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Unlimited Internet - All You Need to Know

Unlimited Internet - All You Need to Know
As you enjoy rural internet, constantly worrying about your usage degrades your experience. Most of us want to surf the internet or stream our favorite videos without caps and restrictions. To do so, you need an unlimited internet plan.

As a digital nomad, access to unlimited internet is life-changing. What does it mean for your Internet Service Provider to say that they offer you unlimited Internet access? Read this to the end to learn more.

What is Unlimited Internet?

Just as the term implies, unlimited internet means you can use the internet as prescribed by your ISP without any download caps. For instance, on the road, travelers can surf as much as they want without worrying that they may run out of data before reaching their destination.

The concept of caps is one that most people do not understand and may sometimes cause disagreements with your ISP.

Not all people have the same amount of Internet usage. Some can download so much data that they interfere with the bandwidth designated for other users. Thus, the ISP may limit the speed of heavy users to fairly distribute to all subscribers.

Even though Nomad Internet applies the same policy, it has the advantage of having the most bandwidth for a rural Internet connection. Thus, it's able to provide a highly reliable unlimited Internet service.

A key part of obtaining an unlimited Internet subscription is understanding the fine prints of the contract on fair usage.

Why Use Unlimited Internet?

1. Streaming

You may need to be connected to the Internet 24/7 or for an elongated period. For instance, when watching a live event, you cannot afford any disconnection.

You can avoid the inconvenience of going offline by getting unlimited.

Since streaming is the future of television, you are likely to subscribe to a streaming service that consumes most of your data. Picture this – a high-quality Netflix video of 1 hour consumes close to 7GB data. In this case, unlimited Internet is undoubtedly desirable.

2. Work

    When working from home in a rural area, you want your entire focus to remain on the task. Subscribe to an unlimited plan to get unlimited conference calls, emails, and all that require an Internet connection.

    3. Ample home usage

      Imagine a home where you have multiple Internet users. Some could be streaming videos, others working, or playing online video games. You will have a hard time navigating through the challenges of a data limit.

      Avoid finger-pointing by enrolling in an unlimited plan. All designated users can use the Internet and disconnect at their pleasure as you concentrate on other important things.

      4. Modern-day software updates

        Software governs the operation of your devices. As much as security is good, the threats posed by cybercriminals are also real. Thus, software developers regularly release updates to maintain top security.

        When on a metered connection, updates can easily phase out your data. An unlimited plan gives you the benefit of endless downloads. If you know you have products that require regular updates, consider enrolling in the Nomad Internet unlimited plan.

        What Are Your Internet Needs?

        Before getting an unlimited plan, make sure that you clearly understand your needs. If all you want is to view emails and not download even a single text, it may not make much sense to use an unlimited plan.

        For those who anticipate heavy usages such as streaming, gaming, downloads, and software updates, getting an unlimited plan from Nomad Internet is viable.

        Find the right plan for you!
        • AN
          Ana Rys

          I think that unlimited internet is the best option for home internet, especially if you are a remote worker. No restrictions in size of documents you are to download or upload, ability to make numerous video calls are the main things that make remote work experience much more pleasant. I really liked that the author explained what exactly unlimited internet is because it will no doubt help people make a decision based on knowledge, not on intuition.

        • ST
          Stacy Haze

          This article about unlimited internet is great. I must say I didn’t know some of these things even though I’ve ben using unlimited plans for my whole life! I find limited internet quite frustrating though I must admit some people just don’t need unlimited internet, since they don’t use it very often. Especially it can be said about the elderly. However, as the author justly mentioned, remote workers, digital nomads and online students need a lot of data. So I agree with the author that the unlimited internet has a lot of advantages, nevertheless, before choosing some specific plan, one should carefully consider their needs.

        • AN
          Andy Burns

          Unlimited equals 1000gb. Once you hit that, you’re cut off until the next billing cycle.

        • TO

          Router is not working again. I need to speak to someone asap. WiFi is on but internet is not connected.

        • RE

          I’m needing reliable internet for work for home 2 college students online classes. Gaming. Off grid Alaska

        • JU

          Could you tell me how this works

        • GO
          Gordon H

          I would love to try your service but I use Verizon Wireless in a rural area and I need the Red Plan. I have been trying months to try your service. Please can you inform us when this might be possible?

        • SH

          I travel in my RV most of the year. I also work from my RV. Sometimes I am in areas that don’t have internet service and a lot of the time I cannot use Netflix or Amazon for TV. Will this work in those areas?

        • JA

          How much is it a month? I’ve been trying to Speak with someone about the Wi-Fi Internet how do I get in touch with a person to get information is there a physical store somewhere or something go to information please let me know thank you

        • DE
          Delynn Plott

          I can not say enough positive things about nomad internet! I was stuck using satellite internet with a data cap for a year until my contract was up. Then I went on to use my hotspot on my phone, my daughters phone and a mifi router from Verizon, each had 15 Gig of data per month,, but we burned through that watching a couple of movies. Since I have switched to Nomad, it is superfast internet, absolutely no data cap tethering at all. We love it, highly recommend it to everyone who had the same problem I did!

        • HE

          Will this service replace the need for Verizon cell service for my phone too or just my home internet? Thanks!

        • TR
          Tracy Autry

          Have been using this service for a few months now and find it to be very reliable and perfect for our needs! Thank you for helping us go mobile!

        • RO

          I would like to get the sim only ATT for my TOGO unit please contact when in stock

        • DU

          I live in Auburn, CA 95603. Do you use cellular towers or how do you provide signal? What would be my cost to start the Blue Plan?

        • EV

          4-6x yearly we travel to areas with little to no service. TMobile is our cell carrier. Do you offer anything for a traveler?

        • JA
          Jacob Cisco

          Blue plan download speeds for southwestern blv. Suffolk,Va..also ping as I would be gaming I need help :(. Also have a teacher that could use it. As she is virtual at the house now looking for constant low pings around 30ms to 70ms

        • GE
          Gene Yax

          Is service available for 5627 oscar gammon rd, Mebane NC 27302

        • GE
          Gene Yax

          Is service available for 5627 oscar gammon rd, Mebane NC 27302

        • SU
          SUE HUNT

          Is this the same as wi fi?

        • PH
          Phyllis James

          Still have contract with Hughes net until February 2021. Can’t wait to get your Blue Plan.

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