8 Things To Do When Visiting America

8 Things To Do When Visiting America

America is one of the most underrated tourist destinations because it’s widely overly visited. Due to bad press and an admittedly diminishing appeal to tourists, recent years. It’s easy to think some island resort or ancient city would be a better vacation.

What if I told you could get a taste of everything in the USA. 

Here are ten destinations that make the USA worth a visit;

 The Grand Canyon, Arizona

    The magic of the grand canyon never dies. It’s the raw majesty of Mother Nature that captivates you. 

    18 miles wide, over 

    One mile deep, and 

    277 miles long. 

    The Grand Canyon National Park offers camping opportunities for tourists from all across the globe with various campsites. 

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

      Why else can you find active volcanos in the United States? Yeah, that’s right, only in Hawaii. At the same time, many people visit Hawaii for the beaches and lovebird resorts. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers a unique adventure. 

      The park has a rich history of ancient Hawaiian lore, archaeological artifacts, and captivating stories. If you’re a history buff with a love of the great outdoors, a visit to the park is a must!

      And if you’re visiting the Island for the lovebird resorts, you have to stop by this park.

      The National Mall, Washington DC

        Ok, I know at first glance, recommending you travel thousands of miles to visit a mall. But hear me out. The National Mall is an amazing two-mile green strip of land in Washington, D.C, stretching from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial. 

        The National Mall is an amazing two-mile green strip of land in Washington, D.C. that stretches from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial. The Mall is a great place to explore, filled with monuments, memorials, museums, and a world-famous art gallery. You can fill a day (or several days) visiting the attractions. It’s incredible just to be here where so much of American history has taken place.

        The Statue of Liberty, New York

          “Liberty Enlightening the World,” commonly known as The Statue of Liberty, was a gift from France to the United States commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution and the subsequent abolition of slavery. It was the symbol saying “Hi there, welcome to America” to a generation of immigrates for years. The boat ride, view, the Ellis Island experience, and its representation. It is a trip worth having. 

          Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

            What’s not to love. It is a symbol of freedom and what it means to fight and win for what you consider right and build a nation that would forever change the world. That is something worth seeing. 

            Walt Disney World: Florida

              Do you need me to explain why you should visit Disney World? Walt Disney World Resort is an entertainment and recreation center of nearly 40 square miles featuring four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom); two water adventure parks (Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon); dozens of resort hotels (24 owned and operated by Walt Disney World); 81 holes of golf on five courses; two full-service spas; Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports complex; and Disney Springs, an entertainment shopping dining complex.

              Jazz and New Orleans, Louisiana

                The music is what New Orleans will always be most famous for, and rightly so.

                The city is jam-packed with venues where you can hear Dixieland, a unique jazz style, being played. 

                Don't miss the Jazz Festival, which takes place every spring and where you'll find new and established artists alike. 

                At any time of year, the French Quarter is the best place to head if you're after bars and clubs to listen to some old standards and pick up some hot tips.

                A Cross Country Road Trip

                  Back parking or RVing across the country is something I would recommend anyone and every one find a way to do in their lifetime. The variety of cultures and number of sites to visit across your journey make a road trip across the United States unique. The only drawback would have been a consistent internet connection that would work for you although your trip. But there’s a solution for that. Nomad Internet 


                  • PA

                    This article suggests eight must-visit destinations in America. It includes the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, the National Mall in Washington DC, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Walt Disney World in Florida, Jazz and New Orleans in Louisiana, and a cross-country road trip. It also mentions Nomad Internet as a solution for maintaining a consistent internet connection during the trip.

                  • SA
                    Sarah J

                    My dream is to travel in America. It’s so big, so diverse and so beautiful that until I study it all, I won’t go to other places. Once I was with my parents at the National Mall, Washington and it’s unforgettable! I advise everyone to visit this incredible place. Country Nomad Blog always knows the best in America!

                  • AL
                    Alexandra Yakovleva

                    Yes, you’re right, it’s hardly necessary to explain why someone need to visit Walt Disney World..! This is a dream to the same extent for both children and adults. I have not been to this paradise yet, but I am obliged to give this trip to my children and I am sure that I will be no less impressed than they are. We have seen the Statue of Liberty and I confirm that these are incredible emotions that everyone should experience.

                  • RO

                    As someone who has traveled to America numerous times, I was interested to see what this article had to offer in terms of tips and advice for visitors. While some of the suggestions were fairly obvious (such as trying local cuisine and visiting iconic landmarks), there were a few unique ideas that I had not considered before, such as attending a sporting event and exploring lesser-known neighborhoods. However, I did find the article to be somewhat limited in scope, as it focused mainly on tourist activities and did not delve into some of the more nuanced aspects of American culture and society. For example, there was no mention of the country’s political climate or social issues, which can be important factors to consider when traveling to any destination. Overall, I think this article is a decent starting point for those planning a trip to America, but it should not be relied upon as the sole source of information or guidance.

                  • AN
                    Ana Rys

                    This article provides information on best places of America. It was very interesting to learn about all of them. I’m sure tourists and digital nomads will find this article very useful. Moreover, I think working while looking at Grand Canyon will boost your performance many times. Or, after visiting Walt Disney World, you will definitely feel your inspiration grow. Overall, America is something to write home about.

                  • MU

                    Visiting America as a traveler offers an array of experiences, cultural immersion, and opportunities to learn. As a digital nomad, it’s important to have a mix of both work and play during your travels. While this article provides a list of popular activities to engage in, it’s important to also consider the uniqueness of each individual and their personal interests and priorities. For example, some travelers may want to experience the local art scene, while others may prioritize outdoor activities or exploring the history and culture of the region. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the impact of tourism on the local community and environment, and to engage in responsible and sustainable tourism practices. By finding a balance between work and play, and being mindful of one’s impact, travelers can make the most of their time in America and create memorable experiences.

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