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9 Ways to Connect Virtually with Friends and Family

9 Ways to Connect Virtually with Friends and Family

Even though we’d all love to be around our friends and family regularly, that’s just not reality for many people. Loved ones move out of our city, state, and sometimes even our country—not to mention, we’re all busy with work and other commitments. Technology makes it easier to connect, but sometimes you want online activities for friends and family that are a little more creative.

Things to do Online with Friends

Here are some of the best things to do online with friends and family!

1. Watch Movies Together from Afar

Rather than going to the theater and spending an exorbitant amount of money on tickets and snacks, why not save some money and have just as much fun by watching a movie together virtually? You’ll have a greater movie selection and you’ll be in the comfort of your own home which means you can curl up with as many pillows and blankets as you’d like.

Many streaming services like Amazon and Hulu have added a feature with watching together while apart in mind. You can also add the Google extension Teleparty. Any of these will allow you to watch the movie in sync while still maintaining a video chat so you can react together, share theories, or narrate your favorite movies. Go through classics or hidden-gem indie films and discuss them afterward or just enjoy a good laugh.

2. Host Happy Hours

This one’s pretty straightforward. Instead of drinking alone, drink together while you’re apart. Everyone can pour their favorite drink that they have on hand and talk about the day or the week. This is a great way to unwind and connect with loved ones. You could also make things extra interesting by making it a virtual happy hour with trivia, a costume party, or even a talent show.

3. Bring Out Your Inner Bob Ross

Even the younger generation has caught on to Bob Ross’s impressive legacy. His positive spirit and amazing painting skills are entertaining and educational. Enjoy Bob Ross’s talents and try your own hands at painting by putting on a video and all trying to emulate Bob’s happy little trees on canvas in your own homes. Download the Airtime app to watch a Bob Ross video on YouTube together. You could also turn the activity into a little friendly competition and rank the final results.

4. Have Your Own Cooking Show

You’re all going to have to cook dinner no matter what—why not do it together while video chatting? It’s extra fun if you can all choose a recipe you’d all like to try so you can make the same thing. You can go through the process together, compare the results, and enjoy the meal together virtually. You could also make it an educational experience where a different person chooses a recipe each week and teaches the others to make it virtually. This is also a great way to share family recipes and ensure the traditions are passed down to future generations.

If you want to get even more elaborate, you could also play your own version of the Food Network show Chopped. Have each participating member select a few ingredients that are non-perishable to ship to another person. Everyone opens their box live over video chat and has to make a delicious meal from these ingredients and whatever they have on hand.

5. Play a Virtual Game

Take your game nights virtual! There are so many games you can play with loved ones long-distance online. There are word games like Words with Friends or Word Scatter, strategy games like the online Ticket to Ride or Among Us, or trivia games like SongPop2 or Trivia Royale. There are so many ways to play online games from computers to PlayStations to your mobile device. There are also apps like Houseparty that allow you to video chat and play games within the app.

6. Get in Shape Together

We could all use a little extra motivation when it comes to fitness. Stay accountable with your loved ones and enjoy your workouts by working out remotely together. You could look for a virtual workout class or follow YouTube videos with a workout routine. Have a different person choose the workout every week to shake things up. No need to have any fancy equipment on hand. There are plenty of equipment-free, home-friendly workouts online.

7. Start a Book Club

If your family or friend group is full of avid readers, starting a book club could be an exciting and even educational experience. You could choose one book a month, a week, or twice a month depending on the speed of your readers. Choose a theme for your book club and select your own books or if you have a hard time making decisions, you can always go with the selections of a larger book club like Oprah’s or Lit Hub’s. All you need is access to books and a discussion portion of your virtual hangouts. If you’re stumped on what to talk about, you can always look for questions about the book online to start a conversation.

8. Have a Virtual Storytime

Another way to enjoy a good book with your loved ones virtually is by reading together. Everyone can share an excerpt from a great book they’re currently reading. You don’t have to limit story time to books either. Read poems, essays, or even articles you’ve found interesting. If your friends or family have a flair for drama, it makes storytime extra interesting!

9. Dance the Night Away Together

Virtual concerts have become incredibly common during the COVID-19 pandemic. But hearing your favorite songs is so much more fun when you can dance and sing with others. Attend a live stream concert with your loved ones. There’s nothing more enjoyable than singing off-key and not worrying how ridiculous you might look dancing. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about traveling to see the concert of your dreams.

Enjoy Things to Do Online with Friends and Family Using Nomad Internet

If you want to continue to strengthen your relationships with loved ones even from afar, you need a strong internet connection. Like your strongest relationships, Nomad Internet will not let you down. Whether you’re gaming, video chatting, or doing other online activities with friends, we’ve got your back so you can spend more time interacting with loved ones and less time checking your connection.

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