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How to Turn Digital TV to Smart TV

How to Turn Digital TV to Smart TV

At a time when everyone is rushing to install a home Internet solution, having a smart TV helps you make the most of your installation. With it, you can stream movies from platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Unfortunately, the majority of homes are still stuck on digital TVs. If you are one of the millions of people still using digital TVs, here are some tips to make it a Smart TV.

But first, let us learn a little bit about smart TVs.

What is a smart TV?

The main difference between a smart TV and a not-so-smart TV is the ability to connect to the Internet. Smart TVs feature Wi-Fi capability and may also have an Ethernet port where you plug in the LAN cable with Internet access.

Whereas Wi-Fi may serve you with sufficient speeds, sometimes you may need to hardwire your connection for more stability. The idea is to make sure that videos stream without the regular and annoying buffing if you can get 4K Ultra HD, the better.

Apart from accessing streaming apps and services, smart TVs can also allow you to browse the Internet. To do so, they feature certain built-in and downloadable browsers. However, you may want to keep off this feature as it may turn out frustrating and hard to navigate.

Each smart TV features an operating system as determined by its manufacturer. Some of the most popular operating systems include WebOS, Android TV, Roku OS, Amazon Fire TV, and Tizen. Each of these OSes has its ups and downs.

The manner in which commands are sent to smart TVs is a crucial factor. Most of these TVs feature Voice Search capability to make them simple to use. Thanks to Voice Search, you can have simplified navigation. All that you do is to inform the TV what you want to be done, and that's it! However, exercise some patience when doing so.

Two effective ways to have a Smart TV

If you do not have a plan to buy a Smart TV, here is a simple way to make one out of your digital TV.

  1. Google Chromecast

 Google Chromecast is the most popular way to turn regular TV into a smart one. The increasing popularity is due to its favorable pricing, appealing design, and portability. In addition, it has straightforward installation steps. Because many people have it, you can get quick help online in case you feel stuck.

  1. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick directly plugs into your HDMI from which you follow the installation steps, as shown on the screen. Click through with the accompanying remote controller, and you are good to go. The device delivers HDR and 4K quality videos. It also responds in a more appealing manner.

  1. Apple TV Box

A streaming device for those who are ready to dig deeper into their budget. If you are a fan of Apple products, then that does not come as a surprise. Similar to Roku, it supports 4K videos. The main selling point for Apple TV is its parent company.

These are not the only streaming devices available in the market. However, they are the most popular based on their sales figures. Carefully read the reviews of any of these before investing in your preferred choice.

As you contact Nomad Internet to install your home Internet connection, be sure to turn your digital TV into a smart TV for an enjoyable experience.

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