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This Week's Top Stories About Internet with RVers

This Week's Top Stories About Internet with RVers

Here is a look at key developments that have an impact on the life of an RVer. Being aware of these events is essential, especially if you are looking for Internet service for RV travel.

The Netgear Nighthawk 5G launched for consumers.

The rush by technology firms to establish themselves as the proponents of 5G is insatiable. This race has been taken a notch higher after AT&T launched the first 5G mobile hotspot for the average user. As the pioneers of 5G technology, it is understandable why AT&T can make such significant steps.

When the company first launched Netgear Nighthawk 5G back in 2018, only businesses had access to the much-hyped technology. That is no longer the case, as even the average consumer can access the device. The market price is currently capped at $509.99 in most retail stores.

The launch of Netgear Nighthawk 5G for consumers is a significant step that should interest RVers planning on installing the Internet in their RVs. It gives you the opportunities to enjoy what 5G has to offer while on the road. That implies you can download and upload files much faster than ever envisioned. You may not even feel as if you are in a remote region.

RVs surge in popularity amid the pandemic

The pandemic had lots of people canceling their vacation plans just the time when they needed their much-deserved break. But in the world of RVs, business is booming as people look for adventure. Caught in unstable times when working from home is the new norm, many RVers are forced to complete their tasks from the RVs.

Recently released data suggests that people are choosing camping in their RVs today more than before. Internet Service Providers have equally improved on their game to cater to the needs to work remotely. 

Peplink cuts back on throughput limit for SpeedFusion Bonding Servers

Following an update from Peplink in August, the company’s cellular integrated routers introduced a new feature called PrimeCare. The feature drastically changed how Peplink's SpeedFusion bonding happened. If you needed more speeds, you had to pay for a more expensive license.

However, that seems to have become a thing of the past as Peplink recently notified its customers via email. Removing throughput speed limitations makes the technology more appealing to end-users. Geeky RVers will be interested in the development because they can now set up a single RV network connected to the Internet via several bonded channels.

FMCA RV Club partners with Keystone RV Company

The month of September has marked one of the most significant deals in the world of RVers. The most prominent nonprofit RV association, FMCA, entered into a partnership with Keystone RV to improve the RV lifestyle.

The partnership comes at a critical time when the RV industry is booming, while RVers are trying to fit the new lifestyle into their usual operations.

New and existing Keystone RV members get a discounted membership rate that allows them to be a part of the widespread network built by FMCA. Furthermore, you get to enjoy comradeship and friendships from other RVers who share the same interests as you.

More importantly, the partnership is an opportunity to get mobile Internet discounts that will come in handy throughout your stay in the RV.

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