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Introducing the Nomad Internet Smart Hub! Offering Same-Day Pickup!

Introducing the Nomad Air Rental Kiosk!

We are excited to announce that we have created the world’s first same-day pick-up Internet vending machine. We call it The Nomad Internet Smart Hub! 

The Nomad Smart Hub is the world’s first Internet vending machine that allows you to pick up your Same-Day Nomad Internet orders, order new Internet, and provide free local Wifi to the area!

The Nomad Internet Smart Hub allows for same-day pickup for new internet accounts! No more waiting at home for your internet to be installed! No Credit Checks. No Contracts. No Data Caps! Nomad Internet is wireless internet that is completely unlimited, uncapped, and unthrottled internet!



Every Nomad Smart Hub displays a QR Code that you can scan to activate your Nomad Air Modem after purchase so you can immediately start using it! 

Nomad Internet can be used on the go, at your home, or at your business, with speeds up to 200 Mbps with unlimited and unthrottled data!



All Nomad Smart Hubs have a built-in Nomad Air that creates a FREE Wifi hotspot at every hub location! You can run free speed tests, browse around, and enjoy free unlimited internet and unthrottled internet anywhere near the Nomad Smart Hub!

The Nomad Smart Hub lets you try before you buy! So you can see how well the internet works at that location before you purchase!



Just walk up to the Nomad Internet Vending Machine, choose the Nomad Air Modem you would like, pay with a credit card or Apple Pay, and in seconds, our vending machine will dispense you a Nomad Air ready-to-use!

Look for a Nomad Smart Hub in Travel Centers, RV Parks, Sporting Goods Stores, and more!



Want a Nomad Smart Hub near you and your community or RV Park? please visit and fill out this form -

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