Stay Ahead, Stay Connected: Nomad FlexPay Protect Makes Rural Internet Fast, Flexible, and Future-Proof

Stay Ahead, Stay Connected: Nomad FlexPay Protect Makes Rural Internet Fast, Flexible, and Future-Proof

Welcome to Nomad FlexPay Protect, the future of internet service that blends accessibility with the forefront of technology. Here's how we ensure you're always connected, without any hassle or worry.

Now, for just $9/mo, get your Nomad Modem with FlexPay Protect and unlock the best internet benefits on the planet - all included free!

In addition to your Nomad Modem, Nomad FlexPay Protect provides the following benefits, all free!


Zero Impact on Your Credit Score & High Approval Rates

  • Worry-Free Application, Happy Connections: Our application process is designed with you in mind. Not only does it have zero impact on your credit score, but our extremely high approval rates mean starting your Nomad FlexPay Protect experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.


Life-Time Ownership Equipment Protection

  • Gear Up for Life: We're not just about getting you the best modem today; we're about keeping it in top condition. Our Life-Time Ownership Equipment Protection is our promise that your essential internet equipment is covered, come what may.


Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Digital Life, fortified: Jump online with confidence, thanks to our enterprise-grade security measures. From advanced encryption to guest WiFi and VPN support, we've got your back, ensuring your online activities are shielded from any threats.


Priority Tech Support and 24/7 Equipment Monitoring

  • Always There for You: Any time of day, any day of the week, our Priority Tech Support and 24/7 equipment monitoring ensure that help is always on hand. It's about giving you peace of mind that your internet experience will be smooth, uninterrupted, and supported.


3-Year Price Guarantee

  • Stability Meets Flexibility: In a rapidly changing world, our 3-Year Price Guarantee offers a rare constant. Lock in your rate and enjoy the freedom of knowing exactly what your premium internet service will cost long term.


Cloud-Based App Control

  • Tech at Your Fingertips: With our intuitive cloud-based app, managing your modem and internet settings has never been easier. From optimizing placement to streamlining the installation process, control is literally in the palm of your hand.


Why Choose Nomad FlexPay Protect?

Opting for Nomad FlexPay Protect means stepping into a service that’s designed around your needs, today and tomorrow. With the promise of keeping your internet service cutting-edge, combined with easy access and comprehensive support, we’re not just offering an internet connection; we’re providing a gateway to the future.

Join us at Nomad FlexPay Protect, and let’s move forward together

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