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Introducing the New Nomad Online Return and Exchange Portal

Introducing the New Nomad Online Return and Exchange Portal
Going forward, all that Nomad Internet returns and exchanges, will be automatically be processed in our new Nomad Online Return and Exchange Portal.

If you need to cancel your Nomad Internet service, or exchange your Nomad Modem, please visit our new return portal at:

Please join the conversation on our forum.

You will need your Order Number and Email:

how to return and exchange online

You will be presented with a few options:



If you need to cancel your Nomad Internet Service:

cancel nomad internet service


cancel internet service


Choose how you would like to receive your refund:

how to receive refund


Choose how you will return your Nomad Modem:

how to return modem


return modem


Once we have received the Nomad Modem back to us.

  • MI

    Of course, this is very convenient when all the services are automated and when I only need to enter an order number and email to solve my question. By the way, I only recently found out that Nomad Internet also has a forum, I’m thrilled! I have already found a lot of useful things there for myself. I hope I won’t have a reason to use the return service.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions in the screenshots, it will save my time if I have to use your online portal for returning Nomad modems. Although I’m sure. that I won’t need it, because all my friends who are Nomad Internet customers and use Nomad modems are absolutely satisfied and I don’t want to return anything!

  • RO

    After reading this article, I have to say that the Nomad online return and exchange portal seems like a great addition to their services. The ease and convenience of being able to process returns and exchanges online is something that many customers, myself included, greatly appreciate. It’s clear that Nomad Internet has taken the time to consider the needs of their customers and has made efforts to streamline the process of returning and exchanging products. This is especially important for those of us who live in rural areas and may not have easy access to a physical store. I appreciate the attention to detail in providing clear instructions and timelines for returns and exchanges, as well as the availability of customer service support. Overall, the Nomad online return and exchange portal is a well-executed solution that makes the customer experience more seamless and hassle-free.

  • RO

    After reading about the new Nomad online return and exchange portal, I am thoroughly impressed. It’s always a relief to know that a company values customer satisfaction and makes the process of returns and exchanges as seamless as possible. This new portal seems like a fantastic solution for Nomad customers who need to return or exchange an item.

    The ability to initiate a return or exchange online is incredibly convenient, especially for those who live in remote or rural areas where traveling to a post office or shipping center can be a hassle. The fact that customers can print out their own shipping labels and choose their own shipping carrier adds an extra layer of flexibility that is greatly appreciated.

    The clear and concise instructions provided on the portal also make the process of returning or exchanging an item very straightforward. The inclusion of a step-by-step guide and a detailed FAQ section is particularly helpful for those who may be unfamiliar with the process.

    Overall, I think Nomad has done an excellent job in introducing this new online return and exchange portal. It’s clear that they have taken customer feedback into account and have worked to create a solution that is easy to use and efficient. I would definitely recommend this portal to anyone who needs to return or exchange a Nomad product in the future.

  • RO

    The new Nomad Online Return and Exchange Portal sounds like a great addition to the Nomad Internet website. It’s important for customers to have an easy and convenient way to return or exchange products if they are not satisfied with their purchase. It’s also great to hear that Nomad is committed to providing quality customer service and making the process as simple as possible. The new portal seems user-friendly and efficient, which is always appreciated. Overall, this is a positive step for the company and shows that they value their customers and want to provide the best experience possible.

  • RO

    I am impressed with Nomad Internet’s commitment to making the customer experience as smooth and easy as possible. The new Nomad online return and exchange portal is a great addition to the website and will be very helpful for customers who need to return or exchange a product. I appreciate the detailed instructions on how to use the portal, as it will make the process much less stressful for those who are unfamiliar with the online return process. Overall, I think this is a positive step forward for Nomad Internet and will further enhance their reputation as a customer-focused company.

  • PA

    Some info in the site mentions an RMA. I have not received one. Will I get one?

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