Virtual Travel: 10 Ways to Travel the World While Stuck at Home

Virtual Travel: 10 Ways to Travel the World While Stuck at Home

COVID-19 has confined even the biggest jet-setters to the four walls of their homes 24/7. If you’re a person with intense wanderlust, you still have to get your travel fix. Luckily, there are still options for you even if you don’t feel safe jetting off to a tropical paradise. With virtual travel, you can take a tour of the world right from the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of the best virtual reality travel destinations to enjoy during quarantine.

1. Soak in the Scenic Views at Machu Picchu

Going to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World may feel very out of reach right now—but what you can do is see Machu Picchu, one of these new seven wonders thanks to the power of virtual reality! All you need to view this 360-degree 3D model immersive experience is an internet connection!

Located just Northwest of Cuzco, Peru, Machu Picchu was constructed all the way back in the 15th century. The site likely had religious significance when the Inca Empire dominated portions of South America. But after standing for a mere century, the area was abandoned, only to be re-discovered in the last century.

It would take you quite a while to see every inch of this five-mile wonder and all 150-plus buildings it encompasses, set against a rocky countryside. But with your virtual tour, you can look at every nook and cranny from the temples to the baths, the many stairs, and everything in between!

Virtual Travel to Machu Picchu | Nomad Internet

2. Get Your Spooky Senses Satisfied

If you’re a person who loves a good spooky mystery, you’ll love taking a tour of Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. There are 24,000 square feet of mystery including 10,000 windows, 160 rooms, and 52 skylights. Not only can you go through this stunning mansion room by room, but you can also interact with various objects on the interior. Simply click through the icons.

So why is the Winchester Mystery House special? Construction on the home began in 1886 and seemed to be never-ending until the owner, Sarah Winchester, passed away in 1922. Winchester was a wealthy widow, the heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. All kinds of rumors swirl around this piece of stunning architecture, as Winchester had a reputation for being a bit eccentric. Some think she was told to build the home by a psychic while others believe she was haunted by ghosts.

Are these rumors true? Do your own investigating! You’ll have to pay a small fee for a self-guided tour if you’re not already a member, but it’s well worth it!

3. Drop in on the Most Majestic Sea Creatures

If some of your favorite travel activities revolve around meeting new furry and scaley friends, you’ll love Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live streams! From the African penguins to the mesmerizing moon jellies to the absolutely adorable otters, there’s a wealth of beautiful animals to watch at all hours of the day. You can watch these creatures in their natural habitat exploring coral reefs and shallow lagoons.

If you’d like a little more information on the animals you’re observing, you can always tune in during a narrated feeding. This will give you a chance to learn a little learn about these special creatures while getting to watch them interact with the person feeding them.

4. Tour the U.K.’s Finest Natural Wonders

It’s a little more difficult to capture Mother Nature’s finest over the internet. But with a virtual reality tour, you can see the beauty of Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede, and Carlough. The National Trust manages this area in Northern Ireland, and they run the 360-degree online experience. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you may recognize parts of these sites as well as the backdrop of the iconic series. There are even sound effects to make you feel like you’re exploring the area on a U.K. expedition.

Channel Your Inner Archaeologist in Egypt | Virtual Travel | Nomad Internet

5. Channel Your Inner Archaeologist in Egypt

There are fewer attractions in the world more iconic than the pyramids. But you don’t need to brave Egypt’s most extreme temperatures to get a good look at these ancient beauties. You can take an interactive tour online! As you go through the Giza Plateau, Sphinx Temple, Khafre Pyramid, and more, you can click on icons to learn more about the royals buried there and the fascinating hieroglyphics.

This 3D rendering is made possible by the Giza Project at Harvard University. You can look into the vast amount of information available on their website to supplement your archaeological experience with even more cool facts.

6. Get Your Fine Art Fix

Everyone knows that if you’re an art-lover, you can’t do any better than the Louvre in Paris. It’s the largest and most visited art museum in the world! What once was a royal palace now holds artwork spanning 11,000 years of world history. The collection has just about everything from Egyptian antiquities to Islamic art to paintings including the magnificent Mona Lisa.

You can experience some of the Louvre’s most iconic pieces of art via the online tour. As you go on a virtual walk through the exhibits, you can click on the pieces of artwork to learn more about each one. You can also explore the gorgeous architecture of the Louvre itself!

Some more famous museums that offer a similar experience include:

  • The Vatican Museums in Rome
  • The British Museum in London
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
  • The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.
Virtual Travel to Jamaica | Nomad Internet

7. Experience a Taste of Paradise from Afar

Want something a little more than a self-guided tour on your virtual reality travel the world experience? Jamaica Inn has you covered! Every day of the week they have fun live experiences on Facebook and Instagram. You can check the complete schedule here. You can watch live music, interact with the White River Fish Sanctuary, join a mixology class, and more!

This luxurious resort will give you an authentic Jamaican vacation experience. You’ll be able to see the stunning island nature and experience a taste of the culture.

Alternative Ways To Travel Via The Internet

Thanks to the Internet, the world has become a global village. It allows us to experience more of the world and indulge our curiosity without leaving our home.

Here are three more ways to travel the world virtually:

1. Cook Meals From Other Countries

A considerable number of people travel for their love of food. They love engaging in preparing yummy dishes from cultures around the world. Whether its Chinese dishes or Indian recipes, cooking any of these brings us together as we understand the other cultures much better.

Scan the Internet for international cookbooks and fire up your kitchen. Amazon is a great place to get these. You can also order an international meal that has always lit your curiosity. Every bite of these meals makes you feel a part of the remote village in South Korea.

2.  Read Travel Blogs

Some excellent travel blogs can explain a travel experience that you feel as though you are part of the Safari. They are a great way to learn about new destinations and could provide more information than the travel guide.

Even those who already booked their flight to Mt. Kilimanjaro often start by reading blogs about the place. When they get there, they realize there is very little difference between what was learned prior.

3. Learn a New Language

The world’s beauty is captured in the many languages spoken by communities everywhere. Whether its Spanish, Italian, or Japanese, you can learn any new language from YouTube and other platforms. You no longer need to travel to the specific communities to do this.

T.V. shows and movies are also fantastic at teaching new languages. Narcos never disappointed in training a couple of Spanish words.

As dividing as they may seem, languages are a unifying force. They bring us together in more ways than imagined. Please take advantage of the power of the Internet in giving us access to free resources to learn a new language.

Book Your Virtual Travels Using Nomad Internet

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