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Best Places to Learn Anything Online

Best Places to Learn Anything Online

Are you interested in learning a new skill, language, or topic? The internet is full of websites, how-to videos, and DIY tutorials that will teach you how to learn just about anything. But how do you sort through all of the available material to find the best sites? We’ve compiled a list of the best places for learning online!


Coursera is an online learning platform that compiles information, tutorials, and lessons from universities, businesses, and experts all over the globe. The site offers courses in finances, STEM, languages, and more. You can even get certifications in a Master’s degree, specific areas of business, and trades like machine learning.

Coursera is great if you’re looking for where to learn online. Almost any course you could want to take is available on the site. Additionally, all base-level courses and tutorials are free, including more than 1,600 courses. For certifications or higher-level courses, there is a fee you’ll have to pay, which changes depending on the course.


With millions of videos available, Youtube is a great place to learn online. Youtube videos range from hilarious skits to DIY tutorials to music videos. There’s no end to what you can find uploaded on Youtube, and that includes learning tutorials in almost any topic.

Although typing in your area of interest into the search bar may give you the results you’re looking for, some great accounts to follow for online learning include:

  • Crash Course. Crash Course videos are all educational videos. They cover a wide range of topics and genres including science, history, and languages. Their videos are meant to teach you a subject in just a matter of a few minutes. Learn anything from Zoology to Organic Chemistry!
  • Simple History. Simple History is full of videos that educate you on both important, in-depth topics like major historical events all the way to strange factorials like how Ancient Romans used the bathroom. This channel is fantastic for learning almost anything you want to know about history!
  • Financial Times. Financial Times videos are verified by YouTube as a learning tool. This account goes in-depth into how to lead a professional career. Their videos include how to kickstart your career, how to network, how to be successful in an interview, and more.

YouTube is, luckily, free for any user to access with an internet connection. Almost any video is available for free users, although paying for a subscription allows you access to more videos, movies, and other extras.

Khan Academy

If you’re looking for where to learn online about anything and everything, Khan Academy is the place for you. Khan Academy provides in-depth tutorials about math, life skills, the arts, and more. You can personalize your Khan Academy experience by specifying what subject, topic, or material you’re interested in learning about.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization, so the courses are free. None of the content requires payment for you to access, although the organization does encourage free-will donations to keep it running.


Skillshare is a great place to learn about specific topics, skills, or concepts. Most of Skillshare’s videos are tutorials combined with hands-on projects that will teach you a specific concept. The videos range from a few minutes to an hour total, and are led by professionals.

Skillshare can teach you important life skills, writing skills, and more. This includes how-tos on things like:

  • Interior design. Skillshare offers multiple videos on how to improve your home’s interior design, including videos on understanding space, embroidery, and even making floral arrangements.
  • Money management. Experts on money management have videos and projects based on managing your finances, budgeting, and creating healthy spending habits.
  • Writing. Skillshare has great writing tips in professional writing, creative writing, and how to build characters and even your own fictional world.
  • Starting your own career. If you’re looking for how to kickstart your own career or business, Skillshare has a plethora of videos and projects that will push you in the right direction!
  • Building confidence. One great perk of Skillshare is that the videos don’t have to be a how-to on a tangible skill. Videos on things like building up your confidence are available as well!

TED Talks and TED-Ed

If you’re interested in learning about important political topics, historical events, inventions, and more, TED Talks are a great place for you to go. TED Talks are videos that do not exceed eighteen minutes and are led by professionals or experts. The videos range from topics such as climate change to how long you should nap, and are free to view.

Similarly, TED-Ed is focused on educational topics. Just like TED Talks, the videos don’t go more than eighteen minutes. These videos are focused primarily on educational topics and are focused on teaching, rather than just introducing a topic. There are videos available in almost any subject, and are free to view.


Udemy advertises the ability to learn anything, whenever you want. Similar to Coursera, Udemy offers a wide range of courses for you to take. Categories including marketing, design, and personal development help you find the videos that interest you best.

Udemy’s courses are unique because you are not only working with professionals in the field you’re studying, but you get to create your own course from premade lessons. Building your course from scratch allows you to personalize your learning experience and get the most out of your time.
Udemy does offer free videos and tutorials, but many of their courses do cost a fee. You can choose to explore Udemy via topic, subject, genre, or even a specific instructor!

Online Learning Is Only a Click Away!

Learning online doesn’t require attending an actual school. Instead, visiting any of these best places for learning online can help you learn new skills, material, and more. With these sites, you have the opportunity to learn anything you have your mind set on. Don’t find yourself with spotty internet during your online learning--sign up with Nomad Internet today to guarantee a flawless learning experience!

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  • IL

    Great article about places on the Internet where you can learn literally everything online. The author looked at six sites, and for each, the main advantages are given, the areas in which a particular site specializes, and how deep and professional videos can be obtained from them. It turns out that on some sites you can get any, even the most complex and deep courses for free. And, of course, YouTube is still the most versatile source. Where you can find literally any training.

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    For me, the exchange of experience with different people who studied at different times and in different places is of great value in gaining knowledge. This is possible thanks to the Internet and I am very glad that I live in an era when the Internet almost rules the world. While many people are pointlessly watching entertainment content on YouTube, I have scooped so much new knowledge and skills out of it that in a sense I owe my career to it.

  • MU

    The world of online learning has opened doors for many individuals who would not have had access to higher education or specific skill-building opportunities otherwise. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which platform or website is the best fit for your needs. It is great to see articles like this one, highlighting some of the best places for learning online, as it helps to make the decision-making process a little bit easier. However, I do believe that it’s important to keep in mind that the best place for learning may vary greatly depending on personal learning styles and preferences.

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