Nomad Internet Aims to Bring Internet Service to 60 million Rural Homes

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According to the Federal Communications Commission, 1 out of 4 rural households are without internet access, but one innovative, community-centered company has the answer. Introducing Nomad Internet, a minority-owned internet service bringing technological equity to agrarian parts of the country.

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From the spruce islands of Maine to the Great Plains of Montana to the tip of Texas or the tribal nations where nearly 30 percent of the people are without access, Nomad Internet is bringing the gap and bringing the small-town USA into the modern era. As the country’s largest WISP, Nomad Internet focuses on connecting outland communities to necessary resources.

Using a combination of 4G and 5G networks, users can stream videos, make video calls, enjoy gaming, or surf the web from the comfort of their couch or on the go. Nomad Air’s high-power directional antennas are the secret to this successful high-speed, low-latency service.

The 60 million Americans who live outside of a metropolitan area are often in a wifi desert. The lack of connectivity has reached a fever pitch. In these post-pandemic times where everything is virtual, from banking to education and healthcare, Nomad Internet understands the immediate need, and their team of professionals is there to answer the call.

Fans like Youtube influencer Nomadic Fanatic rave about the service saying, “I trust Nomad more than any other provider for mobile out there.”

The brainchild of visionary Jaden Garza and his wife Jessica, Nomad Internet is making a sizable impact in the industry. Garza, a graduate of Harvard University’s Executive Training program, is transforming the wifi landscape. His partner in love and business, Jessica Garza, brings a servant’s heart to the company and a can-do spirit. The spunky redhead is a hands-on co-founder who even installed systems in RV communities with her two hands. Together with Jaden’s networking skills and venture capital aspirations, this dynamic duo is reshaping rural regions.

This fast-growing Texas-based company is constantly evolving to give customers a premium service. The latest advancements include the Inseego Wavemaker Pro 5G Indoor router. This technology brings faster, more reliable internet to users. In addition, Nomad Internet went a step further and recently implemented improvements to its platform, such as the Real-Time Activation page, which brings users a new level of transparency.

Garza believes the customer is first and foremost in his plan to reach the most remote parts of the United States with reliable, high-quality internet access.

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  • Muslim

    This article on Nomad Internet is truly inspiring. It highlights the company’s mission to bring internet service to 60 million rural homes, a task that is both ambitious and necessary in today’s digital age. The article provides valuable insight into the challenges that rural communities face when it comes to accessing the internet, and it is clear that Nomad Internet is working hard to find solutions. The company’s innovative approach to providing internet service through satellite technology is a game-changer for many people who live in remote areas. I found this article to be extremely informative and it has made me want to learn more about the company and the progress it is making in its mission. Overall, it’s a great read and very informative.

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