Unlimited, Unthrottled Hotspot Options for Your RV

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Your campground internet connection isn’t cutting it. What else can you do? Is there such a thing as an unthrottled hotspot, or is it a myth like Bigfoot and unicorns?

Internet access can be maddening when it’s spotty and inconsistent, but there’s no need to tangle with poor signal. When you’re traveling via RV, there are a few ways to pick up internet access. Let’s look at the three ways you might consider:

  • Cellular
  • WiFi hotspots
  • Satellite

Cellular signal can suck down your data quickly and end up being costly. The other problem here is that most carriers start to throttle you and slow your signal down once you hit a cap they set. Try watching a movie on throttled signal and tell me that’s not frustrating. Impossible, right?

What about Satellite? Get out your wallet, it’s going to cost you! Satellite is expensive. Oh, one more thing, some places still cap you (deep sigh). What is with all these hard limits?

When it comes to WiFi hotspots, they can be a solid option. We highly recommend them…but, there’s something you should know. You might have signal with one big carrier, but when you’re traveling, you end up in a different carrier’s area, and now your hotspot is useless.

I know. It makes you want to pull your hair out. Why does it have to be this difficult?

Here’s the good news. It doesn’t. We’ve got the option you need—the best of both worlds, and the end to the hassle of finding strong internet signal when you need it, where you need it.

Learn more about WiFi internet hotspot devices and how we can help

There are two types of networks that hotspots connect to. One is a public network, like the campground which has a network open to the public and is sluggish because too many people are sucking down that bandwidth, or the signal is simply weak.

The other type of connection is a private network. Nomad Internet has a private network that has over 100,000 happy customers who never have to deal with sluggish, slow, poor signal. Please read our reviews to see how our customers rave about us.

Okay, so the difference becomes a public network that anyone can connect to or a private network. This private network means that you have a full signal when you need it. How do we make it happen, when others can’t?

We saw a problem and went in search of a solution. You’re going to love this. Each of the four big networks has different areas where they are strongest, but then they have areas where they don’t have as good of signal, because it’s in another carrier’s strong spot.

Here’s what we did. We worked with all the big providers and combined them. We created an umbrella of all four networks for our customers. That means, no matter which carrier has the strongest signal in the area, you’re covered because our service unites all four of these into one package. Brilliant, right?

And you’re going to love the bottom line. Strong, solid signal even in hard to reach places, like the country where people are always complaining about the lack of signal. You won’t have to struggle with your internet signal, because, with Nomad Internet, we’ve got you covered.

The best part? No contracts. You read that right. No contracts. No credit check, no contracts, and you get the signal you want at a price you can afford. Check out all our different plans here to see which works best for you, then contact us today to get started.

So, now you know. If you booked at a campground that offers public WiFi and it has a problem with a weak signal, there are better options. Nomad Internet is ready to help. Using a private network in place of a public network, you don’t have to worry about drained bandwidth use and sluggish connection speeds. Be sure to check out our plans, the different devices we offer and contact us today.


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    Really interesting post!

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    I would love some internet in gulfport ms.39501

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    Only I need is internet…. but My TV…. is with other company and not free line for use

  • Mike Smith

    Will this work for RVers that travel around? And what type of cost are we looking at?

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    Area code 79316, I live 1/2 miles out side of the city limits, I currently get 33mbs thre Hughs net. I would like to have 300 mbs can you halp me !! 806-638 3011

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