What NOT to Do in the Rural Areas

What NOT to Do in the Rural Areas

Planning a visit to rural areas is exciting and stressful in equal measure. The prospect of meeting a new culture and staying away from the busy and loud urban life is thrilling. However, you are equally laid back by the kind of things you can do and cannot do. The possibility of having a poor Internet connection can also frighten you. Here is a look at the don'ts of those moving to rural places.

#1: Go slow on revealing clothes

Clothing in rural areas is one of the most challenging things to figure out. Whereas you might have been used to wearing your miniskirts in the city, you might find that a bit tricky to do in rural areas.

Most rural places are conservative. However, each area has many style icons and fashion types. Contrary to your imagination, women do not necessarily have to be all covered up. However, neither should they be very revealing.

You may want to leave your yoga pants in the closet while in rural areas to avoid residents' disapproving looks. In contrast, you can freely wear your jeans and sleeveless clothing.

Do not stress much about clothing in rural areas to the point that you forget to have fun. Just make a quick search of the place you plan on going and note their random dress codes.

#2: Be cautious about gifting

Nobody is stopping you from gifting kids in rural areas. Just don't do it informally as that may lead to begging. If you feel like giving, it is best to do so via an elder member by following formal channels. The last thing you want is kids trailing you for a gift just because you did so to one of them.

When gifting in rural areas, it is paramount that you uphold the local's dignity. Please do not make it seem as though the gift is out of pity for their way of life. Instead, make it sound more like an appreciation for the time they allowed you to spend there.

#3: Avoid public display of affection

Public display of affection (P.D.A) involves getting intimate in the view of others. Physical affection is classified as any action intended to arouse feelings of love in the participants. Each culture has their definitions of what is a good display of affection. In most rural areas, publicly displaying affection is frowned. Avoid awkward public stares by keeping off such acts.

The issue of P.D.A. can be quite limiting when visiting rural areas. Some places where any physical contact is classified as P.D.A, even an act as simple as holding hands. However, that is not a big issue in most areas, and it should not get you all scared. 

#4: Do not purchase wild items

Throughout your stay in rural areas, you will come across local merchandisers who offer some wild products. If you do not know much about the item, do not rush into buying it. Instead, politely decline. You may ask a few people about it and even further research on it online.

When in a rural area, do not forget to have lots of fun. The thing about rural places is that they always make you feel like you are bonding with mother nature. As you relax in the evening from a busy explorative day, you can comfortably catch up with your friends who are miles apart, thanks to Nomad Internet's solution for rural areas.

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