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How Rural Farmers can Leverage the Internet to reach New Customers

How Rural Farmers can Leverage the Internet to reach New Customers

High-speed Internet can impact rural farming in ways you couldn’t imagine

Agricultural communities are the backbone of the American Economy. Farmers provided over 128.3 billion dollars gross in 2021 to the American economy. 

Rural America is home to the vast majority of farmers therein, making the availability and utilization of high-speed internet to rural America even more critical.

3 Ways High-Speed Internet Can Impact Rural Farming:

Precision Farming: Like highways, railways and waterways are essential to the rural farmer, to move food, fiber, and even fuel across the country, so is rural internet. With high-speed internet connectivity, farmers can access the latest farming techniques and tips like the right fertilizer to use, making their farming activities more economical, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Agri-Commerce: High-speed internet is also integral to operating a successful business in this day and age. And that applies to agriculture too. Farmers can follow market trends, gain access to larger markets, and communicate with current and new customers almost instantly, making their businesses more modern and profitable.

Quality of Life: Everybody needs access to social, economic, commercial, and educational infrastructure, especially rural farmers. Thanks to high-speed internet connectivity, access to these essentials are significantly more effortless and key to improving the quality of life in rural areas.

With high-speed internet increasingly available in rural areas, rural farmers stand a better chance of expanding their businesses and breaking into new marketplaces.

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7 Ways For Rural Farmers To Reach More Customers:

Identifying Customers: utilizing rural internet, farmers can pinpoint their best customers and identify potential new markets to break into. In 

Standing Out: every business has to have its unique selling position. With rural internet, farmers can discover what makes their product or service unique and communicate it to existing customers and new ones.

Branding: In today’s market, branding goes a long way in ensuring a successful business. With high-speed internet, resources are available for farmers to create personalized logos, signs, and other commercial materials, making it easier to reach new customers.

Getting a Website: Every business owner right now needs to be technologically savvy. Also, every business with intentions to grow and break into new markets needs a website to display goods and services a lot more easily.

Better Advertising: With rural internet, farmers stand a better chance of getting their stuff out there. It is easier to advertise crops and even facilities on the internet, reaching more customers and keeping old ones updated.

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Happy customers are a great way to advertise because they tell just about anyone how great your product is. With high-speed internet connectivity, farmers can provide more hands-on customer service to existing customers, keeping them happy and returning for more.

Live Streaming: The New York Times reports that rural farmers are turning to create online content in the search for more creative ways to improve customer acquisition and retention. Step in Live streaming.

These “farmer influencers,” such as one Morgan Gold from Vermont, record videos of their lives maintaining their farms and taking care of their animals.

Gold, who owns a duck farm and earns money selling poultry and eggs, has found that producing a steady stream of YouTube content can net him eight times the monthly revenue than farming for the same period. Playing off of the quirky personalities of his sheepdog and abnormally huge duck and highlighting mishaps that slow his farm’s progress, Gold is capitalizing on our current dark moment.

Farmer taking slefie with goats

The world population is estimated to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, requiring an almost 75 percent increase in food production across the globe. This scary statistic makes farmers even more important.

The internet is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity, essential to modern agriculture and farmers, especially those in rural areas of America. With access to high-speed internet, better marketing techniques will ensure a steady stream of customers, and eco-friendly farming techniques will provide a greater yield.

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    Today, the Internet benefits all users, including rural ones. And the main directions that any rural farmer can use are listed in this article. This includes direct communication with customers, and the development of your own brand, and even the creation of entertainment content that can not only attract customers, but also become an independent profitable business line. And all these benefits become possible when connected to high-speed Internet.

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    I found this article on how rural farmers can use the internet to reach new customers to be both interesting and informative. The author did a great job of outlining the benefits of using the internet to market and sell products, from reaching a wider audience to reducing marketing costs. I particularly appreciated the section on social media and how it can be used to build a loyal customer base. The author also provided some helpful tips on how to get started with online marketing, including creating a website and using email marketing. As someone who is interested in supporting local farmers, I think it’s great that the internet is making it easier for them to connect with customers and grow their businesses. Overall, I found this article to be a valuable resource for anyone in the farming community who is looking to expand their reach and leverage the power of the internet.

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    Alexandra Yakovleva

    This is my favorite topic, in which I am ready to admire the possibilities of the Internet endlessly! My story began with a simple idea to grow clean food for myself and take the surplus to the local market for sale. But thanks to the Internet, I am now not just a villager with a couple of green beds, but a rural entrepreneur who accepts individual orders from urban residents for their healthy foods for their nutrition.

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    The internet has the potential to greatly benefit small business owners, including rural farmers, by providing access to new markets and customers. However, while the internet may offer new opportunities, it also presents new challenges and requires a different set of skills and knowledge. It’s crucial for rural farmers to understand the limitations and opportunities of leveraging the internet for their business and to be proactive in seeking the support and resources needed to succeed in a digital marketplace. Additionally, it’s essential for rural communities to have access to reliable and affordable internet infrastructure to fully realize the benefits of the digital economy. By working together and taking a strategic approach, rural farmers can leverage the internet to reach new customers, grow their businesses, and support the rural economy.

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