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Nomadic Family Internet Needs

Nomadic Family Internet Needs

Article and photo by Christian Axness with ProjectTrek, a full-time RV family that stays connected with Nomad Internet as they travel!

It's almost like clockwork...

On any given day, in any of the RV travel forums I’m active in, there’s at least one question a day asking about internet connectivity while traveling full time. It’s a completely benign question, but there’s alway a response buried somewhere in the comment section that goes something like this: “You’re camping, put your phones down and enjoy the outdoors”.

While I appreciate the sentiment, it's clear that this is written either by a Weekend RVer, or someone who’s not dependent on earning an income while traveling. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted every now and then to use all the iPhones in our RV as a wheel chock, but alas that isn’t an option - at least right now.

Nomad In the RV

I’d venture to say that the vast majority of nomadic families have a necessity for reliable, fast internet service - especially now with so many people working remotely and constantly joining video calls. As content creators ourselves, we are constantly downloading and uploading large video files, too! There was a time where I was regularly camped out in my truck outside of a Starbucks or McDonalds for HOURS trying to upload content only to have the connection time out before the upload was complete. While it could get us by, in a pinch, that wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. 

Aside from work needs, we’re living in a constantly connected world. Our kiddos use online learning for much of their home education. They also love being able to catch up with their nomadic friends on video chat, but that requires a steady internet connection. Living in a tiny space like we do, even poor weather can dictate how much screen-time we consume. And let's be real - at the end of a long day of work and parenting, Mom & Dad like to enjoy a little bit of Netflix from bed!

Digital nomad couple traveling together

Connection Over Lifestyle?

For our family, there was a point in our travels where we had to make a decision: Invest in better internet plans and hardware, or get off the road. For us, that crossroads led us to Nomad Internet. The simplicity of their plans, and the quality of the hardware, convinced us to cover all our bases and get plans for all 3 major carriers. Nomad Internet has a simple questionnaire to help you choose the best plan for your needs, and  they even have an address look-up to ensure you have coverage where you need it! 

Nomad also has something for EVERYONE. Starting from scratch? They have everything you need, from SIM cards and plans, to cellular routers and hotspots. Already have a device you love? No problem. Chat with them about ordering just a SIM card! 

Also, Nomad has a fantastic new plan, the "Works Anywhere Plan", that completely takes away the guess work of asking yourself: "Well, what plan do I need?" They'll use your address to look up your primary location, do all the due diligence for you, and boom - internet out of the box upon delivery! Easy right?

Nomad Modem gray

Happily Connected

Two full years later, connectivity just hasn’t been an issue for us anymore! We’ve been dry camping on top of a mountain with views of the Tetons and been able to stream Hulu in full HD. We’ve conducted video calls from our living room while camping inside Yellowstone Nat’l Park. My parents no longer complain about not being able to see our kids on FaceTime, because our calls no longer drop. We've finally found peace with a reliable service that works.  

If you’re in need of internet service, I recommend going through a provider like Nomad Internet. We’ve had data plans that we thought were rock solid, only to have Verizon audit the account and cancel the plan on the spot!

Purchasing a plan from nomad internet ensures that you covered. With memberships at just $99 and a money back guarantee on all purchases, you can go wrong or find a more affordable option!

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  • SA
    Sarah J

    My dream is to become a digital nomad when I graduate from university. But I’m worried if I’ll be able to earn. After reading your blog, I realized that I have time to prepare for this, if I start to master online earnings now and when it becomes stable, I can safely hit the road. I have already ordered a Nomad Internet modem and this is my first step towards a big goal.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    I really like that the articles for the Country Nomad Blog are written by ordinary people who understand that we do not live in a fairy-tale world where you can just travel and not depend on your income. That’s what stopped me from becoming a nomad for a long time. I wasn’t sure I could provide for my family while traveling. But, inspired by the Nomad Internet, I took a chance and it was the best decision of my life!

  • RO

    I really enjoyed reading this article on the internet needs of a nomadic family. As someone who loves to travel and work remotely, I found it fascinating to learn about the challenges that families face when trying to stay connected while on the road. The author did a great job of explaining the various internet options that are available to nomadic families, and provided helpful tips on how to choose the best option based on your family’s specific needs. I appreciated that the article was both informative and easy to follow, and that it included real-life examples of families who have successfully navigated the challenges of internet connectivity while traveling. The author’s personal experience as a nomadic family was evident in the writing, and I found it both relatable and inspiring. Overall, I would highly recommend this article to anyone who is considering a nomadic lifestyle, or who simply wants to stay connected while traveling with their family. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to balance work and play while on the road.

  • ST
    Stacy Haze

    Wow, I’m very happy for this family! It probably wasn’t easy to come to such a conclusion having a family with kids! I can only imagine what a giant issue was the Internet for you in the very beginning! Most often kids throw biggest of the biggest tantrums over gadgets, games, social networks and the connectivity. But now with this problem taken care of, your kids can spend a lot of time outdoors not because they have no alternative, but because they want to!

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