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Nomad Internet resolves lawsuit with State of Texas with No-Fault Agreement

Nomad Internet resolves lawsuit with State of Texas with No-Fault Agreement
Nomad Internet, the nation’s largest wireless internet service provider of high-speed internet for rural communities, is in growth mode and continues to experience a successful trajectory, taking rural connectivity into the future with the launch of innovative technology to bridge the digital divide in America.

Nomad Internet also recently executed a no-fault agreement with the state of Texas in response to a lawsuit brought by the Office of the Attorney General. Nomad Internet has adamantly denied the accusations in the lawsuit and continues to do so. In light of the no-fault agreement, Nomad Internet has reaffirmed its commitment to expand efforts to bridge the digital divide in America with cutting-edge, customer-centric tech products.


“Nomad Internet remains dedicated to the future and our mission of bringing rural communities reliable access to the Internet,” said Jessica Garza, Chief Operating Officer of Nomad Internet. “We are pleased to put this distraction behind us. Now that it has been resolved on a no-fault basis, we can focus on our mission of connecting rural homes nationwide. The company is in a strong financial position, and we look forward to expanding our service options as we continue to provide innovative solutions for internet access.”


Throughout the lawsuit, Nomad Internet remained laser-focused on providing excellent customer service. The company has since expanded its partnerships and collaborations with service providers to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities, especially rural businesses.

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