From our CEO: What is Fixed Wireless Data?

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Starting today, Nomad Internet will only offer “Fixed Wireless Internet Data”

There are actually two types of Wireless Internet Networks. There is a “Fixed Wireless Network” and a “Mobile Wireless Network” They each work completely differently and use data differently. 

You just have to decide what is most important to you!

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Nomad Internet Plans offer 300GB a month of 4G data (and Unlimited C-Band 5G) and uses:

“Fixed Wireless Network Data”

Nomad Internet now uses a wireless network SEPARATED from your Cell Phone and Hotspot.

A “Fixed Wireless Network” uses the highest quality 4G/5G data you can possibly buy! When a Nomad Modem and Plan are paired together, it will become directly connected to the World Wide Internet!!

Your Nomad Modem will have its own public IP. You can host meetings, servers, screen share, game correctly, do proper port forwarding, and anything else.

In fact, your latency on your Nomad Modem will be almost TWICE as FAST as even a typical Home Internet Connection (like cable or even Starlink) AND, even 3 times faster than a Mobile Network Provider (like Nomad Legend or any other competitor).

Only Nomad Internet sells Nomad Modems which are made to work specifically on a 4G/5G “Fixed Wireless Network”. 

Or, everyone else…..

All other “unlimited” Plans provide the Lowest-Quality data available and use:

“Mobile Wireless Network Data”

This is the same 
network ALL Cell Phones and Hotspots use. 
In fact, it's the same low-quality data that Starlink, Nomad Legend and everyone else uses.

All other modems or hotspots run on a 4G/5G “Mobile Wireless Network” (like a Nighthawk) and will use the LOWEST quality data there is. 

The reason the data quality is so LOW is because 4G/5G Mobile Wireless Networks run on what is called an “internal network” or what is called an “intranet.” 

These Plans are natted twice and you do NOT have a public IP address. 

This is an important distinction because it means all real-time services you try to use will not work well. You will notice this especially true when doing things like gaming, VOIP, video calls, video conferencing, etc.


Have you ever noticed that video calls, or games, just never seem to work “right” on your cell phone or hotspot? This is why it's like that, those devices are not connected directly to the Internet. So, it takes twice as long for anything to happen in real-time. 

This is why the “quality” of a Mobile Wireless Network is always the worst, no matter how fast they are!

At Nomad
Internet, we provide the best wireless data. Period.

Or CEO explains it here:

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    In this article, I learned about the different types of fixed wireless technologies and how they can be used to access the Internet in rural areas. The article also noted the potential benefits of fixed wireless,
    such as higher speeds and lower costs compared to traditional wired options. In general, the article is well written and understandable. I am now interested in learning more about the implementation and potential of fixed wireless technology for connecting remote areas to the Internet.

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