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5 Study Tips for Online Learners

5 Study Tips for Online Learners

Do you or your child struggle with online learning? Learning online can be a difficult process. Staying on task, finding the right material, and learning without being in person can all make your learning process feel impossible. These study tips for learning online will help you be successful!

Practice Good Time Management

Practicing good time management is one of the best tips for both in-person and online learning. Maintaining a regular schedule and keeping up to date with your studying will help you understand the class material.

Good time management is a great way for you to feel on top of things! To maintain your time management skills, you could try:

  • Scheduling out your day. Online learning typically means there’s a lot of unstructured time. It’s up to you to figure out what you need to do during these time periods. Scheduling out your day as if it’s a typical in-person school day can help you keep track of classes, Zoom meetings, assignments, and more, which will help you form good study habits.
  • Time-blocking major assignments. Do you have an assignment coming up that will take a lot of time? Time-block your assignments into your schedule by reserving several hours to get the assignment done. Making dedicated time for assignments will help you get the work done instead of procrastinating!
  • Keeping a weekly planner. Scheduling out your day is important, but so is keeping a weekly planner with a to-do list of what needs to be done. Weekly planners are helpful for not only planning out each individual day, but keeping track of long-term assignments as well.

Create a Learning Space

Learning from home makes it easy to stay in bed all day, watching Netflix and not paying attention. Instead of staying in bed and not gaining a full learning experience, try creating your own learning space. This space will help you work without distractions and pay full attention to your studying.

A learning space is any area that you designate for just learning. This space should have a reliable internet connection. It can be a desk you put in your room, a small side table in the living room, or even an entire room dedicated to online learning.

Be an Active Student

Being an active student is one of the best tips for online learning. As an active student, you’ll be able to feel like you’re actually part of your class. Online learning can make many students feel disconnected, which can make it hard to pay attention and learn the material.

To be an active student, there are three important things you should be doing:

  • Participating in your classes. Participate in your classes by posting on discussion boards, answering questions during Zoom meetings, and typing in the chat. By doing this, you’ll not only feel like you’re really in a classroom, but you’ll also get a better understanding of the material, which will help you with studying and preparing for big projects or tests.
  • Doing all the reading and assignments. It’s easy to ignore assignments that seem boring or like useless busy work. Doing all the assignments, however, can help you get a better grasp of what you’re learning and help you feel more confident when studying.
  • Ask questions when you’re lost. Asking questions is one of the best study tips for learning online. It can help you learn the material better, get to know your classmates, and get to know your professors. Although it may seem like a scary task, it’s really helpful!

Maintain Your Motivation

Staying motivated is one of the most important tips for being successful when studying. Your motivation is what will get you through the difficult times of online learning. Staying motivated includes staying inspired, staying interested, and keeping a positive mindset.

Motivation can come from almost anything. Figuring out what drives you to keep learning can help you keep your motivation throughout your studying. Stay in touch with your professors, give yourself rewards for reaching studying milestones, and leave yourself positive affirmations to boost your confidence!

Be Social Virtually

Online learning can be very lonely. It’s hard to stay connected with your peers when you’re stuck behind a computer and not in person. Being lonely and disconnected can create poor study habits and make you disinterested in school. Staying social can keep your motivation! Try:

  • Messaging your peers during Zoom classes. Although it’s important to always pay attention, messaging your peers during your Zoom classes can help you feel more engaged. Typing in the chat about the lesson you’re learning, asking any questions you have, or just simply making a comment about class can help you feel more connected.
  • Making group chats with your classmates. Group chats on social media apps, over email, or through text messaging is a great way to get to know your classmates and make new friends. Together, you can stay up to date with classwork, get great study tips for online learning, and even plan online social events!
  • Hosting Zoom parties. Online learning makes it difficult to hang out with friends, especially when in person isn’t an option. Hosting Zoom parties to play games or hang out is great to stay social, but also to study as well. Being social will also boost your study habits. Consider creating Zoom study sessions with your friends, sending each other reminders for studying, and asking each other questions whenever you have one!

You Have the Tools for Success

Online learning isn’t an impossible task. Anyone can be a successful online learner, if they follow the right study tips. Time management, active learning, motivation, and more are all keys to the online learner’s success. To make sure you stay a successful online learner, buy an internet plan that will ensure you’re never without WiFi! Join Nomad for a reliable internet plan.

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