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5 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the RV Industry

5 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the RV Industry

The RV industry undergoes rapid changes, continually introducing new players that make a significant impact. Since this is an always changing industry, it helps to know any new developments. Here is a look at some of the latest players to watch out in the RV industry.

 #1: Winnebago Solis

Going for $100,667, the Solis represents Winnebago’s efforts to re-establish its name in the pop-top market since it ceased developing for the industry in the early 2000s. The relatively small four-sleeper RV has more features that you may like. The wheel-drive provides comfortable fee space while the rear seats are built to accommodate families. You may even decide to replace the standard murphy bed with a rear sofa bed.

The Solis has a fully operational wet bath that most Rvers will find appealing. The wet bath makes you feel home away from home, revamped by a European style. Furthermore, you have access to a hot/cold water sink, stove, and excellent insulation.

#2: Roadtrek CS/RS Adventurous

It is only a year ago when Roadtrek went bankrupt before a French company, Rapido, came to the rescue. The new breath of life that Roadtrek received led to the birth of CS and RS Adventurous models that boast of standard capacity. The RS can sleep up to four and seat a maximum of seven. On the other hand, the CS seats six and sleeps three.

Both models are prepacked with a king-size rear bed, sit-down shower, and overhead cabinetry. You will also find the RV’s two-room aspect quite appealing. There is an Alde hydronic water heat that continuously keeps the space warm, alongside a Domestic A/C to keep you cool whenever necessary. The Roadtrek models start at $151,510.

#3: Kimbo 6

One of the most crazily priced RVs, going for as low as $15,000. The outer aluminum body is a replica of a geodesic dome, featuring a thin and effective R5 insulation. The RV has double-paned and screened windows, while its interior creates a cozy and relaxing environment. Do not be deceived by the low price because there is much that Rvers can explore from this model.

#4: Storyteller Overland Mode

With an entry price of $150,000, the Storyteller Overland Mode has excellent space-saving features that you will be glad to explore. Its rugged ladder system and aluminum roof rack give it a serene feeling that is sure to make you want to stay in for long. You also have access to a stove, microwave, fridge, and hot/cold shower that gets lost in the overhead cabinet.

 The seats are made flexible and can be adjusted into any position for a sunset relaxation or watching TV. The storyteller has made an effort to improve its customer support by providing an app and being available across the U.S.

#5: Opus Opus 2 and Opus 4

The Opus continues a trend that most modern, pop-up campers have maintained in recent times. When you get inside and turn on a switch, the RV pumps up, inflating in less than 90 seconds to form a spacious living area. OP 2 and OP 4 differ in the number of people each can sleep. The bigger model sleeps six while, the smaller version sleeps four.

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