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One of the biggest dilemmas in RV traveling involves how best to access the Internet. The challenge gets complicated when you have to work from your RV. Luckily, you can access the Internet no matter where you are, thanks to Internet Service Providers like Nomad Internet. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions customized for Rvers.

Do not forego all the adventures that lie ahead because of Internet difficulties. Enjoy the freedom to go wherever your heart desires without worrying about limited Internet access. Even though staying closer to cities gives you the advantage of seamless access, Nomad Internet promises reliable connections in rural areas.

You can consider two fundamental approaches when selecting RVer Internet solution:

Wireless Internet access for RV

The fact that you are moving around in your RV makes wireless access to the Internet more convenient. There are various ways you can set up a wireless network. One of the simplest options is to use your smartphone as a hotspot device.

Modern devices come packed with hotspot capability, enabling them to serve as wireless access points. Thus, you can load your SIM card with data and then create a hotspot from the device. As convenient as this approach is, it can also be detrimental to your phone battery power. Thus, you want to use it only in the short term.

A more desirable approach would be to use our portable Wi-Fi routers. These routers connect to the nearest cellular carriers’ cell towers, offering the most robust signal connection. You do not have to worry about access control because the routers allow you to set a secure password. Depending on the type of portable router bought, you can connect as many devices as you desire.

Satellite RV Internet

If you prefer sinking deep in the interior, you may consider satellite as your RV Internet solution. This option works well and is available everywhere since the signals project from space. The much that's required from you is to look for a clear sight of the Southern sky.

The advantage of installing satellite RV Internet is that you can also integrate TV installation and VOIP telephones as part of your connection. However, be ready to purchase extra equipment to get that.

Satellite may be a convenient way to access RV Internet, but it is not gentle on your budget. Be ready to spend anywhere from $1,300 on installation alone. The amount may be higher, depending on the satellite chosen. Furthermore, this solution may be undesired, considering its dependence on heavy hardware compared to the wireless solutions described above.

What to look for when choosing RV Internet?

Do not be in a hurry to choose the RV Internet solution. Instead, do so by considering a couple of factors as shown:

  • Network compatibility – If you choose the cellular option, make sure that your cell provides covers the region where you plan on using the hotspot.
  • Maximum devices – Understand the number of occupants on your RV and the number of devices that the portable router can support.
  • Battery life – Always go for hotspot devices that have a more extended battery capacity. That saves you from the need to charge the mobile router regularly.


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    I have a 4g/LTE Wineguard on my roof and want to know if this compatible

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    Don’t forget boaters. There are many that move up and down the east coast during the seasons and need reliable internet

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