Top 8 Gifts For Travelers

Top 8 Gifts For Travelers

The giving and receiving of gifts date back as far as ancient Rome. In those days, on the 19th of December, known as ‘Sigillaria’, they would exchange modest gifts that strengthened relationships. Today, we have birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, and many other occasions when we give and receive gifts.

I mean, who doesn’t like gifts right? I know I do.

There's a problem with giving gifts. It's hard to find the perfect gift for that friend that works remotely. I have been there. I have been a digital nomad for more than ten years, and I know how much trouble my friends and family find me a gift.

As a Digital Nomad, it’s easy to become so independent you think you have everything you need. But I’ll tell you this for free: nothing beats a useful and practical gift, especially when your lifestyle means moving around a lot and working from anywhere.

Suppose you have a friend or family member who has embraced the Nomadic way of life and is thinking of getting them a gift that they would love and appreciate. Here are some useful and fun gifts from experience. In that case, every self-respecting digital nomad will literally drool over.

8 Practical Gift Ideas For Digital Nomads

Phone Power Bank

For every digital nomad, life on the go is the only life we know. When on the road, it is easy to lose track of the battery percentage of your mobile device and when you need to make a call or connect to the internet, there isn’t enough power or you may be running low. Power banks are something every nomad should have; they are useful and incredibly handy in a tight spot.
The best power banks are not bulky but should pack enough power to recharge a device over and over again. Ideally, a power bank with a capacity of over 10,000mAh would make a fantastic gift.

Powerbank charges phone beach by sea

Laptop Power Bank

As a regular traveler, working remotely has become a way of life. I do not consider myself ready to roll if I don’t have my laptop tucked somewhere in my luggage. With my laptop, I stay connected to the internet and stay productive wherever I may find myself. A laptop power bank is an amazing gift for any remote worker; it ensures you can work from anywhere without fear of power outages.

Using a laptop power bank gives you extra battery power whenever you need to do some last-minute work, and you are running low on juice. Whether you use a Mac or Windows laptop, a portable power bank will save you a lot of stress, especially in parts of the country that experience blackouts.

Laptop Power Bank

Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

The majority of work a digital nomad does tends to be in front of a computer. And this can lead to a poor sitting posture and sharp pains in the wrists. A wrist rest is a comfortable ergonomic attachment that keeps your wrist neutral and supports your forearm. It makes it easier to maintain good posture and positioning while working at a workstation.

The best materials for a wrist rest are the foam variety because they are more comfortable and relieve pressure on your wrists, so your hand doesn’t feel heavy or numb after long periods. Gel wrist rests are also a great albeit expensive option, and they have the added advantage of cooling the wrists.
Get a digital nomad one today, and they will thank you!

Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

Water Bottle

Water is life. But what uses is water if you cannot carry it with you anywhere you go? Every traveler or digital nomad needs a reliable and good water bottle. It is necessary to lighten the load on your budget and spare the environment from more single-use and unnecessary plastic waste. Did you know that tourism and travel contribute to plastic waste in a major way? This is why one-use bottles will not get the job done.

When selecting the perfect water bottle, and there are many options, Go for durable brands with a great thermostat and the capacity to carry more than enough water.

Water bottle and cup

Air Purifier for RVers

In the US, the sale of RVs has increased in the last year. More remote workers are taking to the roads and becoming digital nomads like never before, enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere. 

An air purifier would make an amazing gift because adequate air circulation is essential in our homes and workspaces. What an air purifier does is that it pushes out the stale air and replaces it with fresher air, which is good news for people with respiratory challenges like asthma and allergies.

Experts say the RV’s indoor air is lower quality than outdoor air because it keeps circulating in the same area, creating an environment for germs to thrive. An air purifier would handle everything and improve healthy living in the home or the RV.

RV Air Purifiers

Luggage scale

Travelers are familiar with the stress of constantly packing and wondering if your bags exceed the luggage allowance. Not only is it extra hectic, you still risk paying a huge fee at the airport for excess weight in your luggage, or worse, realize that you could have even packed more and still be under the allowance margin. That’s where a luggage scale comes.

It is a simple, handheld hook scale designed for weighing luggage. This can be your briefcase, carry-on bag, or suitcase. The scales come in different designs, but the handheld is the most accurate. It is long-lasting and durable.

Luggage scale

Cloth steamers

Life on the road often means letting go of certain luxuries like top-notch dry cleaning services. This usually means that your clothes and suits would be wrinkled and unsightly after being packed in your briefcase for hours. This is why a cloth steamer is such a great and thoughtful gift.

Travel steamers are compact units that can be packed into a carry-on or duffel bag but still deliver powerful steam that will straighten out your clothes in minutes. Travel steamers also help smooth out silk dresses, business suits, and even wrinkled curtains.

There are many steamer options in the market, so it is crucial to choose based on function, size, attachments included, and durability.

Manual steamer

Reliable Internet Service Provider and Travel Router

This is the holy grail of every digital nomad. One major limitation travelers face in the US is a reliable high-speed internet connection. Spotty network coverage can cost you meetings and missed deadlines on the road, making it hard to work from anywhere. A reliable ISP and travel router is the best gift of all.

From personal experience, the best internet service provider for the digital nomad is Nomad internet. I discovered this ISP last year, and I have never looked back to date. Nomad internet collaborates with the major carrier networks to ensure you stay connected and work from anywhere, thanks to seamless 4G LTE cellular coverage.

They have a wide range of affordable packages that are easy to service, and their customer service is exceptional. Nomad Internet is truly the best gift you can give to any remote worker or a digital nomad.

man enjoying internet with nomad modem


Since life on the road can be exciting and daunting, every digital nomad will appreciate gifts and gestures that make their lives easier and more efficient. So most gifts would be well appreciated.

Of course, there are many more thoughtful and exciting gifts you can give that friend or family member that is a digital nomad, and heavens know, we need all the gifts we can get. But these 8 are essentials that will improve a digital nomad's efficiency and life quality.

Digital nomad's efficiency and life quality
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