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11 Internet Fun Facts You Want to Know

11 Internet Fun Facts You Want to Know

The internet. You use it daily… but do you actually know much about it? These fun internet facts will help you learn more about the internet we all know and love!

It Was Invented in a Beer Garden

You can thank beer for the creation of the internet. One of the most intriguing internet facts, you can credit the creation of the internet to Rossotti’s beer garden in August of 1976. Originally a military venture, the internet was created so that a signal could be received without being physically wired to the sender.

There in Rossotti’s beer garden, a signal was sent from a group of men and women using a computer all the way to an antenna miles away. Once this was successful, they pushed their signal further and further. This success was the beginning of the creation of the internet!

More Than Half the World’s Population Uses It

Currently, over sixty percent of the world’s population uses the internet. Although use of the internet differs throughout the world, more than half of us use it and rely on it every day. Even if you don’t use the internet yourself, it definitely affects your life in one way or another.

WiFi is Nearly 30 Years Old

Did you know that WiFi is older than some millennials? One of the most fascinating pieces of internet trivia is how old WiFi actually is. Wireless internet was invented and released for public use in 1997, which is nearly 30 years old now.

Many people still used dial up internet for quite some time after the invention and release of WiFi, meaning that you may remember having to deal with slow, annoying internet speeds.

You Almost Used WaveLAN

Before WiFi got its name, it was almost called several different things. Wireless internet was the original term for the idea of WiFi, but several other terms were considered for the concept. The first term was IEEE 802.11b, although it wasn’t really in the running for what the public would call the wireless internet and was just a technical term. Others included:

  • WaveLAN
  • Trapeze
  • Dragonfly
  • Hornet

All of these names (with the exception of IEEE 802.11b) were in the running. However, WiFi was eventually chosen and a WiFi Alliance established to create wireless internet standards and rules.

The Name WiFi Doesn’t Represent Anything

One common misconception about the name “WiFi” is that it must be short for a longer term. Some believe that WiFi is short for Wireless Fidelity, while others think it’s a technical internet term that doesn’t translate well to common conversation.

However, WiFi doesn’t actually stand for anything at all. The term was coined to fit the idea of wireless internet. It’s just a fun name for a great invention!

You Can Connect Almost Anything…Literally!

The internet is amazing, and the invention of WiFi and Bluetooth in particular has created some really crazy ideas. In modern days, you can find all kinds of devices and everyday items that connect to the internet. Almost everything has been invented to connect to the internet and make your life easier.
Some of the craziest things that can connect to the internet include:

  • Cutlery. There’s a wide range of smart cutlery products that can communicate to you different things, including if you’re cutting correctly or eating too fast.
  • Mirrors. You’re bound to have seen an advertisement for a smart mirror. Smart mirrors offer many features, including digital workout routines, a way to measure weight loss or body weight, and even monitor skin health.
  • Jeans. While it may seem like a completely false piece of internet trivia, internet-connected jeans have actually been invented. These pants can communicate to you which way you need to go when walking and even signify that you’re running behind schedule.

The Average Person Spends Close to Half Their Day Online

Do you find yourself always on your phone, laptop, or tablet? You’re not alone. The typical person across the globe will find themselves spending around ten hours a day connected to the internet.

Often, we don’t even realize the amount of time that we spend on the internet each day, as it happens through so many different devices, including smart watches, smartphones, and devices such as Amazon Echo.

Google Is the Most Popular Website

If you find yourself Googling everything, you’re not the only one. Google is the most popular website on the internet, and receives millions of searches every day. Each day, its database expands as more searches and information comes in, making the website’s popularity even higher.

The Internet Has a Weight

While it may seem completely impossible for something wireless to have a weight, the internet actually has been weighed. Scientists have estimated that the internet weighs about two ounces. This is due to the electrons that it takes to run the internet and hold storage.

With more storage and therefore more electrons, the weight of the internet may increase. Currently, however, the two-ounce estimate seems to be about correct: about the weight of a strawberry!

YouTube Videos Go Back to 2005

YouTube is the second-most-popular website in the world, next to Google. While it may feel like the site has been around forever, the first YouTube video was uploaded in 2005. It’s called “Me at the zoo” and was uploaded by YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim, who was at the San Diego Zoo.

