13 Weird Things on the Internet You Must See

13 Weird Things on the Internet You Must See

The Internet is a Fascinating Place!

The internet is not only an invention that has made our lives a lot easier—it’s also made life a lot more interesting. From bizarre viral videos to obscure quizzes and head-scratching optical illusions, there are so many fun things to discover. You just have to know where to look! Here are some of the best weird things on the internet to laugh at, puzzle at, and tell your friends about.

9 Weird Things on the Internet

Bouncing Cats

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ve probably witnessed them jump from a height (whether it’s a table or a tree) on more than one occasion. This site takes your jumping cat to a whole new level. It’s simply cats bouncing up and down on your screen. You can also move the cats around with your mouse or click a button to make it rain cats!


Even though the Oprah Winfrey Show has been off the air for many years now, the internet is still obsessing over the reactions of audience members when they realized Oprah was about to do an extravagant giveaway. The Beesbeesbees site is proof that the phenomenon is nowhere close to dead. It’s a video on a loop of audience members reacting to Oprah’s giveaway—but with a twist. Rather than getting cars or luxury electronics, everyone is getting (you guessed it!) bees.

The Endless Horse

This idea and visual is incredibly simple yet perplexing. It’s simply a virtual drawing of a horse with extra-long legs. Legs that are so long, in fact, that they seem to never end. You can keep scrolling and scrolling and the horse’s legs will only keep growing.

Trash Loop

We’ve all done it at one time or another: pretended we’re an NBA star while gracefully throwing a ball of trash into a trashcan and shouting “Kobe!” Try your hand at throwing virtual trash into the wastebin on this website. Even if you make the basket, the trash will come back out and you can just keep throwing one piece of trash after another into the bucket. It’s strangely satisfying!

Trash Loop | Weird Things on The Internet | Nomad Internet

Salad Fingers Video

This bizarre creepy video is an animated creature that just may haunt you in your sleep. Even the intro music seems like something straight out of a horror movie. Be warned: you cannot unsee salad fingers!

Staggering Beauty

It’s hard to explain exactly what is enjoyable about this image. All you have to do is move your cursor and the worm-like animation will jiggle with it. The faster you move your cursor, the more intense the jiggling will become. Just be careful because if you’re sensitive to flashing lights, this may not be the website for you. But don’t worry: there are plenty of other weird things on the internet for you to see!

Automatic Checkers

If you’re a competitive person, you’ll probably find this site incredibly frustrating. This is a virtual game of checkers where all the pieces move automatically all on their own. You have no control over the outcome. It’s pretty mindless, but it can be fun to watch!

The Dividing Circles

This is probably one of the more interesting weird pages on the internet. The game starts with a single circle. Click on it and you’ll have two smaller circles. Simply keep clicking on circles to multiply them. You can purposefully divide some circles and not others to change the visual layout on the screen. The circles of various shapes and shades of green make for a makeshift piece of abstract art!

Dividing Circles | Weird Things on The Internet | Nomad Internet

The Falling Graphic

This bizarre site gives the illusion that you’re falling into oblivion. The oddly-shaped layers on the graphic change color and there’s even some ominous music in the background. Probably don’t go on this site if you’re prone to motion sickness or you’re pretty sensitive to heights.

4 Weird Internet Quizzes

The Contemplative Fruit Quiz

If you want a more interactive experience while you’re looking at weird things online, try taking some fun personality quizzes. There is truly no better place to find weird internet quizzes than BuzzFeed.

Haven’t we all at one point or another found ourselves wondering what type of fruit matches our personality or, more specifically what contemplative fruit? Well, maybe not. But this fun quiz will let you know exactly that after just a few questions. At the end, you’ll discover a silly piece of fruit with a face that will make you smile.

90’s Film Screenshot Quiz

Do you consider yourself an aficionado of all-things 90s? If so, BuzzFeed has the ultimate test for you! This screenshot quiz shows you an obscure image from a 90’s film. It’s up to you to identify the iconic movies! If you’re able to dominate, you’ll be a true 90’s cinephile!

Weird True or False

We all love learning fun facts about the crazy world we call home. This fun true or false quiz from Quote TV will teach you a series of fun facts that you can always throw out when you need to break the ice at a party or you have a lull in a conversation with a friend.

The Ice Cream/Giraffe Quiz

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t absolutely love ice cream. This fun quiz prompts you to build your dream ice cream treat and will then give you a virtual giraffe. Yep, you read that right. You’ll be shown a photo of a giraffe and find out his or her name, likes, dislikes, and even some fun facts. This may be one of the weirdest internet quizzes because it really makes no sense—but who said anything on the internet had to make sense?

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