How to Enhance Your Experience with Nomad Internet Accessories

How to Enhance Your Experience with Nomad Internet Accessories

Sometimes, accessories can really enhance an experience. Think about it! That dress you wear that levels up in unexplainable ways with your favorite handbag, your favorite fishing pole that catches everything in the lake when paired with that special lure, and even Nomad Internet when paired with accessories.

Wait - what? That’s right friends, Nomad Internet has some killer accessories for people who are looking to take their experience with Nomad Internet to the next level. For adventurers who are constant travelers, van life families, hunters or campers, or even marine-enthusiasts who find themselves near water most of the time, we’ve created products and add-ons with you in mind.

Read on to see what Nomad Accessories spark your interest!


Nomad Air Travel System

The Nomad Air Travel System allows you to access high-speed Wifi Internet anywhere you go without wires! The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes a backup battery that lasts one week, and wifi internet!

  • For the rural traveler who likes to pack light.
  • For people away from power for long periods of time.


    Nomad Omega Travel System

    The Nomad Omega Travel System allows you to access high-speed Wifi Internet anywhere you go without wires! The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes up to 14-Hours of backup battery, and wifi internet!

  • For the hiker or athlete in a rural place such as the woods.
  • For the hunter or explorer away from the internet for the day.

  • Nomad Air Travel Backpack

    Take your entire Nomad Air setup anywhere; secure, reliable Wi-Fi with protective gear for safe, uninterrupted connectivity on-the-go.

  • For the people who love to walk on foot when adventure-ing.
  • For the nomad worker looking to connect to their job or business from anywhere.


    Nomad Solar Backpack

    An eco-friendly solar backpack that offers perpetual, anytime, anywhere internet connectivity creating an undying link to the online world.

  • For the people who need an eco-friendly solution.
  • For the nomad who travels light.

  • Nomad Omega and Nomad Air Car Adaptor

    Plug Nomad Omega into your vehicle's lighter outlet for on-the-move modem power with Nomad Omega Auto Power.

  • For the road-trippers.
  • For the family with kids in the car or the passenger-seat rider with work on the go.

  • Nomad Battery Pack On/Off Switch

    on of nomad switch

    Innovative switch to easily manage Nomad Modem power; external, convenient, and user friendly.

  • For the problem-solver who loves quick and easy access to solutions.
  • For the hunter, fisherman, or traveler who doesn’t have time to turn their Nomad device on and off the traditional way.

  • Nomad Omega and Nomad Air Cable to Battery Pack

    Specialized Nomad Thunderbolt cable for connecting Nomad Battery Pack with Nomad Omega. Ensures efficient energy flow!

  • For anyone with a Nomad Battery Pack and Nomad Omega or Nomad Air.
  • For the person who needs a stable connection on the road or in a rural place.

  • Nomad Battery Pack Pro

    nomad battery pack pro

    Power Nomad Modems for extended hours on-the-go; ideal for camping, van life, and continuous connectivity.

  • For nomads who love to camp and travel via van or car.
  • For the wild-spirited who never know where they might end up.

  • Nomad Battery Pack Fly

    Ensure Nomad Modems are travel-ready with the flight-friendly Nomad Battery Pack Fly— power anywhere you fly.

  • For those who find themselves in airports more often than not.
  • For those who travel via flying - and love to travel light and connected to the web.

  • Nomad Battery Pack One

    This state-of-the-art portable power station ensures off-grid power for Nomad Modems—reliable, on-the-go energy supply.

  • For people with Nomad Modems.
  • For wanderers who find themselves away from power on a regular basis.

  • Nomad Lockbox

    Portable and versatile, the Nomad case ensures secure, outdoor-safe internet gear transport. Easily mounted and mobile.

  • For nomads who are often in rain or snow.
  • For people who need a safe place to store their Nomad products.

  • Nomad Waterproof Floating Backpack

    Stay connected in any weather—beach, boat, or storm—with Nomad's robust, all weather internet access.

  • For nomads who are often in or around water and wet environments.
  • For fishmen, boat enthusiasts, and beach lovers.

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    Congrats, Nomad! You’re on your way to the adventures and places you never thought were previously possible. No matter where you find yourself next, Nomad Internet has the connection you’re looking for. Explore these products today to find one (or multiple!) that fit you and your lifestyle best. We’re always available, reach out if you have any questions on the accessories mentioned above!

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