The Internet Is Underwater

One of the main reasons why the internet works so well for you is the large masses of cables that span across the world, connecting databases together and helping signals run. Many of these cables are actually underwater.
Fun fact: because these cables are in the ocean, some scientists and researchers have actually recorded the internet being attacked by sharks!

Stay Connected Today

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    Stay connected with Nomad Internet for reliable internet connections. Don’t let slow internet speeds or laggy connections hold you back. Boost your internet speed with external antennas, Wi-Fi boosters, or an updated router. Discover fascinating internet fun facts, like how the internet was invented in a beer garden and the weight of the internet is estimated to be about two ounces. From connecting almost anything to the internet to the popularity of Google and YouTube, the internet continues to shape our lives in countless ways. Stay connected and explore the wonders of the online world.

  • IL

    The fun facts chosen by the author of this article are quite an unexpected selection, and some of the facts are quite surprising. It is interesting that it is smart watches and smart speakers that make a significant contribution to the daily online experience. And quite unexpectedly, the average time on the network is already more than 10 hours a day. It’s even a little scary, but the convenience that an Internet connection provides still outweighs.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    This reading was very fascinating. Each of the eleven facts surprised me in its own way. Now I’m interested to find out about this Rossotti beer garden. This place must have become legendary and historically valuable nowadays. I think it was the most unexpected fact in this collection!

  • MI

    Yes, I’m one of those people who think that YouTube exists forever. I love this website and I’ve seen this video of Javed Karim. It’s incredible that it all started so normally, and now it competes with federal television. Youtube covers all my information needs so much and I don’t even remember the last time I watched TV.

  • AL

    Having smart cutlery should be a lot of fun. I can’t even imagine how this happens, how they will give me signals about what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I’ll look for a video on YouTube about how it works and it’s possible that in the end I’ll decide to spend money on this technological miracle!

  • SA
    Sarah J

    WOW! Wi-Fi is ten years older than me! This one had such different names before they decided to choose Wi-Fi. I wonder why exactly such names and whether they made sense, or like Wi-Fi, it also meant nothing, but was just a set of random terms? The history of the origin of great inventions is always mysterious!

  • HA

    Imagine I was sure that the whole world was already using the Internet! I was surprised to find out that only the big half do it. Recently I watched a video about how people live in small Chinese villages, and even there every greengrocer and even beggars have a qr code by which money is transferred to them. I was incredibly impressed!

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    It never occurred to me that most of the Internet cables run underwater. It seems incredible when you imagine it. We read the article together with the child, he is 6. And now, when we have power surges and the Internet disappears, he says that it was probably a shark that bit the cable. It’s so funny! And jeans connected to the Internet, I can’t get out of my head… I’m trying to imagine what I would do if I had such.

  • MU

    The Internet has changed the way we live, work and communicate, and it’s always interesting to learn interesting facts about this complex and constantly evolving technology. The Internet has come a long way from its humble beginnings to its current state as a global network.
    One of the most interesting facts about the Internet is the concept of a “network of networks”. It refers to how the Internet is made up of interconnected networks that allow information to be transferred around the world in a matter of seconds.
    Another fun fact is that the first website was launched in 1991 and was used to provide information about the World Wide Web project. It consisted of basic text and images and was a far cry from the complex and visually stunning websites we have today.
    The Internet has also had a profound impact on how we communicate, allowing us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, in real time. It has revolutionized the way we interact with each other and made it easier to stay in touch with friends and family even when we are far apart.
    One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to an interconnected network of physical devices, vehicles, household appliances, and other items equipped with electronics, software, and sensors. It has the potential to change the way we live and work in countless ways.

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    Hi, Can I get good internet at 28 N Pineview Drive, Gillette, Wyoming. At the moment, we have Century Link and Verizon and it’s very poor. Thanks

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    kenneth e fuller

    Thanks for the interesting fun facts.

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    Terri Sandefur

    Can I get internet at O’Connell’s Jellystone park in Amboy IL. I don’t need it from November thru March. They shut down the park. But I do need internet the rest of the year.
    Alot of people are looking for internet out there. They only offer Jabba and it’s not good.

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