Dating for Single Full-Time RVers

Dating for Single Full-Time RVers

There are so many perks to being a full-time RVer— but the opportunities for dating certainly aren’t one of them. Dating when you’re constantly on the go can be pretty challenging, although it’s also not impossible. If you’re serious about finding a relationship on the road, there are places you can look. Here are some ways to navigate dating as a full-time RVer.


Be Active on Facebook Groups

While many people think of Facebook as a has-been social media platform, it continues to draw in billions of users each month of all ages. You can find Facebook groups of virtually every interest. That includes RV life and even more specifically single RV life. A few RV Facebook groups you might want to look into include:

  • RV Singles
  • 50+ Single RVers Connection (for RVers over 50)
  • Travelin’ Solo RV & Camping

Keep in mind that these groups have hundreds or even thousands of members. It’s easy to get lost in the virtual crowd. If you want to make strong connections that have the potential to turn into romantic ones, you’ll need to be active in the online community. Like and comment on others’ posts and share your own posts. Take it to the next level by using the Facebook group to organize meetups with other members.

Join a Club for Single RVers

Speaking of meetups, another great way to meet RVers who are single and ready to mingle is by joining clubs targeted at people just like you. There are all kinds of clubs for single RVers such as Loners on Wheels, Escapees, and Wandering Individuals Network (WIN). They have members all around the world! You do have to pay to become a member, but if it means you can foster connections and be a little less lonely on the road, it will be well worth the cost of membership.

Monitor the special events these clubs throw and make sure you actually go to them. They can be awkward if you’re not the most social person, but they’ll get easier with time. And you’ll know that you already have something in common with the other attendees: the RV lifestyle.

Join Dating Apps for Full-Time RVers

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are all great platforms for meeting other singles looking for connections. These apps will match you based on your location which can be a little more difficult to navigate if you’re living on the road full-time and your location is constantly changing.

Luckily, there are also niche dating apps targeted at singles who are frequent travelers or full-time RVers. Try Nomad Soulmates, Tourbar, and Fairytrail. They make it easy to find singles that cherish life on the road just as much as you do which is key for many RVers who are looking for a relationship. While joining multiple dating apps for full-time RVers may seem overwhelming, if you really want to maximize your chances of matching with someone, you may want to try exactly that.

Go to Local Hangout Spots

Although local hangout spots won’t necessarily help you find a fellow digital nomad, they could still help you foster a connection with another single. Farmers’ markets are a great example. Make sure you know when and where they’re happening. If you have a four-legged friend who goes with you on the road, you could also try going to a dog park. Dogs are a great conversation starter! Heading to a local happy hour or even a local coffee shop to do some remote work area also fantastic meetup spots.

Meeting people at these places may take a little extra effort but it does come with some perks. Dating a local is a great way to find the best haunts in the area you’re in.

Join a Site for Meeting Others

There are also a number of websites you can join to meet others while traveling even if they aren’t for singles specifically. The Nomadic Network has thousands of members who are passionate about traveling. The website Meetup is all about helping people build relationships based on a wide variety of interests. You could try to find others who share your nomadic lifestyle on the site or build a network around a different interest. Although these websites aren’t intended for dating, they are still a potential starting point for building connections that could lead to a dating relationship.

Head to a Coworking Space

Another way that you could meet a local in the area where you’re traveling is by going to a coworking space. These spaces are geared toward entrepreneurs and remote workers. Although a lot of the workers using the space will have a long-term membership, you should be able to pay for a more short-term membership if you’re only staying in a city for a short amount of time. To find a coworking space near you, browse the website coworker. This is a more unconventional way to meet someone while you work!

The Bottom Line on Dating as a Full-Time RVer Made Easy with Nomad Internet

Really the key to finding love on the road, no matter how you go about it, is intentionality. If you’re on a dating app, you’re going to have to send messages, be honest about what you’re looking for, and know that it will take some time to make those connections. If you want to meet someone IRL, you may have to step outside of your comfort zone by talking to strangers and accepting that not every connection will lead to something.

