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All That You Need to Know About VPN

All That You Need to Know About VPN

Accessing the Internet on the go or from the comfort of your rural home is an important requirement by the Digital Nomad. Even more important is the understanding that you can browse the web safely. The last thing you want is someone or an organization keeping track of your activities online. That is where a VPN comes in.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is billed as one of the most effective ways to safeguard your data privacy. As you plan on installing one, it is crucial that you first get all the relevant information. Here is a look at all you need to know about a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network refers to software created to enforce user’s privacy and anonymity on the Internet. All your Internet traffic goes through this software for all requests and responses. This is the most effective way to go around censorship as well as geo-restricted websites/applications.

If there are certain online games, website content, or video streaming services that are not available in your geographical location, you can use a VPN to circumvent the restrictions.

If you have ever heard a technical conversation around the topic of a VPN, you may have come across the following terms:

  • VPN Service – The entity that powers the VPN network. VPN service is typically offered as a subscription model and may include access to VPN apps (although not a guarantee).
  • VPN Client – Also called VPN app, this is software that you install on your computer in order to use VPN.

How does VPN work?

Without being overly technical, the operation of a VPN is such that it masks your IP address and routes your network traffic such that it appears to be coming from a different location. The data goes through a protected tunnel that allows you to access anything on the Internet. In so doing, you benefit from increased anonymity as well as secure Internet browsing.

Location selection in a VPN can be manual or automatic. Whichever the case, you get to create the perception that you are from a given region when, in reality, you are not. Any tracing attempt leads to a false location pin.

When you use a VPN, the much that your ISP can see is that you are connected to the VPN and nothing else. Even though the apps you use can tell you are on a VPN, all that they see are random IP addresses, making it hard for them to build your online profile.

Benefits of a VPN

Most people choose a VPN when seeking the following benefits:

  • Anonymously surf the Internet
  • Access geo-fenced data like streaming services and websites
  • Keep off spies from your Internet connection
  • Stream media and get torrents more privately
  • Change your IP address to a certain location without traveling
  • Keep off hackers from your systems

Internet speeds and VPN

Whereas VPNs have the benefit of increasing your privacy and security, they have the drawback of slowing your Internet speeds. The slow connection is as a result of the layer that the VPN creates between you and the Internet. That forces you to make a tradeoff between speed and security. Depending on your preferences, some people may consider security to be more important while others prioritize speed.

  • PA

    Although VPNs can provide added privacy and security, they can also have the downside of reducing your internet speed. This is due to the extra layer of encryption that the VPN adds between your device and the internet. As a result, you may need to balance your priorities between security and speed. While some users may value security over speed, others may prioritize faster internet connections.

  • PA

    My friend suggested using VPN to bypass geographical content restrictions, and I’ve been using it ever since without much thought. However, reading this article was eye-opening as it explained how VPN works and the additional benefits of using it. I found the article to be engaging and informative.

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    I would say that VPN brings not only practical benefits, but also some kind of psychological support. After all, we are always and everywhere under surveillance. In a supermarket, in a restaurant, at the airport. And I want to feel invisible at least somewhere. Moreover, many people spend half a day on the Internet. On the Internet our friendship, preferences, interests and of course we want to so that no one can track it.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    Thank you for such an important article! For me it’s very relevant because I have never used VPN before and the only thing I had known was what the abbreviation stands for. I wasn’t even aware how it works. You explained the basics very thoroughly, now I can use these apps without being afraid of getting a virus. It was especially interesting for me to know about VPN client and VPN Service. Overall, the article is very informative for everyone who doesn’t understand much in this sphere.

  • ZL
    Zlatika Cherar

    When I began to face geographical restrictions on certain content that was important to me, my friend told me: “Just use VPN and everything will be fine.” And since then I have been using it, but I have not been interested in how it works, what it means in general and what other benefits can be obtained from using VPN. It was very interesting for me to learn all this from your article, you write very exciting!

  • TE
    Terry Lee Millet

    The slower Internet Speed is my issue with VPN. UNTIL they figure a way to correct the speed issue I just can’t do it.

  • TR
    Tracy McDowell

    Send it to me ok

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