Important Update to your Nomad Modem

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Your Nomad Modem will provide UNLIMITED and UNTHROTTLED data!

We know how important fast, reliable data is to those that live in the most rural areas!!!

………You spoke, we listened. Starting today, all Nomad Air and Nomad Raptor modems will provide UNLIMITED and UNTHROTTLED data on both 4G and 5G! Even if you do not have 5G coverage.

If you have a Nomad Modem, there is nothing you need to do. Over the next few days we will push an update to all Nomad Modems that will allow them to have UNLIMITED and UNTHROTTLED data on both 4G and 5G!

You read that right. Today we will be pushing an update to all Nomad Modems, removing the 300GB data cap as long you have a Nomad Modem!

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  • Muslim

    I read this article on nomadinternet about an important update to their Nomad modem. This article provides short but informative information about the update and its benefits, including improved connection speed and improved reliability.
    I was interested to learn about the specific technical changes that have been made to the modem and how they will positively affect users. Overall, the article was well written and informative, and made me want to learn more about the Nomad modem and other mobile internet solutions.

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