Earn Effortlessly with New Beacon Share - You Can Earn $50 Upfront & $10/mo with Beacon Share

Earn Effortlessly with New Beacon Share - You Can Earn $50 Upfront & $10/mo with Beacon Share

We are excited to share our newest platform, Beacon Share. This comprehensive platform is designed to enhance opportunities for affiliates like you, created with your needs and feedback in mind for seamless integration into your creative process.

With Beacon Share, your earnings have now doubled as you will now earn $50 upfront on each sale and a whooping $10/mo recurring lifetime commissions!

With Beacon Share, you will be given a Nomad Beacon to use anywhere. This Nomad Beacon, unique to you, can be scanned by visitors at any time, automatically tagging them as your customer for LIFE, enabling you to earn recurring lifetime commissions, regardless of where they travel in the USA. Nomad handles all work, including payment, shipping, account activation, and providing unlimited internet service, support, and billing for each of your customers!

User-Friendly Scanning: Effortless process for customers.

Instant Customer Linking: Scans tag customers to your account.

Wide Modem Selection: Customers choose their preferred modem.

Lifetime Income: Earn $50 one-time plus $10 monthly commissions.


Step-by-Step Guide


  • Click 'Register' in the top-right corner.
  • Follow the prompts to choose a membership plan, using the Nomad Internet Affiliate as an example. Note: Each membership has specific requirements for acceptance.


Setting Up Your Profile:

  • Complete the requested details on the registration page and submit your information.


Payment Setup:

  • Click on the 'Affiliate Panel' from your dashboard.
  • Select 'Payment Details' from the right-hand side menu.
  • Fill in your payment information accurately and save your details.

Please note: The minimum withdrawal amount for Beacon Share is $100. You must have a balance of $100 or greater in your Beacon Share account to be eligible for a payout.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure all information provided during registration and setup is true and correct.

  • Familiarize yourself with the platform by exploring different tabs and settings.

  • For any technical issues or questions, refer to our FAQ section contact our support team at creator@nomadinternet.com, or chat with us via online chat.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to maximize your experience with Beacon Share. Welcome to Beacon Share! We look forward to supporting your journey!


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