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Is the Full-time RV Travel Lifestyle for You?

Is the Full-time RV Travel Lifestyle for You?

Are you looking for a major change in your routine? Choosing to drop your current lifestyle and switch to a full-time travel life is a major change, but it may be the exact one you need. For travel lovers and remote workers, a full-time travel lifestyle can be amazing.

But how do you know if it’s right for you? Keep reading to learn some of the signs that you’re ready to learn how to travel full-time!

Signs the Travel Life Is for You

You’re Ready to Work from Home

Although living on the road may be cheaper than most alternative housing situations, it still comes with regular expenses that require regular income.
Earning income on the road can come from multiple different sources or methods. You may consider:

  • Working your current job remotely. If your job has the opportunity to work from home, then you won’t have to worry about finding an entirely new job or career in order to travel full-time. Just be aware of certain requirements and restrictions, such as any planned in-person meetings, structured work hours, and more that may require you to have internet access or be in a certain location.
  • Working a travel-based job. Travel agents, travel bloggers, and more all make for great full-time travel work. Not only will travel be a fun pastime, but it will also bring in income as well!
  • Working a different remote job. Now, there are plenty of jobs that offer work-from-home opportunities. You may want to research remote jobs in your career field or look for a job through other methods, such as advertising yourself on Fiverr or Upwork.

You’re Prepared for a Minimalist Lifestyle

Living on the road typically requires you to live in an RV, travel trailer, or other vehicle. You won’t be able to fit as many belongings as you would be able to in a full house or apartment.

One of the first changes that you will experience when you switch to a full-time travel lifestyle is minimizing your belongings. Be prepared to get rid of things that are no longer necessary. This includes minimizing your wardrobe, downsizing on things such as books, movies, or DVDs, and getting rid of unnecessary furniture items.

You do have the option of renting out a storage unit or leaving some belongings with close family and friends. However, if you are making this a permanent switch, you may want to just donate, sell, or trash these items instead.

You’re Ready for a More Unstructured Lifestyle

One of the perks of living a full-time RV lifestyle is that you are no longer living a structured, monotonous day-to-day lifestyle. However, this can be a difficult switch for some people. No two days are going to be exactly the same, and you often won’t know what to expect for the day at all.

Your day is almost entirely up to you to structure, and if you are used to your day being scheduled out for you, you may find yourself feeling a little lost. Be prepared to lose the monotony and routine you once had!

You Know You’ll Be Far from Home

Not everyone really understands that traveling full-time means you’re no longer going to be in one place all the time. While this may seem like a fun idea, it also means that you’re going to be missing out on a lot of family celebrations, friend gatherings, and other events that you may have been used to attending.

It can feel a little lonely on the road at times. While traveling is an amazing opportunity that lets you explore the world, it also means that you may be halfway across the United States when a family member is born or when your friends get married.

You’re Crazy About Traveling

While this may seem a little redundant, one of the requirements for traveling full-time is that you love traveling. You need to love or be ready for every part of traveling. This includes being ready for the unexpected, wanting to dive into every experience you come across, and always wanting to try new things.

Traveling isn’t always just fun, and it does include a lot of trial and error, vehicle maintenance, and unexpected events like crazy weather. Traveling full-time means there’s no doubt that you’ll experience things that aren’t as fun, so you have to be committed to the lifestyle.

You’re Not That Big on Privacy

If you’re huge on privacy and you plan to travel with family members, a full-time RV lifestyle may not be for you. These vehicles tend to be cramped and privacy-lacking. You’ll hear and see just about everything that your travel companions do, which makes for both great bonding experiences and a huge adjustment.
Before you decide to head out on the road with another person, be sure that you’re ready to lose all privacy to them!

You Enjoy Change

One of the biggest components of full-time travel is constant change. When you’re traveling for your lifestyle, you’re going to experience change every day. Some days, the change will be fun, exciting, and new. Other days, this change will be a little bit harder. Change is everywhere when you travel, and it’s a great way for you to learn and grow as a person.

Become a Full-Time Traveler Today

Full-time traveling is your chance to explore the world in a way that few others get to experience. You’ll never have a dull moment and each day will be a new, exciting adventure. If after reading these seven signs you think you’re ready to travel full-time, now’s your chance to pursue it!

Once you switch to full-time travel life, you’ll need an internet plan equipped to handle your nomadic ways. Nomad Internet can provide you with internet plans that keep you connected all over the globe!

  • IL

    Seven signs to know that it’s time for you to hit the road, that RV life is right for you. Moreover, in each paragraph, not only the advantages are analyzed, but also those significant points that may seem to some to be significant disadvantages. But it is important to know about all the pitfalls in advance in order to make an informed decision and easily deal with its consequences. I would still like to see a little more attention paid to the issue of health in this article.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    We are traveling as a family. Me, my wife, my son and my dog. And about privacy, it’s the opposite. I like that we can see each other, communicate, even when I’m driving and my wife is cooking dinner. This is an amazing family atmosphere, which means a lot to me and which I missed when we worked in different companies and were constantly in different places, communicating only late at night. So being a family of digital nomads is very cool! Just try it!

  • MI

    Of course, I don’t meet all the parameters given in this article, but the most important thing for me is the thirst for change in everything. And on those days when it becomes difficult for me in something, I remember why I started a nomadic lifestyle and I’m immediately ready to learn to overcome all the troubles of life on the road for the sake of constantly changing the picture before my eyes and circumstances.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    At the moment, everything suits me except a minimalistic lifestyle. And perhaps this is the most important obstacle and the most difficult to overcome for me. I can’t imagine myself without clothes for different moods, for different images, for different weather. And I have a whole bag with care cosmetics, which is always with me. Indeed, the lifestyle of a digital nomad is not entertainment, but something that you need to learn before you become a part of it.

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    I took this article as a test to be passed by the whole family and we did it. It turned out extremely exciting! To think that the Nomad Internet provided my whole family with cultural leisure. We hesitated only at the moment that visiting family holidays would have to be sacrificed, but then we remembered how many times we just congratulated relatives online, because we were working these days and could not take a day off from the boss. And we came to the conclusion that the opportunity to see for ourselves and show the world to children is worth everything and we will not give up our idea of becoming digital nomads with the whole family!

  • MU

    As someone who has explored the world in a van, I can say that full-time van travel is a unique and fulfilling lifestyle that offers freedom, flexibility and new experiences. However, it’s not for everyone and it’s important to understand the realities of this lifestyle before making the decision to hit the road.
    One of the biggest challenges of constantly traveling in a camper is adjusting to a nomadic lifestyle and getting used to being constantly on the move. This means that you are comfortable with change, uncertainty, and the need to regularly adapt to new conditions.
    Another challenge is managing your finances, as full-time camper trips can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of fuel, maintenance, and repairs, as well as day-to-day expenses like food and entertainment. It is important to have a sound financial plan and budget, and be prepared for unexpected expenses.
    One of the most enjoyable aspects of permanent camper travel is the opportunity to explore new places and immerse yourself in the local culture. It can be a great way to break out of your comfort zone, challenge assumptions, and get a broader view of the world.
    Also, constant van travel can provide a greater sense of community and connection, as you are more likely to meet and mingle with other RV travelers and like-minded travelers along the way.
    Finally, it’s important to be aware of the physical demands of traveling full-time in a van, as it can be physically demanding, especially for those who aren’t used to driving long distances or camping regularly.

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