A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker

A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker
Working from home is great: you don’t have a commute and you don’t have to make small talk with people as you walk to your desk. Plus, you’re just steps away from your own kitchen, making it easy to get a snack whenever you want! However, there is a lot behind the scenes of a remote worker’s day-to-day life. Keep reading to learn about the daily life of a remote worker!


Mornings for remote workers can either be a wonderful period of relaxation or extremely busy. When you work from home, you may have the opportunity to choose your schedule, although other more collaborative remote jobs require a strict, time-abiding schedule. Your mornings may consist of the following routine.

1. Waking Up

Rise and shine! Many remote workers get up early in the morning to kickstart their day. Although morning may be a relaxing time for some remote workers, others may find themselves having to get up early in order to take care of pets or kids. Working from your home often means that you’re doing multiple jobs at once, especially if you have kids at home.

2. Getting Ready

Getting ready is one of the first things that typically happens in a day in the life of a remote worker. In order to be focused, professional, and ready to go for the day, many people who do their job from home get ready as if they were going to work in person. They may get dressed and do their hair and makeup as though they were going into the office.

Getting dressed and ready in the morning can:

  • Create a professional environment within your home
  • Increase focus for remote workers
  • Drive productivity

However, this isn’t required for everyone. If you’re more comfortable in your lounge clothes and you can still get work done, feel free to stay comfy!

3. Tidying Up Your Work Space

It’s true that one amazing perk of working remotely is that you don’t have to worry about beating traffic or leaving the comfort of your home. However, that also means that your professional space is also your personal area. It’s important every morning for those who work remotely to get up and tidy their space to make it a fully professional and a productive workspace.


For some remote workers, the afternoon is the start of the work day. For others, it’s the perfect opportunity to seek a little relaxation or family time. Depending on your work schedule, the afternoon could mean different things for you.

1. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

Many remote jobs heavily rely on meetings in order to stay in the loop with work tasks, requirements, and projects. Meetings are also a way to stay connected socially. These can go on all day, and often require following a strict schedule.
Some remote jobs won’t require meetings, but if you work in a more collaborative career field, you’ll often have scheduled meetings with supervisors, clients, and coworkers. It’s important to attend every meeting and always look and act professionally.

2. Breaks, Family Time, and More

For those who have been working all morning, the afternoon is the perfect time to take a brief break. Going for a walk if the weather is cooperative, enjoying lunch (whether it’s home cooked or delivery), or even taking a power nap can all be ways to spend your afternoon. Afternoons when working from your home could also mean a bit of family time, especially if your schedule allows for flexibility.

It’s important to not overwork yourself when you’re working remotely, although it’s easy to overcommit to work when you’re not abiding by a strict time schedule. Be sure to schedule yourself these important breaks!

3. Work, Work, Work

A lot of remote jobs require tasks to be completed and turned in during the afternoons. Although you may have a flexible schedule, your tasks will still require completion within a certain time frame. Afternoons are the perfect time to finish up your tasks for the day and meet looming deadlines.


For traditional workers who don’t work from their homes, evening means winding down and relaxing after a long day at work. While this may be true for some remote workers, for others, the evening is either the start of the day or time to prepare for tomorrow. Your evening could look something like this!

1. Keep Working

Many remote workers are done for the day by evening, but this isn’t true for everyone. For some remote workers, work is never really “done.” Tasks are often scheduled already and waiting to be completed. Since remote work allows for a lot of flexibility with scheduling, some tasks are required to be done at odd hours, including night time.

Some remote workers prefer to work exclusively late at night. Remote work is great for those whose productive hours are in the evening, or for those who have other commitments during the daytime. Evening may be the time for you that work really begins.

2. Scheduling for Tomorrow

Creating a schedule the night before can prove to be extremely helpful in the morning, and may be necessary if you work according to strict time restraints. While working in person in an office may not have you creating a schedule at all, remote work often requires that you write out your schedule for the day so that you don’t miss any time commitments or required tasks.

3. Winding Down for the Day

As long as you aren’t a remote worker who saves all of their tasks for the evening, night time is the perfect time to wind down. Hang out with family, friends, or pets and take this time to relax in preparation for your busy day tomorrow!

Is Working Remotely For You?

If you think a job where you work from home is for you, make sure that you’re prepared for all it takes. Having a work space, being prepared to create your own schedule, and having reliable internet are all important for a remote job. To make sure you’re never without reliable internet, choose one of Nomad’s internet plans!

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