A Complete Guide to Renting a Modem with Nomad’s Flex Pay

A Complete Guide to Renting a Modem with Nomad’s Flex Pay

As a Nomad, you’re never in one place for long! The problem is, when you’re settling down to live somewhere, it can be hard to commit to a bunch of internet equipment when you’re not sure you’ll be in the same place next year.

And as a Nomad, you’ll probably be somewhere rural that’s lacking as far as accessible internet goes. The good news is, Nomad Internet was made with Nomads like you in mind! We understand that committing to large purchases is super intimidating - which is why we have an exciting new announcement to let you in on!

Say hello to Nomad Flex Pay! Nomad Flex Pay is a monthly fee that covers your modem rental for as long as you want service. 

Why did we add this payment option? Nomad Flex Pay provides extended convenience by allowing you to rent a Nomad Modem as a monthly subscription! With Nomad Flex Pay, the greatest rural Internet in the world is now affordable to everyone.

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Nomad Flex Pay is the best payment-option for free-spirits like yourself. 

One Simple Monthly Subscription = A Lifetime of Savings.

Believe it or not, this subscription model won’t leave you in the dust when confusion, questions, or concerns come up! Unlike traditional subscriptions, you don’t just gain access to our product - you get access to the entire Nomad Team and Servicing department. 

Nomad Flex Pay is All-Inclusive. This single subscription takes care of everything for your Nomad Modem including setup, admin, and unlimited tech support. We have your back with any tech troubles or questions you may have at any point during your subscription.

The best part is, you're not just renting a Flex Pay Modem - you're investing in hassle-free rural Internet service!


Still not sure? Try our 14 day money back guarantee with Nomad Flex Pay at No Charge!

Never been with Nomad before? We get it, trusting internet providers can be super stretchy. Instead of going back and forth before committing, why don’t you try our Modem at no charge? Yep, you heard that right! At Nomad Internet, we want to make sure our internet service is a great fit before you partner with us.

Try our Flex Pay Modem for 14 whole days! Not the right Modem for you? Send it back with our no risk free trial!


No Installation, No Setup, No Hassle.

Internet providers have quite the reputation. We know, there’s nothing more frustrating than expecting fast, reliable internet with an easy set-up and instead getting a nightmare-like set up process.

We get it! Our Flex Pay Modems allow for easy self-install and activates in less than 60 seconds! Your Nomad Modem kit arrives with everything you need including your Nomad Internet Service, and Nomad Modem with a built-in WiFi router and power cable.

You’ll be shocked by how quickly you can scroll the gram, binge watch your favorite show, or freelance through the working day from the most remote spots in the world.


Nomad Flex Pay Has No Contracts, Period.

The word “subscription” might bring goosebumps to your skin. Same here! We’ve all had that gym “subscription” that’s supposed to be a hassle free cancellation process. Low and behold, you end up in a back and forth fight canceling due to a sneaky contract with hidden time-lines and criteria in order to cancel.

Not around here, folks! We want you to feel confident with your Flex Pay Modem. At Nomad, we’d never want a customer to hold-out with our internet due to a contract. This is why we’ve made our Flex Pay Subscription with absolutely no contracts or hidden agreements!


Real ID and Verification for Safe Shopping

Ready to get the ball rolling? We’re excited for you to try our Modem! Nomad Flex Pay helps protect your payment information by verifying your Identity. Nomad Flex Pay allows you to shop with confidence using secure, scalable, and automated ID verification!

We protect your account from fraud and unauthorized access by using facial biometrics and a photo ID. What does the process look like? It’s super simple! Identity Verification takes a few minutes and only needs to be approved one time.

Congrats, Nomads! Together, we’re on our way to a modern Modem installation experience. We’re so excited to hear your thoughts and see your journey with your brand new Nomad Flex Pay Modem!

Remember, we’re always available. Reach out if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to partner with you to solve your internet needs, no matter where you live this year.

-Team Nomad

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