Trying out any or all of these methods may lead you to the relationship you’re wanting right now. But maintaining and strengthening that connection won’t be possible without a strong internet connection. Nomad Internet follows you wherever your RV lifestyle takes you. So whether you’re working on the road, Facetiming your significant other, or just scrolling through social media, you can rely on our connection to remain strong and steady. For superior internet, sign up for Nomad Internet today!

  • JI

    I’m a widower looking for someone to explore different states with in my motorhome or meet at a campground that would like to explore county roads on my trike with me I’m 70 and traveling alone

  • JI

    I’m a widower looking for someone to explore different states with in my motorhome or meet at a campground that would like to explore county roads on my trike with me

  • PA

    Finding love as a full-time RVer can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to navigate dating on the road:
    Be active on Facebook groups dedicated to RVers and singles to connect with like-minded individuals and organize meetups.
    Join clubs and organizations for single RVers to meet others with similar lifestyles and interests.
    Use dating apps targeted at full-time RVers and frequent travelers, such as Nomad Soulmates, Tourbar, and Fairytrail.
    Explore local hangout spots like farmers’ markets, dog parks, and coffee shops to meet locals and foster connections.
    Join websites like The Nomadic Network and Meetup to build relationships and networks based on common interests.
    Consider coworking spaces as a way to meet locals while working remotely.
    Remember, finding love requires intentionality and effort. Be proactive, be honest about your intentions, and be patient. And don’t forget to rely on a reliable internet connection like Nomad Internet to stay connected wherever your RV adventures take you.

  • IL

    Six ways to find a date partner, even when you’re traveling by RV. At the same time, the article not only lists these methods, but also gives recommendations on how to use them so that a date really takes place. Of course, I would also like options for organizing the date itself – a classic in a restaurant, a picnic in nature, a date in RV, and so on. Plus, ideas about what to do on such a date, so that it is not banal, and remembered for pleasant moments.

  • GA
    Gary Barton
    Hi CE my name is Gary, I live in and travel in a bus! Im 65 and live in a Bus! Wanna talk? dustybarton at hotmail . com

    17 Feb 16:11
    I would like to meet a partner to travel in an RV? I am 68, a female and want to meet a male to travel?

  • CE

    I would like to meet a partner to travel in an RV? I am 68, a female and want to meet a male to travel?

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    It’s great that there are so many opportunities for two people with a special lifestyle to find each other! I am sure that many people do not know this information. At least I didn’t know before reading the article. And even a separate resource for those over 50. After all, it is very important to communicate with someone who understands your thoughts and dreams and it is easiest to meet such a person in a thematic community.

  • ST
    Stacy Haze

    Wow, I didn’t know there are so many ways to meet other people when you lead a nomadic lifestyle! Indeed, Facebook is one of the easiest and obvious choice to find your dearest one. However, the author makes a good point about being active on social pages. Indeed, if you want to make someone interested in you, you sometimes should take initiative and share your views, opinions and not to be afraid of showing your vulnerable side. Overall, the article highlights pros and cons of every way to find a partner, including apps, traditional meeting places and local hangout places.

  • MU

    Dating as a full-time RVer can present its own unique set of challenges, but it can also offer some rewarding experiences and opportunities for growth and self-discovery. The article “Dating Full-Time RVers” sheds light on this topic and provides valuable information about the pros and cons of dating on the road.
    The author takes a detailed look at the pros and cons of dating while living in a motorhome and offers tips and advice on how to make the most of the experience. For example, the author emphasizes the importance of being open and honest about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a relationship, as well as taking the time to get to know someone before making a serious commitment.
    One aspect of the article that I found particularly interesting is the discussion of the challenges of maintaining a long distance relationship while living on the road. The author emphasizes the importance of clear communication and finding ways to stay connected, even if they are separated by miles.

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