring folks from rural communities, so we can launch phone support to all customers. We are getting better every day, and will continue to improve our processes and policies to give our customers the service they deserve!

Stay tuned for more updates!


PS. Give us some time to update our website return policy. I will leave this here. Take a screenshot if you need to. We want to work for you, and we don’t want to prevent anyone from getting access to the services they need, because that is our mission above all.

If you want to work for Nomad, we would love to have you! Please email us at:

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  • LI
    Linda McTaggart

    What is the address to return equipment to you? I mailed a return to the address I received from a live person who was one of your reps, and it was just returned to me as “Address Unknown”. Have never received the promised RMA from anyone at your company.

    Linda McTaggart

  • SA
    Sarah J

    Nomad Internet policy is the personification of customer care. I feel comfortable trusting the services of this Internet provider. I have carefully studied the reviews of all Nomad Internet clients whom I know and whose recommendations I trust. Thank you for giving me these 30 days to form my own opinion about your modems!

  • ZL
    Zlatika Cherar

    Thirty days is a very comfortable time to thoroughly understand your needs and requirements for the Internet. Although personally, I, a person living in rural areas, have only one requirement for the Internet, so that it just is)) And if it is additionally stable and inexpensive, then this is a special happiness! I hope for a productive and long-lasting interaction with Nomad. After all, living in rural areas is a pleasure for me, but remote work via the Internet is a necessity.

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