Living In Rural Areas doesn't disconnect You from the World!

Leaving In Rural Areas doesn't disconnect You from the World!

I've been a rural resident for 18 months, and being a young person living alone; I thought the transition would be much harder. But with Nomad Internet, the transition has been hassle-free. I keep in touch with family and friends all day, every day.

You probably have heard all the not-so-good things about the internet connection in rural areas. Well, before moving here and experiencing rural living for myself, I also heard all sorts of negative things about rural internet. And this made me seriously reconsider my rural living dream.

While I don't agree with completely labeling rural internet ‘crappy’, there were days the word accurately described my internet experience. The first few weeks living in rural America were torture. Those days when I had no internet service despite paying huge internet bills. Not for long. I soon realized that my horrible internet experience could easily change when I find a provider that is not just affordable but also meets my needs.

internet outside RV

My quest to find a good provider that caters to rural residents finally ended when I found Nomad Internet. Besides the fact that their internet connection is fast and reliable, I love this provider because;

  • No contract! Month-to-Month plans: All Nomad plans require no contract and no credit checks. Each payment pre-pays for your next 30 days of membership. And you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • They have a reward program: Nomad awards monthly rewards for every active friend or family member you refer who purchases a new Nomad Internet service. To know more about the rewards program, click here.
  • Community building: Nomad internet has polite customer service representatives. They also educate users on their services, life as a digital nomad, and rural living. These articles are written by real-life digital nomads, travelers, and rural residents.
  • 7-day No-Risk Return Policy: You can return your device for a full refund. Nomad Internet will never force a router that is not working. If you’re not happy, it can be exchanged for a better fit if you're unhappy. And if still unsatisfied, feel free to return.
  • Nomad cares about its users: Directly quoting the information on their website, “We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area doesn’t mean they should have overpriced or slow Internet.” Once I saw this statement, I knew I had to get their router. They understand the struggles of rural residents. 
  • The thousands of reviews from real users: Nomad internet has over 5,000 Google reviews. Don’t trust my word? Click here to see for yourself. 

Here are ways Nomad Internet's high-speed Internet has kept me connected to the world

online gaming
  • Online games: Nomad Internet’s high-speed internet allows me to play online games for hours. Through playing online games, I have connected with a couple of people. I even have a new BFF. Lol.
  • Social media: I’m always online. Whether liking posts, stalking a celebrity, or going live, I can do anything with Nomad internet. Via social media, I have reconnected with some of my old friends who moved abroad right after high school.
  • Remote/freelance jobs: Job platforms are not the easiest to navigate. I watch videos on how to use job platforms online, and I can apply for jobs long before applications close quickly. All Thanks to Nomad Internet.
  • Video conferencing: Video conferencing is an important communication tool for freelancers and remote workers. It helps build team spirit, saves time, and improves productivity. I use video conferencing as a tool to get new clients and also keep existing ones. I don’t worry about the video call dropping or freezing with Nomad internet. Only good conversations all day long.
  • Online dating: When I first started living in rural America, I had a boyfriend, my high school sweetheart. He visited anytime he could, but the distance did a number on our relationship and we decided to part ways. Fast forward to 11 months ago, I met a very handsome man on a dating app. We texted and video chatted for a while, and finally met a couple of months back. And it’s been amazing. Still, a long-distance relationship but the Nomad internet helps us virtually share every moment of our lives with each other.

Living away from family and friends, I have to be more intentional about maintaining the bonds I spent all my life creating. Nomad Internet helps me continuously enjoy new relationships and strengthen old ones by making communication and connecting with people easier, more immersive, and real.

I say this because I spend hours talking to friends over FaceTime, go on elaborate date nights, and have heartfelt conversations without feeling like we aren’t in the same room. I don’t know how Nomad Internet does it but the connection is always fast, lag-free, and reliable.

Nomad Internet for residential

  • HA

    Not only have I heard not very good things about connecting to the internet in rural areas, but I can say a lot of not very good things about it myself, lol, because I live here. I don’t have a passport yet, so I can’t become a Nomad Internet client on my own, but I hope this will change in the near future and I will also be able to play online games without freezes and disconnections.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    The author of the article seems to be very comfortbable with living in a rural area despite the negative experience with internet. I’m happy for them that they found nomad internet and are satisfied with it. However, I believe that the internet is not everything in our life even though it plays quite a big role in it. It’s important to keep in touch with relatives offline, and actually see each other personally from time to time. So I think that the article is very well-written but some aspects of living in a rural area are not covered.

  • RO

    As someone who has lived in both urban and rural areas, I can attest to the fact that living in rural areas does indeed connect you with the world, though in a different way than urban areas do. In rural areas, you have a chance to connect with nature, your community, and your own sense of self in a much more intimate and fulfilling way. The sense of community and closeness to nature in rural areas can be a source of great joy and fulfillment, and it can also be a great way to escape the fast-paced and often impersonal nature of urban life. So while it’s true that rural areas may have different and sometimes more limited access to certain amenities and services, they also offer unique opportunities for growth, connection, and discovery.

  • MU

    It is a popular misconception that living in rural areas automatically disconnects one from the world, but the reality is far from it. Despite the advancements in technology and communication, many rural areas still lack adequate access to the internet and other modern amenities. This results in a significant digital divide, where people living in rural areas are unable to keep pace with the fast-paced technological advancements of the world. Moreover, it is not just about the lack of access to the internet, but also the quality of the internet which is often poor and unreliable. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection and isolation, not only from the world but also from family and friends who live far away. To say that living in rural areas doesn’t disconnect you from the world is an oversimplification of the issue and ignores the many challenges that rural residents face in terms of connectivity and technology.

  • MU

    While it is great to see the positives of living in a rural area, I feel that this article oversimplifies the challenges that come with it. While it may not necessarily “disconnect” someone from the world, it can certainly make accessing information and opportunities much more difficult. High-speed internet and other resources are not equally available in rural areas, and it is important to acknowledge this disparity and work towards finding solutions for those who live in these areas.

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