Is Your Internet Bill High? Here’s Why and How to Save!

Is Your Internet Bill High? Here’s Why and How to Save!

There’s hardly anything you do that isn’t done online these days. And with that reality, your internet bill might also be reflecting your internet dependency.

And it’s not just digital nomads; it’s everyone. 

Everyone sometimes gets an internet bill that just doesn’t seem right.

Despite spending a huge part of your budget, sometimes your internet bill is not only expensive but disappointing.

If you believe you’re not getting your money’s worth then you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. 

There are a number of ways you can trim your internet bill. 

NO, this doesn’t mean that you have to dump your favorite show or stop gaming.

It only means that you need to adopt some strategies to enable you to reduce your data usage. 

We’ll get to that in time. Right now you need to answer a simple question.

Your knee-jerk reaction is probably yes. But take a deep breath and think about it.

What exactly do you do? If you’re a casual user, yes you do.
Online gamer, yes you do?
Work from Home/Anywhere Worker? Yes. 
Traveler? Yes. 

Everyone needs high-speed internet because it gives you a bit of sanity to click on pages and open them in seconds. 

How much speed do you need? Although the FCC recommends internet speeds of 12-25Mbps for families with multiple internet users and frequent online streamers, how much internet speed you need depends on what you use your home internet for. 

Now that’s out of the way. 

Going back to the reason you clicked on this article. Here are the best ways to reduce your internet bill, high-speed internet or not;


  • Control your Video Settings:

I am talking to the streamers in the house, from YouTube to Netflix, your video quality settings might be on 4k without you knowing.
We all love to watch high-definition videos that almost fix eye problems, but when you’re not using unlimited internet or a free WIFI connection then it’s not a great idea to have your video settings that high. This alone could cut your bill in half.


  • Get the Right Internet Plan:

There is absolutely no reason to spend money on an internet plan that is meant for large families when you live all by yourself. If you live alone, there’s a chance you don’t need an incredibly fast internet connection. An internet connection of 100 Mbps would serve you well.

However, if you live in a place with a lot of people, streaming, playing online video games, and endlessly video calling, you would need a faster connection of 200 Mbps or more.


  • Check for background Apps:

Whether you’re using your phone or PC, there are always apps running in the background using up data, and if you’re using a high-speed internet connection, chances are they are using up a considerable amount of data. Check your data usage and see what apps are using more data than they should.


  • Buy your own Router:

You need a cable box to watch TV and a modem to create a Wi-Fi network. Your provider charges you a monthly fee for it. Many providers will set up your service through an internet router or modem located in your home and then charge you a monthly fee on that device.

The cost of renting the router or modem from the provider can easily amount to a huge chunk of your internet bill. If you plan to stay in your current home or apartment for a year or more, buying your own modem and router would save you money.

However, make sure to confirm with your operator that the modem and router work for your provider and give you your desired internet speeds.


  • Secure your home Wi-Fi with a strong password:

Securing your Wi-Fi means that fewer people have access to your internet. I mean, you don’t want your neighbors using your internet without your permission to download huge files and stream live TV, therefore, increasing the bill.


  • Cut your cellular data plan:

Change the settings on your smartphone, so it automatically switches to Wi-Fi data access when it's available, then tracks your actual data usage on your phone. Setting your phone to use Wi-Fi over your cellular data and downloading content using Wi-Fi only can massively reduce your data plan usage.


  • Carefully analyze your bill:

When you get your internet bill, read it carefully and understand what every charge is. Contact your internet service provider to explain things properly if you feel that you are being overcharged. And if you find any unnecessary charges, demand that they be removed from your bill going forward.


  • Compare Prices:
Get prices from several different providers with services in your area, do some research into the quality of each provider, and then subscribe to the highest-quality provider with lesser charges. 
When it comes to your internet bill, it boils down to how you use your data, cut down on sleeping off while streaming, leaving apps running in the background, and make sure you are getting the best value for money from your internet service provider. You should see your bill drastically reduced.
  • IL

    Today it is really important to choose a convenient and profitable tariff plan for Internet access. Both for home and mobile. And the article gives some important ideas where to start. It turns out that you should first set up your devices (for example, so that the phone makes the most of the Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile Internet, and the video services are set to your screen resolution, and not the default 4K). And only then, when you understand the real need for bandwidth, you can already choose specific tariff plans and ISP.

  • MI

    I usually don’t pay attention to various little things and I don’t track a lot of things in my devices. But now I understand that it turns out there are always applications running in the background that consume data and as a result this is one of the reasons for my high Internet bill. It seems to me that I should sort out all these nuances in order to save a little money, which is not easy to earn.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    It always seemed to me that I was a prudent person and in control of everything. But to be honest, I didn’t think that my video quality settings could be on 4k without my knowledge. Most likely, this was the reason for a higher Internet bill than I expected more than once. Thank you for such small but very important tips.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    Now I have connected to Nomad Internet and I have no problems with overpaying bills. But before that, I was constantly receiving too high an Internet bill. Perhaps I should have paid attention to the points that are given in this article, but I decided to change the provider and was very satisfied!

  • HA

    Uh good thing you didn’t say I should stop playing, lol. My father often grumbles that the Internet bill is too big, and since I am the most active Internet user in our family, I feel embarrassed about it. Thank you, Nomad, for explaining what the reasons might be, I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    Indeed, the high internet bill is quite frustrating, especially when you don’t understand why it is like that. These tips are no doubt very useful, I think that everyone should think how and what they actually use the internet for before making a decision on a plan. I’m sure these tips will help decrease the cost of the internet. I was very surprised by the fact that other people can access my internet therefore I will have to pay more.

  • MU

    High internet bills can be a frustration for many households. There are several factors that can contribute to an increased internet bill, including additional services or premium packages offered by your internet service provider (ISP), as well as data usage and overage fees. To save on your internet bill, it’s important to carefully review your monthly statements and understand exactly what services and fees you are paying for. Consider cutting down on premium services or packages that you do not need or use. Another way to save is to monitor your data usage and ensure that you are not exceeding your monthly limit, as overage fees can add up quickly. You can also research alternative ISPs in your area to compare prices and packages, as well as negotiate with your current ISP to see if they can offer a better deal. In conclusion, by being proactive and informed, you can take control of your internet bill and potentially save yourself a significant amount of money.

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