Top 5 Most Isolated Places in the U.S

Top 5 Most Isolated Places in the U.S

There’s nothing better than time away from the noise to recharge your batteries and uplift your mood. There are many isolated but sight-worthy places within the U.S you can visit. These places are popular among nature lovers, easy to locate, and the perfect adventure for boosting your dopamine levels. 

Here is a list of a few places you should visit soon

Havasupai, Arizona

This location is known to many for the Havasu Falls located in Havasupai Canyon. The waterfall itself is located in a remote area on Havasupai Native Reservation.

To get to the fall, you’ll have to walk a distance of 10-mile or join a horseback excursion. This might be a bit stressful for people who don’t like walking or riding horses, but it's definitely worth the walk.

Once you arrive, you’d be in the midst of one of the most beautiful places on earth. The crystal clear turquoise water plunges down the fiery red cliffs into travertine swimming holes at the bottom.

There are also four other major waterfalls nearby; Upper and Lower Najavo Falls, Beaver Falls, and Mooney Falls. You may as well take this opportunity to explore them too.

Havasupai, Arizona

Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

Montana is known for its abundant open spaces of wilderness. And the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, located in the northwestern part of the state, is one wilderness that tops them all—the third-largest wilderness area in the Lower 48.

It follows the Continental Divide for 60 miles, spread across 1.5 million acres of rocky ridges, alpine meadows, and dense forest.

Within the Bob Marshall Wilderness, you can find all kinds of wildlife. From moose to elk, wolves, grizzlies, mountain lions, mountain goats, and deers.

Not only is this wilderness a magnificent place to visit, but the area also contains what is believed to be the most dramatic natural feature of the Rockies: the Chinese Wall, a limestone escarpment deep in the wilderness and a part of the Continental Divide.

Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

The Bighorn Mountains are one of the best places to visit in Wyoming and quite an isolated area—Visited only by a few people even during high peak travel seasons.

A 58-mile drive on the Bighorn Scenic Byway will bring you over its crest. The mountain stretches from the Powder River Basin to the Bighorn Basin, following Highway 14 from outside the town of Greybull. If you love camping and a good hike, an adventure on this mountain is definitely for you.

You’ll find miles of trails for hiking and perfect places to set camp. However, if you prefer to sleep in a hotel or hostel, the town of Buffalo is nearby and offers many options for accommodation and attractions of its own.

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Gila National Forest and the Gila Cliff Dwellings

Fancy a trip to SouthWest America? Then head over to Gila National Forest. The Gila National Forest has more official wilderness than any other protected forest in the Southwest.

The 558,000-acre Gila Wilderness was the first designated wilderness area in the world. With terrain varying from grassy foothills to juniper woodland, ponderosa pine and spruce-fir forests on high peaks.

The Gila Wilderness connects the Blue Range Wilderness and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness. The Gila Cliff dwellings, built as far back as the 13th century, are located within the Gila National Forest.

For thousands of years, groups of ancient nomads used the caves above the Gila River as a temporary shelter. Until the late 1200s, when the people of the agricultural Mogollon culture made it their homes. They built rooms, crafted pottery, and raised children in the cliff dwellings for one or two generations before moving away by 1300.

Gila National Forest and the Gila Cliff Dwellings

Boundary Waters Wilderness, Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northeast Minnesota is one of America's most beautiful and remote places. With over 1,100 lakes and hundreds of miles of waterways.

Its vast wilderness extends 150 miles along the U.S.-Canada border, covering approximately 1,098,000 acres. It offers some of the country’s best canoeing, with 1,200 miles of canoeing trails attracting over 150,000 visitors yearly.

From paddling from one lake to the next and stepping off onto countless miles of untouched shoreline, there are many interesting things to do in the Boundary Waters wilderness.

If you need some time alone, that can be arranged. Head to the Boulder and Adams lakes. They are some of the most remote lakes around here—it’s almost certain you’d see absolutely no one.

Boundary Waters Wilderness, Minnesota

Spending time in isolated places doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have fun. Some of the most isolated places in the country are some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Don’t forget to breathe fresh air amidst nature. There are many open spaces around America perfect for recollecting thoughts while away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • IL

    Five truly beautiful places are invited to visit in this article. Five isolated locations for every taste – from lakes and waterfalls to mountains with fortresses in the rocks abandoned almost a thousand years ago. There is something to choose from for every mood. I would like to include all five locations in my wish list. Of course, I would also like to see in the article suggestions for the most convenient RV parks located next to each place.

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    I couldn’t take my eyes off the Havasu Fall! It’s a living fairy tale. Besides, you have described this place in such a way that I can hardly afford to ignore it. I do sports and I really liked the fact that I have to walk a long distance. I would love to! And I love horses… But the most important thing is that I am a person who is always looking for privacy and when it can be found in such a beautiful place… I just don’t have the words.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    Oh, the title of the article gives me apocalyptic vibes! I’m not a fan of isolated places where you feel all alone. However, as the author stated, some of them are very sight-worthy. Looking at the photos, I can’t help but agree with them. I find Gila Cliff dwelling most attractive, because caves always have a way of telling stories about our history. But not for all the tea in china will I go there alone without a guide! I know many people prefer exploring by themselves but I prefer having an expert by my side when on unknown lands. Overall, the article is very informative for adventurers who are always on a lookout for some new experiences.

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    The article is a great read for those who love adventure and are curious about the most isolated places in the US. It highlights the beauty of these remote locations and encourages people to explore them. As someone who enjoys traveling and connecting with nature, I appreciate the idea of discovering less traveled paths and gaining new perspectives. It’s amazing how even in a highly populated country like the US, there are still places that are considered to be far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban life. I think it’s important to remind ourselves of the value of solitude and the peace that comes with it, and this article does just that.

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    TOny Medina

    I take my 32 foot RV out at least 8 time out of the year. Does this internet work with our TV? What does it cost to use internet a month? Or can you turn it off when not traveling and won’t get charge. How would that work? Being that I have internet at home and won’t need it.

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    Justin minyard

    So awesome ! All 5 added to the bucket list no doubt !

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