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Nomad Internet Review: Is 200 Mbps Speed Possible?

Nomad Internet Review: Is 200 Mbps Speed Possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Getting a 200 mbps internet speed, which was once a pipedream, is now entirely possible.  

How? Well, with a C-Band internet device that Nomad Internet provides, which runs on the C-Band spectrum technology that has been in the works for the past few years. Now, it’s in the market, with Nomad Internet being one of the frontrunners in providing it in the United States of America.  

The technology itself opens endless possibilities, especially for wireless home internet. This works in as few words as possible because Nomad uses cell towers to provide wireless internet. So, no more wiring and old traditional.  

What’s special is that you can carry your internet router anywhere in the United States and get lightning-fast speed.


How Fast is Nomad Internet?  

The C-band technology that Nomad Internet uses is actually the fastest one. To put this into perspective, there's 4G, then 5G, and 5G Ultra-Wide, which is actually the C-band. The C-band is the piece of the spectrum between 3.7 and 3.98 GHz with which you can achieve 200 Mbps internet speed wirelessly.  

Nomad Internet uses advanced, high-tech C-Band integrated modems that can be used at home. If you are a traveler or a digital nomad and want to use the internet on the go, please check out our accessories page. We have all that you need to make your journey smooth.


The Internet Plans – Is Nomad Internet Unlimited? 

The internet plans are actually unlimited—no throttling, no contracts. The base plan, Nomad Unlimited, provides 100 Mbps internet speed and costs $99.95. If you refer five friends to Nomad Internet’s services, you’ll get $10 off per friend for the first month, and they'll get a discount when you invite them as well.  

Another plan is the Nomad Unlimited Ultra, which is twice as fast and provides 200 Mbps speed. It starts at $149.95, and again, you can refer friends and get discounts.


The Nomad Internet Speed Test – Is Nomad Internet Trustworthy?  

So, to depict this in an authentic manner, we would quote the speed test of the YouTuber that goes by the channel name “BeatTheBush”.  

He says, “On my trial of Nomad Internet and its speed test, I went to a place called the Hidden Cafe, which is in Berkeley and it’s outside in the field where you have no Wi-Fi access. You have to sit really close to a cafe in order to get a Wi-Fi connection. So, I was sitting with a couple of friends and I’m like hey I brought this Nomad Internet Router with me to try out and sure enough it actually worked. At that time, I got 185 megabits per second of download speed and 18 megabits per second of upload speed. So, it was actually really awesome. I was able to sit on a bench in the middle of the field and everyone was able to connect the Wi-Fi just fine.

Watch His Full Review Here:


Nomad Internet Coverage Map  

It covers the entire United States. We are an authorized internet provider, and our coverage partner aligns with major national networks. When you view the coverage map, you'll clearly understand our coverage. Combining our coverage with our partner's, we offer coverage across the entire United States.


Nomad Internet Google Reviews and More  

The verified Google reviews and reviews of Nomad Internet on other platforms, such as CNET and, show its trustworthiness. If you are interested in reading these reviews more in-depth, do so here.


So, Is Nomad Internet Worth It?  

Totally worth it. You might not be aware of it, but Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi routers are cheaper than other competitors. At the same time, you can use it at home and carry it everywhere you go.  

The routers come with a really cool portability aspect, specially designed for digital nomads, travelers, van dwellers, or people who are really just mobile all the time.  

Therefore, it can prove to be the next valuable thing you are looking for.

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