Introducing the Nomad Talk Mobile App!

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A growing community focused on all things related to rural internet.

Do you need help with rural internet? Need to find the best antenna for your modem and area? Want to know which RV parks have the best Wi-Fi when you travel? Want to know the best modem for your RV? Answers to all of your questions and more can be found in the Nomad Talk App!

Want to complain about Nomad or get help with a technical issue? You can do it all from the Nomad Talk App!

You can directly connect to other Nomads that have the same challenges as you and live in our travel to the same rural areas!

You can download the Nomad Talk App: Apple - Google Play

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  • Muslim

    “Just read the article about the Nomad Talk mobile app on Nomad Internet and I have to say, I’m impressed. The idea of connecting travelers with locals to learn about the best hidden gems and cultural experiences is genius. I never realized how valuable it could be to have a local showing you around and giving insider tips. I’m excited to download the app and start planning my next trip. I’m also interested to learn more about the features and how it is different from other travel apps out there.”

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