What to Do When Your Home Wi-Fi Keeps Dropping

What to Do When Your Home Wi-Fi Keeps Dropping
Do you struggle with your Wi-Fi connection dropping? This frustrating problem can prevent you from working, enjoying streaming services, and more. Keep reading to learn some common reasons for dropped Wi-Fi and how to solve them!

Why Your Wi-Fi May Be Dropping

Your Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have a Large Enough Range 

If you experience dropped Wi-Fi often in certain areas of your home or when you are in public spaces, you may be just outside of the range of the Wi-Fi. Additionally, your router itself may not support a wide range. Many routers will only reach certain square footage. When you step outside of this square footage, your Wi-Fi may disconnect. Try moving closer to the router if possible.

There’s Interference

Interference is one of the most common reasons that your Wi-Fi drops. Interference comes in many different forms. Heavy walls or doors, trees, and even running water can interrupt Wi-Fi signals. 

Radio interference is also a prevalent type of interference for Wi-Fi signals. Radio interference can come from microwaves, TVs, Bluetooth devices, and even baby monitors. If any of these objects are near your router or in the same room as you, they may be the culprit. 

You Need a New Router 

Routers go out of date much faster than you may expect. Typical routers need to be replaced about every three years in order to guarantee a smooth Wi-Fi experience. If your router is older than three years old, consider upgrading to a new one. 

The router itself needs to have good technology to run and be compatible with your internet plan. If your internet plan is too fast or requires too much bandwidth for the router you’ve purchased, it’s possible that the compatibility issue is causing problems, and you’ll need to upgrade your router. 

There’s a Problem with Your Device

Often, when you experience dropped Wi-Fi, you are experiencing an issue with your device itself – i.e., your laptop, computer, tablet, phone, or smart TV. If your device has system upgrades waiting, apps that need to be refreshed, or too many tabs or applications open, you may have repeatedly dropped Wi-Fi signals. 

There Are Too Many Devices on the Network

Another one of the most common reasons for dropped Wi-Fi is that too many devices are connected to one network. While this can be a problem you experience in your own home, this issue is prevalent when using public Wi-Fi. 

If you’re in a space with large crowds, such as a store or a concert, or somewhere where multiple people will be connected to the Wi-Fi, such as a café or library, you’re more likely to experience dropped Wi-Fi. 

Solutions to Fix Your Wi-Fi Dropping Problem

Purchase a Different Internet Plan

Although it won’t be the quickest solution, one of the most permanent solutions to fixing your Wi-Fi dropping issue is to get a better internet plan. Better internet plans will support more devices, run faster internet speeds, and prevent you from experiencing any unwanted issues such as dropped Wi-Fi. 

Nomad Internet has some of the best internet plans you can find. Equipped to provide internet to even the most remote places, your Nomad Internet plan will stop you from dealing with the hassle of dropped Wi-Fi. Best of all plans come with a compatible router to fit your needs.

Move Your Router

If you think that your Wi-Fi issue is that your router has interference or doesn’t have a far enough range, your solution for fixing Wi-Fi dropping may be simply to move your router. Moving your router to a more central location can help ensure that it reaches more areas of your home. 

Additionally, moving your router can help you avoid interferences such as radio interference or large objects. Avoid placing your router in rooms with thick walls, interfering objects, or radio interferences such as televisions. 

Purchase a New Router

If moving your router or moving closer to your router doesn’t fix your Wi-Fi dropping problem, you may just need to purchase a new router. This is especially important if your router is in the “older than three years” category. 

When purchasing a new router, make sure that it is compatible with your current internet plan. Most routers will include the Mbps, number of people, and bandwidth that they support on the packaging. 

Reset Your Router or Device

One of the most straightforward solutions for fixing Wi-Fi dropping is to reset your router or device. Your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device isn’t properly synced, updated, or maybe experiencing minor connection issues. Resetting your device will allow you to perform necessary updates, refresh, and reconnect to the internet. 

On the other hand, resetting your router is another excellent way to fix a Wi-Fi connection. Resetting your router clears any waiting tasks, resets memory, and refreshes the device completely. 

Use Multiple Networks at Once

One final solution for fixing your Wi-Fi from dropping repeatedly is to use more than one network at once. This is especially helpful for laptops or computers that need a more robust connection to have a functioning connection. 

To use multiple networks simultaneously, you’ll need to bridge connections via your network connections setting. Alternatively, many apps are available for you to connect to multiple networks at once on different devices, including your cell phone. 

Get Reliable Wi-Fi with Nomad Internet 

Dropping Wi-Fi is frustrating, but with these five tips for how to fix Wi-Fi dropping, you may be able to avoid the issue. To never deal with the annoyance of Wi-Fi dropping, consider a Wi-Fi plan with a reliable internet service provider. Nomad Internet has the internet plan you’ve been looking for! Visit today to learn more or to get started.

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