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Offline Parenting: What Your Kids Can't Learn from The Internet

Offline Parenting: What Your Kids Can't Learn from The Internet

The Internet is useful. It has revolutionized our perception of learning. The emergence of online education has changed how classrooms across the world disseminate knowledge.

Thanks to the rapid development of online learning, parents have taken the initiative to install home Internet so that their children are not left behind. That is a good move because digital learning technology is sure to change how skills are acquired, both for children and adults.

But children cannot learn everything online. There are times when you have to step up and be the parent that you are to teach them offline.

Here are some of the things that your kids cannot learn from the Internet.

1.   They cannot learn grit from the Internet.

Grit refers to the ability to keep going when the going gets tougher. The Internet may introduce your kids to stories of how certain people were able to take in any challenges or even show them a couple of inspirational videos. However, it cannot make for them the decision to get up every morning to meet their due tasks.

Part of offline parenting understands what your kids are supposed to do and the timelines they need. When you know this, instill in them the culture to create time for their bucket list. That may involve teaching them to wake up earlier than usual or create time during the day.

When trying to instill self-drive in your children, take caution that you do not micro-parent manage. If you helped them set the alarm for Monday and Tuesday, take the back seat and see if they would do so for subsequent days.

2.  The Internet cannot explain emotions.

Your children will not learn from the Internet why you are angry at them for having failed to complete their assigned chores. It will not teach them how to feel when they let someone else down and what needs to be done to calm the person. They cannot learn empathy and what to do about a heartbreak.

Whenever your family is going through an emotional phase, like promotion at the workplace, upcoming birthday party, loss of a loved one, gruesome divorce, and much more, do not expect that your kids will learn this on their own. Set aside time and explain to them everything that is happening. Failure to do so exposes them to a life of emotional instability.

3.  How to pay attention

Ironically, sometimes we turn to the Internet in a bid to learn about things such as paying attention in a meeting or classroom. Given access rights, your kids can view so many of these tutorials both on YouTube and other learning sites. Unfortunately, that is not enough to teach them the virtues of paying attention.

A skill such as this requires a practical approach to master it. Since the Internet is a haven of distraction, your kids may have a hard time learning it online. The best approach would be to place them in situations that demand their undivided attention to the physical world.


Do not underestimate the relevance of the Internet in your kids' life. However, overly depending on it as the sole source of training for the children is misplaced. Take the initiative to spend quality time with your loved ones and learn from one another.

  • PA

    Raising children can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for inexperienced parents. While this article spotlights three critical life skills – grit, empathy, and attention – it’s important to acknowledge that other skills such as communication, body language, willpower, and a sense of direction are equally significant. The article stresses the importance of parents taking responsibility for their children’s upbringing to prevent them from becoming unfeeling and demotivated individuals. It emphasizes the significance of instilling essential life skills in children to ensure their future success and well-being. Overall, this article serves as a reminder that parents play a vital role in shaping their children’s development and shaping their future.

  • AL

    I can fully confirm what is written here by my example. When I was growing up in the countryside, our family didn’t have the Internet at all and my parents taught me everything and involved me in joint affairs, it’s wonderful. I’ve become a strong person in spirit, body and mind. And when I see teenagers who have grown up on the Internet, it makes me sad to see what they are like.

  • MI

    I don’t have children yet, but I think about it periodically. I’m putting it off for later because I realize what a big responsibility it is and I’m not sure I can handle it well. It’s great that you write articles on such topics! I completely agree that the Internet can give a lot to a child, but he can’t be his parent.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    The most important thing is that from the Internet your child will never know how much you love him, because he can only feel it. And if your child does not feel your love, then you will not have contact with him and there will be no trust. And in this case, the power of the Internet is powerless.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    This article was very helpful to me, thank you! I have a little son growing up and I naturally want to be a good father who does not make serious mistakes in upbringing. My wife tells me something, and I find something in random sources. And I didn’t expect to find such information in the Country Nomad Blog at all! I really like that you touch on the topic of the Internet from all sides!

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    How touching that you write about it. Many parents will have something to think about. Along with everything you wrote about in the article, I want to add a reminder from myself. A reminder that children mostly just repeat after their parents. Accordingly, if you yourself are not the personification of what you teach the child, he will never learn it. Just be an example for him and don’t try to replace yourself with the Internet.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    Parenting is always a challenge, especially for young parents. It seems so easy to just let your kid educate themselves by the means of internet. However, there are things the internet isn’t able to teach. This is the topic of this article. There are only three things listed in this article, grit, empathy and attention, however, there are much more, such as communication, body language, will, sense of direction etc I find this article very important, because parents are responsible for their child’s upbringing and it would be their fault if their kid will be an unfeeling lazy machine.

  • ST
    Stacy Haze

    I didn’t expect to find such an article on your blog. It was very surprising. The article touches upon the serious topic of parenting: things children can’t learn from the internet. It’s no brainer that almost everything connected with emotions should be taught by a human, and it better be either a parent or any other close relative. The author makes an excellent point about the grit. Of course, motivational videos are cool but very rarely they do have an impact on how the child behaves in life. It’s important to teach them perseverance and develop their mental stamina.
    Overall, the article was pretty informative and there were great pieces of advice for young parents. I guess the main idea of the article was that parents shouldn’t let the internet replace the real upbringing and communicating with close relatives.

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