Some Changes That'll Make a Big Difference in A RVer

Some Changes That'll Make a Big Difference in A RVer

Living as a RVer remains a dream for most people. As appealing as the lifestyle maybe, some do not make the most of it. You can adopt a couple of changes to your RVer lifestyle that would end up making a significant difference.

Follow these tips to learn how best you can improve your RV adventure:

#1: Create a to-do list

Most digital Nomads hit the road without clearly knowing what they are going to do. Instead of setting out on the adventure blindly, it would be of great help if you were first pre-planned. Begin by creating a simple to-do list, without making it too overwhelming.

Each person's to-do list is unique, as determined by your preferences. Some people may write down this plan on paper while others prefer using a mobile application. If you choose to go the old school way, make sure that you safely keep the writing lest you lose it and get confused. However, the most preferred way to create a to-do list is to use the preferred app.

One app that you may find appealing is Microsoft To-Do. You can use it to pre-plan several days, weeks, or months ahead. When you complete an adventure, archive it by ticking the checkbox. Since completed tasks are not deleted, you can always relive your days by going through what you archived. Furthermore, you can synchronize the to-do list across your devices by signing in with your Microsoft account.

#2: Optimize your storage

Living in an RV may be fun, but it does not equate to residing in your home, where you have massive space to use for anything. The storage in an RV is limited, making it necessary to develop strategies for squeezing the most out of it.  

Here are some tips you can follow to optimize your storage:

  • Pick a shoe bag and drop in a couple of items like creams, spray bottles, lint brushes, rags, hair combs, among others.
  • Add a tension bar in your RV bathroom for holding towels. You may also consider mounting about 8-feet long clothesline for drying the towel.
  • Use hooks and towel grommets to hold a couple of clothes, towels, and jackets
  • Always remove dirty shoes before getting inside the RV

#3: Get smarter on cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in the RV is as important as setting out on this adventure. When it comes to the dishes, you may want to find a way to save on water and time while doing them. For instance, you could use a Bounty paper towel that some Rvers claim it helps with their cleaning. Available in a local grocery store or drug store, the product gets rid of all streaks when used mainly on pans, pots, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, stovetops, and countertops.

When it comes to cleaning your RV window screen, consider using a lint roller. Cleaning the screens may seem challenging to do when all you want is to have fun, but this is an avoidable task. A lint roller not only simplifies this task but may also help in removing hair dog off your cushions.

#4: Breathe fresh life into your approaches to food

Do not just haphazardly handle your food. If you are worried about bugs and flies landing on your food that regularly lies on the table, get PicnicPal. PicnicPal is a small protective tent meant to store your food in the short term.

For those who love grilling, you don't need to do so with a mess. You may buy grill mats coated with fiberglass to simplify your grilling.

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