Introducing the Nomad Talk Mobile App!

Introducing the Nomad Talk Mobile App!

A growing community focused on all things related to rural internet.

Do you need help with rural internet? Need to find the best antenna for your modem and area? Want to know which RV parks have the best Wi-Fi when you travel? Want to know the best modem for your RV? Answers to all of your questions and more can be found in the Nomad Talk App!

Want to complain about Nomad or get help with a technical issue? You can do it all from the Nomad Talk App!

You can directly connect to other Nomads that have the same challenges as you and live in our travel to the same rural areas!

You can download the Nomad Talk App: Apple - Google Play

  • RO
    Roger D Locke

    I cannot locate Nomad Talk. Playstore gives me something by the same name, but it’s in Korean language?

  • ZL
    Zlatika Cherar

    Taking this opportunity, I want to thank Nomad Internet for this app. I found out about this recently, but I have already managed to find wonderful friends in this community and we are communicating with families and even going on joint trips this summer. I lacked such an experience and I am happy to experience it! Thanks a lot Nomad!

  • MI

    Come on, does it exist?! Just the other day I was thinking about how it would be nice to ask a couple of questions to people who have been in a nomadic lifestyle much longer than me. I’m constantly having difficulties that I have no one to discuss with. Thank you Nomad that you think about the comfort of your customers!

  • SA
    Sarah J

    Wow! I love apps for communicating in substance, not just for idle chatter. I’m so glad that Nomad Internet has its own communication app. True, I’m not a digital nomad yet, but this topic is very interesting to me and I want to start joining the circle of communication by nomad interests.

  • RO

    As someone who relies heavily on their smartphone for communication, I was intrigued to read about Nomad Internet’s new mobile app, Nomad Talk. While I haven’t had the chance to try the app yet, I appreciate the company’s focus on improving their customers’ communication options.

    It’s always frustrating to experience dropped calls or poor call quality, especially in rural areas where reliable communication options can be limited. Nomad Talk’s integration with Nomad Internet’s wireless network is a smart move, and I can see how the app would be especially useful for those who live and work in remote areas.

    At the same time, there are already many popular communication apps on the market, and it remains to be seen whether Nomad Talk will be able to compete with the likes of Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. I’d be interested to see more details about the app’s features and how it compares to existing options.

    Overall, I think Nomad Internet’s efforts to improve their customers’ communication options are a step in the right direction, and I’m curious to see how the app develops over time. As someone who values reliable communication, I appreciate the company’s focus on this area and look forward to seeing how they continue to innovate and improve their services.

  • MU

    “Just read the article about the Nomad Talk mobile app on Nomad Internet and I have to say, I’m impressed. The idea of connecting travelers with locals to learn about the best hidden gems and cultural experiences is genius. I never realized how valuable it could be to have a local showing you around and giving insider tips. I’m excited to download the app and start planning my next trip. I’m also interested to learn more about the features and how it is different from other travel apps out there.”

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