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Introducing The Nomad Beacon Kit and Recurring Lifetime Commissions!

Introducing The Nomad Beacon Kit and Recurring Lifetime Commissions!

We have some exciting news to share. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Nomad Beacon Display Kit!

Does your RV Park always seem to struggle with providing reliable Wi-Fi to your guests? Or, no matter what you try, your guest Wi-Fi system always seems to frustrate guests? Are your front desk staff acting as your office manager and Wi-Fi tech support?

The Nomad Beacon Display Kit is a box that will Instantly creates a Nomad Beacon and Digital Smart Display with real-time access to the Nomad Creator Content Network to help your guest with Wi-Fi and internet issues.

Guest can use their mobile devices to scan your Nomad Beacon and be quickly signed up and sent a premium and secure hotspot specifically designed for your RV Park guests. Unlike the traditional Wi-Fi Networks that most RV Parks use, the Nomad Internet hotspots use a brand new 2023 cellular wireless technology to provide internet directly to your guests inside their RVs and anywhere they go!

The Nomad Beacon Kit provides you with Recurring Lifetime Commissions in addition to providing your local area with WiFi. Travelers can use the Nomad SmartHub to purchase a Nomad Hotspot and enjoy new Nomad Internet service anywhere they go!


Every Nomad Smart Hub is equipped with a Nomad Beacon that can be scanned by your traveler’s mobile devices anytime they need internet help! The Nomad Beacon turns your WiFi problems into Recurring Lifetime Income!

The Nomad Beacon is unique to your Nomad Smart Hub and can be scanned by your visitors any time day or night! Once a visitor has scanned your Nomad Beacon, they are automatically “tagged” as YOUR account and provide you with Recurring Lifetime Commissions! 🚀

And, since the Nomad SmartHub is always on, it even makes you money while you sleep!

What is the Nomad Creator Content Network

The Nomad Creator Content Network is a real-time feed of real-life nomad travelers all over the country who are putting Nomad Internet to the test each day and in real life! The Network focuses on real-world test on how Nomad Internet actually performs.

The Nomad Creator Content Network also provides helpful internet tips for travelers and RVers on things like how to improve their internet speed, extend battery life, and more!

The Nomad Creator Content Network is constantly updated with information that will allow your greatest to travel safely and reliably around the country!

How does the Nomad Beacon earn Recurring Lifetime Commissions?

Anyone who scans your Nomad Beacon is automatically “tagged” as YOUR account! And, since the Nomad SmartHub is always on, it even makes you money while you sleep!

Anyone who uses your Nomad Beacon will earn a one-time commission of $25 and $10 per month of commissions for the customer's account lifetime! No matter where that person travels in the USA, you will keep earning Recurring Lifetime Commissions for as long as they are a Nomad customer!

Can I upgrade to a Nomad Smart Hub?

Yes! The Nomad Smart Hub Program is an exclusive opportunity to host your own Nomad Smart Hub! The Nomad SmartHub will serve your Guests and Travelers with unlimited internet WiFi, activate new Nomad Internet customers alongside your brand, and earn Lifetime Commissions with the Nomad Beacon!

If you wish to upgrade, Please call us today at +1 210 598 5949

The Issue with RV Park Wi-Fi 

The issue with Wi-Fi Networks at RV Parks (free Wi-Fi or not), is the RV’s themselves! The wireless frequencies that Wi-Fi uses can not go through the metal RVs are made of. In fact, most Wi-Fi signals can not even go through the glass most RVs use.  

If this sounds complicated and prone to issues, that’s because it is…..and……that’s exactly why, no matter how much you spend on a Wi-Fi System for your RV Park, there will always be guests unhappy that the internet does not work correctly in their RV, or, the internet will be slow, drop them, or stop working altogether. 

Why become a Nomad Smart Hub Site?

By joining the Nomad SmartHub Program, you'll enjoy a host of incredible features and benefits:
  • Offer the local area with WiFi Internet access! Every Nomad SmartHub has a built-in WiFi Access Point to provide free WiFi!

  • Earn Recurring Lifetime Commissions: Once your Nomad SmartHub is installed, you’ll earn a $10 per month lifetime recurring commission on every customer who uses your Nomad SmartHub to sign up with Nomad Internet!
  • Resell Nomad Internet Services: Promote Nomad services to offer wireless internet access to your customers.

  • Offer Amazing Tech Support: We offer dedicated tech support to your customers, ensuring a seamless experience with Nomad services.

  • Utilize Nomad Modems and Features: Access our state-of-the-art modems and enjoy the full range of Nomad features to offer your customers the best possible service.

  • Truly Unlimited Data Plans: Your customers will love the freedom of unlimited data with our premium plans.

What are Nomad Beacon Recurring Lifetime Commissions?

Anyone who uses your Nomad SmartHub will earn you $10 per month of commissions for the customer's entire lifetime!

Our Recurring Lifetime commission enables you to earn $10 per month on your referred customers’ subscriptions EVERY month!

For example: if your Nomad SmartHub sells 50 customers you will earn $500 every month for as long as they continue to subscribe to Nomad Internet service!

How does it work?!
  • Step One: Purchase a Nomad SmartHub or Beacon at:

  • Step Two: You will receive your own Nomad SmartHub! When a customer uses your SmartHub and signs up for Nomad Internet service, we will add it to your Nomad SmartHub Account!

  • Step Three: Make $10 Per Month, Per Customer! Every month you will make $10 per month with every successful signup that has happened on your Nomad SmartHub.

  • Step Four: You can withdraw your cash automatically, or when you want! The Nomad SmartHub Program offers Real-time tracking of your commissions. Keep up every dollar you have earned with our Advanced Dashboard.


Our Nomad SmartHub Program Dashboard offers:
  • Complete Analytics: Get in-depth insights on customer activity, conversion rates, and earned commissions.

  • Lifetime Earnings: With each customer’s continued membership, you will earn $10 per month.


We're closing the connectivity gap, focusing on rural communities that are often overlooked. High-speed internet is not a luxury; it's a necessity that should be available to all.

Act Fast - It's Invite Only!

The Nomad SmartHub Program is not open to the public. We're offering this exclusive opportunity to a select few, and you're one of them! Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this groundbreaking program.

How to Join

To join the Nomad SmartHub Program, simply click on the button below and sign up today. Seize the opportunity to take your business to new heights by becoming part of the Nomad SmartHub Program.


We are incredibly excited about the potential of the Nomad SmartHub Program and can't wait to have you on board. Be among the pioneers in reshaping the future of Nomad and the Internet industry. Together, we'll reach new heights!

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to your participation in the Nomad SmartHub Program.

Warm regards,
Nomad Internet Team
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