Nomad Internet will become the largest National Rural WISP in America

Nomad Internet will become the largest National Rural WISP in America

We are excited to share some news!

Nomad Internet is America's largest WISP focused on providing wireless High-Speed Internet to rural communities all over the country! We do this by providing high-speed wireless Internet access directly to your home, business and even while traveling!

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The country’s regional WISPs have been helping provide Americans with Rural Internet for a long time. Many regional WISP’s have existed long before Nomad Internet, and we respect the commitment they have made in helping rural communities get High-Speed Internet.

In many ways, WISPs are like silent heroes. They have been helping small and rural towns receive High-Speed Internet for over two decades!

While regional WISPs have the strength of the local communities, Nomad Internet brings the strength of our National brand, as well as our direct relationships with cellular providers and the best certified 5G and 4G Modems money can buy.

We are excited to announce our new wireless rural internet plans, focused around “what” you need the Internet for. We know that when you live in a rural area, what you do, and having uninterrupted, reliable service is what matters most.

Our new plans will launch on the website and through our mobile app ( on January 5th, 2023!


High-speed, low-latency wireless broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the USA. $110/mo with a one-time Nomad Air Modem cost of $399.


High-speed, low-latency wireless broadband internet to remote and rural businesses across the USA. $450/mo with a one-time Nomad Raptor Modem cost of $799.


High-speed, low-latency wireless internet on an as-needed basis at any destination where Nomad Internet provides active coverage. $130/mo with a one-time Nomad Air Modem of $399.

All our new plans include our new low-latency service, which is made possible through the Nomad Air and Raptor Modems’ advanced high-power directional antennas that extend the reach of cellular networks, while also supporting C-Band 5G sub-6GHz and 4G LTE fallback, for the perfect balance of network coverage and performance.

Nomad Internet’s plans offer unlimited data over the new C-Band 5G sub-6GHz! Additionally, the Nomad Residential and Travel Plans will have 300GB a month of 4G/5G of back-up LTE data for anyone that does not yet have access to the new C-Band spectrum! 

And, the Nomad Business Plan will provide 600GB a month of 4G/5G of back-up LTE data!

nomad raptor 5G

One last thing…..

Many of our customers can use the Nomad Air and Raptor self-install modems. But, we know that there are many out there that live in “extended areas” and you need help getting a stronger wireless signal.

Next month, Nomad Internet will be  launching a new “Professionally Installed” modem that uses high-gain directional antennas to extend the reach of carrier networks, providing 5G fixed wireless access (along with 4G LTE fallback at LTE CAT-22 speeds*) to serve rural customers in more places.

Nomad Internet will join forces with WISP’s all over the country to help install our new modem! 

We encourage all WISPs in the country to reach out to us directly at! We would love to partner with you to provide installations of Nomad Modems in your local community. 

We know WISPs want to provide the best rural internet on the planet!

Thank you, Team Nomad

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